What the Hell Happened to Tobey Maguire?

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is best-known as the first movie Spider-man.  But before he donned the blue and red tights, Maguire was a promising actor who seemed destined for a long career.  During the 90’s, Maguire built a reputation as a talented actor in a string of independent movies.  After he crossed over into the mainstream, Maguire continued supplementing his super hero duties with high profile dramatic roles.  But after he hung up his Spidey-suit, Maguire practically disappeared from the big screen.

What the hell happened?

Tobey Maguire - childhood picture

Tobey Maguire – childhood picture

Maguire came from a broken home.  His parents divorced when he was two years old and he was bounced from one relative to another.  As a youngster, Maguire wanted to be a chef.  In sixth grade, Maguire planned to enroll in a home economics class to learn how to cook.  His mother offered him $100 to sign up for a drama class instead.  Maguire grew tired of constantly changing schools.  He dropped out during his freshman year of high school to pursue acting instead.  After he became a successful actor, Maguire went back and got his GED.

Tobey Maguire - The Wizard - 1989

Tobey Maguire – The Wizard – 1989

Maguire made his movie debut in the 1989 Nintendo movie, The Wizard.  Fred Savage and Christian Slater played brothers whose younger sibling is a video game savant.  They take him cross country to compete in a video game championship.  Maguire played one of the lackeys of the movie’s preteen villain.  He had a non-speaking role and was not credited.  Maguire is pictured above sporting a pink t-shirt and a mullet.

Tobey Maguire - Atari commercial - 1990

Tobey Maguire – Atari commercial – 1990

Maguire began paying his dues with commercials like this one in which he plays Atari in the bathroom.

Tobey Maguire - Tales from the Whoop: Hot Rod Brown Class Clown - 1990

Tobey Maguire – Tales From the Whoop: Hot Rod Brown Class Clown – 1990

In 1990, Maguire appeared in a Nickelodeon TV movie produced by Whoopi Goldberg.  Goldberg played a guardian angel who helps out a rambunctious student in Tales From the Whoop: Hot Rod Brown Class Clown.

Tobey Maguire - Roseanne - 1991

Tobey Maguire – Roseanne – 1991

In 1991, Maguire made appearances on several TV shows.  He popped up in episodes of Blossom and Jake and the Fatman.  He played a high school kid in an episode of Roseanne whose friend comes between Becky and Darlene.

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  1. 10 Actors Who Were Cut Out Of Movies For Ridiculous Reasons

    Tobey Maguire – Life Of Pi

    Tobey Maguire hasn’t had the best of luck since the end of his Spider-Man run; he’s mostly appeared in little-seen indie dramas and had a few supporting turns in the likes of The Great Gatsby. He appeared to be getting a boost when he signed on for Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi, based on the bestselling book. The movie would go on to be showered in Oscar nominations, but poor Tobey didn’t receive any of the kudos.

    After filming his scenes Lee made the drastic decision to scrap all the footage, citing that Tobey was too distractingly famous for the role. Instead, he reshot all the Maguire scenes with Rafe Spall, who was apparently just the right level of unknown for the movie.

    The decision sounds a little rash, and if Lee felt that why he could have saved everyone a lot of time by not casting a famous actor in the first place.


    • 10 Deleted Stars That Were Bigger Than The Final Movie

      Tobey Maguire – Life Of Pi

      For Ang Lee’s adaptation of Yann Martel’s Life Of Pi, a framing device was used to tell what was considered to be an ‘unfilmable’ novel: author Yann Martel, played in the movie by Rafe Spall, interviews his latest subject about his time spent adrift at sea. The focus, though, was always to remain on Pi (Irrfan Khan/Suraj Sharma). and his travels across a big CGI ocean with a cartoon tiger.

      In the original version of the film, Martel was played not by Spall, but by Tobey Maguire. Lee mercilessly cut Maguire and re-shot the scenes with Spall, when he decided he wanted the character to be played by someone who was enough of an unknown to not distract the audience from Pi’s story, which is a weird kind of compliment to Maguire and pretty much a straight insult to Spall.

      It wasn’t Maguire’s first time being removed from a film he was the biggest thing in: he was also completely cut out of 1995’s music-shop comedy Empire Records. But seeing as no one saw it, he probably wasn’t as bothered.


  2. Seems Like James Franco ‘Really Didn’t Like’ Making The ‘Spider-Man’ Movies

    Franco never explicitly mentions Spider-Man, or that time he gave Pussy Posse member Tobey Maguire an atomic wedgie (probably). But unless there’s an Annapolis 2 and Annapolis 3 I don’t know about, it’s clear he’s talking about Sam Raimi’s web-slinging series. Franco’s just mad he never got to dance.


  3. Ironic Franco had the villain role yet he had the better career then tobey.


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  5. At least Cruise is not difficult to work with or rude to his fans like TObey. Russel Brand has said nothing but good things about Tom ditto with hackman ,hoffman and blunt.


  6. 10 Actors Everybody Thinks Can Act But Can’t

    By this point Maguire’s Spider-Man cry face is seared into the minds of pop culture fanatics and internet users the world over. Besides that and the odd facial expression denoting severe physical stress – usually also seen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy – Maguire’s face usually rests at a kind of dopey, vaguely-bemused setting.

    Take another look at The Cider House Rules or The Great Gatsby and then try and claim there’s much range the guy shows between the two. When it comes to Maguire it feels like another case of an actor who got too used to one particular style of acting and never really broke out of it.

    Even when he’s vaguely interesting in roles he is usually charitably put alongside someone more talented who does the heavy lifting and leg-work, and any claim he’s ever had of being a real leading man have been widely misplaced.


  7. Tobey is subtle with his acting. WOnder boys he came off as funny.


  8. Why Hollywood won’t cast Tobey Maguire anymore

    Ten years ago, Tobey Maguire was an A-list star with an Oscar-winning movie and a record-breaking superhero franchise to his name. Nowadays, you pretty much never hear about him. Let’s go beyond the 25th Hour and Seabiscuit to see what Maguire has been up to lately.

    Spider-Man 3 kind of ruined everything

    The Spider-Man franchise made Tobey Maguire a superstar. It also stunted his career. Well, one of the movies did, anyway. By the time Spider-Man 3 rolled into theaters in 2007, Maguire was riding high off the film’s predecessor, which did insanely well among critics and at the box office; to this day, Spider-Man 2 is considered one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. Spider-Man 3 failing to follow in its footsteps was inevitable; and making a better movie felt almost impossible at the time. Still, nobody was quite prepared for just how bad Spider-Man 3 would ultimately be. Even director Sam Raimi admitted Spider-Man 3’s shortcomings in a 2014 interview with Nerdist. “I messed up plenty with the third Spider-Man, so people hated me for years. They still hate me for it,” he said. “It’s a movie that just didn’t work very well.”

    Spider-Man 4 got cancelled

    After Spider-Man 3, Raimi and his team aimed to correct all mistakes by making a fourth Spider-Man movie. Unfortunately, Sony scrapped the project. Supposedly. Raimi couldn’t get a script done on their timeline. Instead, Sony would pursue a reboot of the franchise, which inevitably became 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield. Back then, the decision made sense; it had been three long years since Spider-Man 3 hit theaters, and Maguire was already pushing 35. Raimi told Vulture: “I was very unhappy with Spider-Man 3, and I wanted to make Spider-Man 4 to end on a very high note. But I couldn’t get the script together in time, due to my own failings, and I said to Sony, ‘I don’t want to make a movie that is less than great, so I think we shouldn’t make this picture. Go ahead with your reboot, which you’ve been planning anyway.'” We still wish the Evil Dead director could’ve done Spider-Man 4.

    His boyish charm stopped working

    Tobey Maguire has a rather young look to his face, and an even softer voice, all of which worked so well when he first became a star in movies like The Cider House Rules and the aforementioned Spider-Man franchise. As he got older, Maguire never quite aged out of his boyish charm, making it difficult for audiences to connect with him as he began to take on more mature roles. One needn’t look further than Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby in 2013. He basically looked like he was playing a slightly older version of his character from The Cider House Rules. Ironically, it’s the exact same problem Maguire’s close friend and Great Gatsby co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, managed to overcome in the late ’00s by taking on grittier roles. If he hasn’t already, he might want to give Leo a call.

    He’s been busy producing movies

    Perhaps Maguire could read the writing on the wall; or perhaps he was just itching to do something else. Whatever the reason, Maguire has spent a good chunk of the last few years behind the camera producing films through his production company, Material Pictures. Maguire’s career as a producer hasn’t exactly been all that great. In two specific cases, Maguire has been linked to high-profile projects that strangely never materialized: an adaptation of Tokyo Suckerpunch, which supposedly had Anne Hathaway and Seabiscuit director Gary Ross attached; and the comic-book adaptation Afterburn, which piqued the interest of Gerard Butler and, at one point, director Antoine Fuqua. The films co-produced by Maguire that actually made it to the screen haven’t done well. Among the worst: Rock of Ages, which made $38.5 million of a $75 million budget; Pawn Sacrifice, which pulled a mere $2.4 million in 2015; and the 2016 thriller The 5th Wave, which climbed to $33.1 million. It’s definitely time to call Leo.

    His penchant for gambling got him a lot of bad press

    Maguire’s penchant for gambling is the stuff of Hollywood legend. In 2011, his name was linked to an illegal poker club that allegedly involved Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and DiCaprio. Maguire was subsequently sued for his involvement after it was uncovered that the ringleader, Bradley Ruderman, had been using his investor’s money in their poker games. Maguire settled in 2012 to avoid litigation, according to Celebuzz. Two years after Maguire’s settlement, a woman named Molly Bloom, who organized many of the high-profile poker games, wrote a scathing memoir called Molly’s Game, which detailed some of Maguire’s alleged bad behavior. “[Maguire] was the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser,” Bloom wrote (via Vanity Fair). During one particular game, Bloom claims that Maguire made her “bark like a seal who wants a fish” to obtain a $1,000 chip. After Blown laughed nervously, Maguire allegedly fired back, saying, “I’m not kidding. What’s wrong? You’re too rich now? You won’t bark for a thousand dollars?” That doesn’t sound very Spidey-like.

    He’s a dad now

    Having said all of this, one has to remember that we’re no longer living in 2001. In other words, Maguire is now 40 years old, married, and has two kids. There’s a distinct chance that he might have bowed out of Hollywood to relax a bit and be a family man with the leftover money he earned throughout his career. That certainly wouldn’t be unheard of for a celebrity who spent around six years headlining one of the biggest movie franchises in the world. It may also explain his decision to star in IFC’s unique TV miniseries, The Spoils of Babylon, which became an unexpected hit in 2014. He just doesn’t have to care that much anymore. Spider-Man 3’s Emo Parker would be so proud.


    • 16 Ways Spider-Man 3 Ruined The Character

      It almost hurts to acknowledge how old the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films have become. They’re George W. Bush first-term, clicky-wheel iPod old. The Tobey Maguire-starring flicks laid a lot of the superhero groundwork, so fanboys owe Mr. Raimi a debt of gratitude for getting the party started. Given everything he set up with Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 (which Roger Ebert adored, calling it the “superhero movie for people who don’t go to superhero movies”), Sam Raimi birthed a tri-headed monster in the form of Spider-Man 3. While the promotional trailers caught our attention with teases of Spider-Man and his Venomous reflection, the third entry was The Godfather: Part 3 of the Marvel Universe.

      With Marvel finally at the helm of one of Stan Lee’s most beloved characters, we’re only a few weeks away from seeing Tom Holland’s ballyhooed take on the web-slinger.

      Just how misguided was Spider-Man 3? Well, let’s figure it out. Here are 16 Ways Spider-Man 3 Ruined The Character


    • 16 Insanely Hot Actors Hollywood Won’t Cast Anymore


      His boyish appeal brought Maguire into A-List territory in award fodder like, Wonder Boys, Sea Biscuit, and The Cider House Rules. He also pioneered the Spider-Man franchise, web slinging through three films before retiring his Spidey suit. Many blame his campy emo strut in Spider-Man 3 for the career stall. Sony nixed a 4th film, electing for a reboot. Perhaps the perpetually pubescent voice and puppy-dog eyes that served him well in his youth aren’t as effectual from a man in his 40s. Maguire’s last live action role was former child chess prodigy, Bobby Fisher, in 2014’s self-produced Pawn King. Then, it was crickets until landing narrator duties in 2017’s Boss Baby. Maguire has all but hung up his acting shoes, staying behind the camera with his production company, Material Pictures. A known gambling addict, he has used his time out of the spotlight to focus on recovery and parenting his two children.


  9. It is beating dead horse however tobey was never a list. SPiderman films would have been hits without him. Great Gatsby was a hit because people to see a dicaprio flick his star power out weighed tobey. Sea Biscuit only film his name drew crowd to. After Spiderman it seemed for most part he did not want movie star roles wanted to be serious actor. He most part strayed away from popcorn films for indies he enjoyed. I am sure given he was lead in one of the biggest franchises he must been offered a lot of the top role maybe he turned them down for roles he likes


    • If Tobey Maguire were ever remotely “A-list”, then it’s quite foolish to not immediately assume that he was there during his stint as Spider-Man (which would be roughly 2001-2008). “Spider-Man” for all intents and purposes, (even though he wasn’t quite an “unknown” at the time) officially made him a household name.


      • Make or Break – Films that defined a career… Tobey Maguire

        Spider-Man Trilogy – Break

        To say that Tobey Maguire has had an up and down career to date would have to be an understatement. From struggling to find work and battling an alcohol addiction, Maguire went on to take the lead in a film adaptation of one of the most famous comics ever written.

        Spider-Man Success

        ‘Spider-Man‘ was initially a sensation; it grossed hundreds of millions and gained good reviews. Maguire was praised for a poignant performance as Peter Parker and how convincing he was as ‘Spider-Man‘ also.

        The film was nominated for two Oscars and not long after, a second film was announced with Maguire confirmed to continue his role. Again, the film was a triumph and Maguire was now a household name in and around Hollywood.

        The 3rd and final installment of the trilogy was less successful, leading to many suggestions that this would be the last film and despite rumors that a 4th film was in the pipeline, those have since been rejected, Maguire himself saying; “To me it seems like this is a natural point for the team to break up because we have a lot of story conclusions that were going along for the main characters for the first two movies and we kind of tie almost everything up for the third movie. It feels like a trilogy to me and it feels like the end.”

        It was the end of ‘Spider-Man‘ but it should have just been the start of Maguire’s highly promising career. Maguire put a lot of time into the films, often turning down other roles due to the possibility of filming clashing with the ‘Spider-Man‘ films.

        Early career

        Maguire started off auditioning for parts in his late teens, often landing roles but only minor parts as his career took some time to take off.

        Along the way he found himself competing for parts against a certain Leonardo DiCaprio more often than not. The two became good friends and remain so to this day and this showed by them making a pact ensuring they would both help each other get parts in films or TV shows if one was to get the role they originally both auditioned for.

        Whilst this seemed to kick start DiCaprio’s career, Maguire’s stalled. A combination of a party lifestyle and heavy drinking saw Maguire take a back seat from acting as he sought to clean himself up. Maguire has been sober ever since he checked himself into Alcoholics Anonymous in 1995.

        Eventual Breakthrough

        The effort was worth it though as in the period leading up to ‘Spider-Man’, after finally taking the lead role in ‘The Ice Storm’ in 1997, Maguire went on to star in two Oscar winning films (‘The Cider House Rules’ and ‘Wonder Boys’) along with ‘Pleasantville’ which was nominated for three.

        Change In Direction

        However, since the ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy has ended, Maguire for some reason or another has not starred in many films since. Whether this is down to the high physical demands that the role asked for or if he just decided to have a short break, the truth is Maguire seems to have gone off the radar slightly.

        He did go on to star alongside Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Brothers’ which did see Maguire get a nomination for a Golden

        Globe for his part in this compelling drama in which he plays a Marine Captain who is held as a prisoner of war and presumed dead by his family. On his eventual return he grows suspicious and paranoid of a possible relationship between his wife and brother.

        Maguire’s role in this film is fascinating as we see a new dark side to his acting that many critics were shocked and surprised to see.

        What’s Next?

        Since securing the role of Peter Parker, Maguire went on to make over $35,000,000 from the ‘Spider-Man‘ trilogy and he had finally got his big money role. Unfortunately, it has failed to propel his career into a worldwide phenomenon, much like his friend DiCaprio has managed to achieve.

        A multi-talented and well respected actor; it should not be difficult for Maguire to resurrect a stuttering career and starring alongside DiCaprio in ‘The Great Gatsby’ may well be the start of a new lease of life.


    • Actors who were almost cast as Spider-Man

      Jake Gyllenhal

      Of course, the part of Raimi’s Peter Parker ultimately went to Tobey Maguire, and the rest is Spidey history. Maguire was propelled to A-list stardom after the first film in the eventual trilogy stormed to the top of the domestic box office in 2003, though he almost never made it to the second movie after sustaining a back injury while filming Seabiscuit in 2003. Jake Gyllenhaal was drafted in to take his place, though he was dropped again when Maguire made a miraculous recovery in time for shooting. It isn’t the first time Gyllenhaal has narrowly missed out on playing an iconic superhero: he was also close to playing Christopher Nolan’s Batman, only to be beaten to the role by Christian Bale.


  10. Don’s Plum → How Did This Get Made? → Bad Movie Recommendations


    • The director/writer/whatever was sued by Tobey Maguire, who has fought to keep the film from ever being released. Said director/writer has written a few public essays on the subject insisting that Leonardo Dicaprio is a decent guy being manipulated by Tobey Maguire, and makes him out to be a total di**.


  11. His box office for most part outside of spider man is not that good. Spiderman got his name out there . He was mostly known as indie actor before spiderman. CIder house was his most successful box office film prior to first spiderman that film did ok. Great gatsby made money becuase of leo. It was another leo film., Seabiscuit only film one can say his name helped draw people in. It takes more then one film to be a list. You could put any no name and spiderman would been a hit. Although i liked alot of films think he is taletned outside spiderman he has had alot of box office flops. Pleasentville wonder boys,Deconstruction Harry,Ice storm ,Good German,Details ,Labor Day and pawn sacrifice. Cats and dog i forget was a hit but again he was the voice kids saw the film not knowing he was in it. Wow looking back he has had a lot of flops (good actor) lol I guess box office poison is good phrase for him


  12. Billy bob thorton career has been on the skids aside from puss in boots has not been in any hits in last 12 years


  13. he would be good candidate.


  14. The CineFiles Podcast – Episode #34

    On Episode #34 of The CineFiles Podcast, the gang gives their thoughts on some of the films that wound up emerging from the Sundance Film Festival and discuss the pros and cons of submitting your film to the festival circuit. They also talk TURBO KID, THE CENTRAL PARK 5, PAWN SACRIFICE, the HBO series CARNIVALE, JACK’S BACK and so much more.


  15. What movies killed what actor’s career?

    Back injury from filming Spider-Man 2, and he also hated being a major celebrity. He’s become, by his own admission, a “recluse”, and only chooses the occasional small role, now.


  16. Nostalgia Critic: Cats & Dogs (2001)


  17. Biggest douchebag celebrity that you’ve met?

    Tobey Maguire when I was visiting the set of Brothers. They filmed the movie in the sound stages at my school and so I had the opportunity to visit the set a few times as well as knew people who worked on the film.

    Tobey had rules on set, one of them being that nobody was allowed to look him in the eye and if you did, he would demand you were fired. This happened to my friend on his first day before he had time to learn Tobey’s rules.

    I also remember that he had his own personal chef in his trailer, but still spent every crew break standing in the middle of the craft services tent, pretending like he was just hanging out, talking to nobody. He just stood there while people ate. I think he liked that he was the obvious sight in the room and yet, nobody was allowed to look at him.

    I’ve heard even more horror stories from other friends who worked with him in various capacities on other films, he seems like an all around, 24/7 a**hole.


  18. Closed to the Press: Reporters Stuffed in Tobey Maguire’s Garage During Obama Fundraiser

    White House reporters following President Obama’s California fundraising tour were forced to wait in a garage, as President Obama attended an event hosted by Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire, whose star role has since been replaced by two other younger actors.


  19. The Amazing Evolution Of Spider-Man In Movies

    Tobey Maguire

    It’s hard to believe, but since the days Nicholas Hammond’s stunt double was foiling presidential bomb plots, movie studios had been trying to make a Spider-Man movie a reality. Countless scripts were produced, including one dark, adult one from Avatar director James Cameron, and directors ranging from M. Night Shyamalan to David Fincher were all considered.

    In the end, it was Sam Raimi, a director better known for small-budget horror, who got the job. It was Raimi’s love and passion for getting Spider-Man right that convinced the studio, and they clearly made the right choice. The casting of Tobey Maguire over more experienced, or more classically handsome leading men raised eyebrows, but the decision to find the right Peter Parker, not the right Spider-Man, paid off. Maguire’s goofy charm won over audiences, and his physical transformation was one of the earliest superhero makeovers to drop jaws.


  20. 8 Forgotten Actors From The Early 2000s

    Tobey Maguire

    The Spider-Man trilogy made Tobey Maguire a star (that and his friendship with Leonardo Dicaprio), but nowadays, you don’t really hear about him. Some people blame his involvement in the Spider-Man series for stalling his career. The third one was so bad that Sony scrapped Spider-Man 4. His biggest part since then was The Great Gatsy, which underwhelmed critics and now he only makes headlines from time to time for his gambling. According to Molly Bloom, poker hostess to the stars, he’s an amazing poker player, but he’s also a sore loser that loves to humiliate women.


  21. Movie superheroes who aren’t so super offscreen

    Tobey Maguire

    A Hollywood poker dealer named Molly Bloom revealed in her memoir, Molly’s Game, that Spider-Man (2002) star Tobey Maguire relished in humiliating her. According to her book (via Page Six), Maguire ordering her to “bark like a seal” for a $1,000 chip and demanded to use a Shufflemaster machine to deal cards—even suggesting that casinos should pay him to rent it. Sure, bro.


    • 15 Actors You Didn’t Know Humiliated Their Fans


      Tobey Maguire is well-known for bringing one of Marvel’s classic heroes, Spider-Man, to life on the big screen. However, it seems like everyone’s “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” isn’t as friendly as his catchphrase might suggest.

      The actor behind the suit has been reportedly known to unapologetically reject little kids who try and approach him for a photo of with their favorite superhero.

      Additionally, a YouTube video has captured Maguire aggressively smacking a fan’s camera out of his hand as he tries to snap a selfie of himself with the actor. It is, however, unclear if the individual was a fan with good intentions or just an intrusive paparazzo; perhaps with this incident, Maguire was simply defending his personal space.

      Way to make use of those Spidey senses, either way.


  22. Add billy bob his career since bad santa has not been hot


    • Why are you repeating what you said from last month!? This isn’t WTHHT Billy Bob Thornton, it’s WTHHT Tobey Maguire. Do you have any clear cut or extensive evidence or reasoning for why BBT should be added!?


    • jeffthewildman

      I’d argue that despite his success in Sling Blade and the brief moment circa 1996-2000 when he seemed to be headed for the A-list that Thornton has always been more a character actor than a leading man. Like Matt Dillon, he’s been more interested in taking on roles that interested him, not in being the next big player in Hollywood.


  23. Billy bob had lots of hype after sling blade it seemed he was headed toward a list but became leading actor. I would descibe him charactor he had more lead roles. After bad santa for most part he took on flops. Aside from eagle eye and puss and boots his movies have been flopping.


  24. Billy bob took on interesting quirky charactor driven role like bandits and man who was not there. Those role earned from recongitnion from peers but the failure of those films at the box office did little to increase his bankablity.


  25. No connection just do not see thread where you can reccomand people.


    • If that’s your goal, people tend to do that on the About WTHH page.

      For now, I’m focusing on finishing up the Razzie series. So the next WTHH probably won’t be up until summer.


      • The Razzie series is rather time consuming, I know its time consuming for me to read, especially since I start thinking about the films in that particular year mentioned (nominations, winners, and others which weren’t included by The Razzies). I’m getting off easy in 2008 though, at least from what I read so far.
        There just isn’t enough days in the week to do both, unless you pulled a Michael Keaton in “Multiplicity” (we know how that turned out for his character).


        • There’s a thought. I could have a team of clones working on WTHH while I finish up the Razzies. Now I need to get to work. I’m way behind schedule for this week’s article!


  26. I do not think Hollywood really knows what to do with tobey. He does not want to play spider man no more yet that his breads and butter. He is too old to play young kids anymore yet looks too young to play a believable adult. It seems like his preference is indies but a lot of his indies have bombed. Pawn sacrificed flopped. He might be considered a liability for a lead role. I think he might end up taking supporting roles in big high profile roles getting second billing to a bigger star like he did leo. Maybe leo will throw him another bone and get him a role. I am sure he can get a villian role in superheo franchise or even snag a role in another established genre. Ang lee said tobey is a wonderful actor nice guy to work with(one of few who said that) . Ang also said he felt bad about deleting tobey scenes in life of pi but felt it had to be done. I assume ang lee will offer him another role.



      I actually think people realizing he is such a huge douchebag probably hurt his career. All of his early roles were like the Tom Hanks, average nice guy characters. So once that illusion was shattered what does he really have? He’s not good looking enough to be a real leading man. And he doesn’t have the acting chops to be a strong character actor. He’s basically a less talented Steve Busciemi with better teeth.


      • Friendship Goals: Taylor Swift’s Squad Versus Leonardo DiCaprio’s Posse

        According to an onlooker, reporting to the New York Daily News, Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his long-awaited Oscar win by partying with his close friends Lukas Haas, Tobey Maguire, and Vincent Laresca. Drinks were shared, pipes were vaped, and the crew chanted, ‘Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack!’ into the warm California evening. All of this seems rather tame by modern celebrity social standards, but Leo’s infamous “Pussy Posse” remains a quiet staple of the scene. Only this week, DiCaprio and Maguire (who recently split from his wife) were spotted grabbing lunch in New York City with Orlando Bloom, signaling a new addition to the ranks, which has at previous points included Lukas Haas, David Blaine, Kevin Connolly, Harmony Korine, and the irritating little brother from Teen Witch. Together with Maguire and Bloom, still fresh from his split from Katy Perry, the paparazzi photos were subdued, casual, and oddly uncool.

        The return of the Posse to our memories reminded me of the notable absence of another ensemble of celebrity friends: The Taylor Swift squad. Following a public dragging by Kim Kardashian and a cringe-worthy showmance with Tom Hiddleston, Swift has smartly kept a low profile. Her newest relationship with another British actor, Joe Alwyn, has been reported on sparingly, and thankfully lacks the twee orchestrations of the Hiddleswift Summer, wherein the most visible private beach party of all time included personalised tank-tops and Instagram ready posing with fellow loved-up couples. If Swift is hanging with her usual crew, which includes model Karlie Kloss, actresses Ruby Rose and Jaime King, and singer Lorde, then she’s locked it down.



      Dane DeHaan seems to be having the same problem as Tobey Maguire. They broke out playing teenagers (including in different incarnations of Spider-Man movies) but kept their baby faces after the age of 30 so are having trouble being taken seriously in adult roles.


  27. Blind Item #2

    This former A list mostly movie actor who was a superhero now makes his living primarily outside of the acting world. He loves it because he has a perfect built in excuse why his phone would be turned off while “working.” It allows him to be totally inaccessible and do what he wants and his wife is getting tired of it.


    • Star: Tobey Maguire’s wife told him to get a job, she’s ‘tired of his gambling’

      The last time Tobey Maguire starred in anything, it was 2014’s Pawn Sacrifice, where he played Bobby Fischer. He has nothing else on his IMDB, nothing in pre-production or post-production, nothing announced. While his IMDB is littered with two-year gaps here and there, it does feel like… maybe there’s not much of a market for a Tobey Maguire-type actor right now? Still, I have no doubt that if Tobey wanted to work, he could and would. So maybe he’s just taking a break, taking some time off to enjoy his young family. Or maybe he’s just coasting on his heiress wife’s money and gambling away his days with Ben Affleck and Leo DiCaprio?

      Did Jennifer Meyer bet on the wrong horse when she married Tobey Maguire in 2007? In the years since Spider-Man and Seabiscuit, Tobey, 40, has become more of a permanent fixture at the high-stakes poker games than in Hollywood.

      “Tobey likes to pretend he’s both picky and proud when it comes to his career,” says a pal. “But the truth is, his phone hardly rings and Jennifer’s grown tired of his gambling.”

      While his wife has gone on to establish herself as Kate Hudson’s go-to jewelry designer, Toby has earned a dark reputation, having once reportedly ordered a woman to bark like a seal for a tip at the felt table.

      “Jennifer is at her wits’ end. It’s been two years since Tobey booked a gig. She finally told him to cash in his chips – and get a job.”

      [From Star Magazine, print edition]

      That “bark like a seal” story is true – that came from a Vanity Fair story about the underground poker games amongst the hardcore LA gambling set. Tobey is a serious gambler, just like Ben Affleck. And Tobey was always described as the biggest douchebag at the table, but he’s also one of the smartest players at the table. He’s made serious money playing at those underground games, so maybe he considers it his “job” now. Besides, Jennifer Meyer is rich – she comes from a wealthy family and she’s made her own jewelry-line empire which caters to that Mommy Mafia set in LA. Personally, I don’t think Meyer is telling Tobey to get off his lazy a**. As long as he’s not losing all their money, I think she’s the type to want to “keep up appearances.”


    • Blind Items Revealed #1

      May 1, 2016

      This former A list mostly movie actor who was a superhero now makes his living primarily outside of the acting world. He loves it because he has a perfect built in excuse why his phone would be turned off while “working.” It allows him to be totally inaccessible and do what he wants and his wife is getting tired of it.

      Tobey Maguire


  28. ‘Spider-Man’ Movies Revisited: The Forgotten and Amazing Big-Screen Adventures

    Spider-Man (2002)

    After more than a decade of development that included multiple studios (Both Cannon Films and Carolco Pictures had the rights at various points in time) and directors, including James Cameron, it was the partnership of Sony Pictures and Sam Raimi that created the first, true big-screen version of Peter Parker. Tobey Maguire played Peter Parker as being perpetually surprised by everything around him, while Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn was a scenery-chewing bad guy trapped in a ridiculous metal suit. The highlight of the movie — beyond J.K. Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson, that is — was watching the CGI Spider-Man leap across the skyline of New York City, looking far more believable than any comic book fan could have imagined.

    Spider-Man 2 (2004)

    The highlight of the Raimi trilogy, Spider-Man 2 sees Maguire settle into the role and introduces Doctor Octopus, a classic comic book villain brought to wonderfully campy life by Alfred Molina. Mixing melodramatic soap opera with grand-stakes superheroics, this is the Spider-Man movie that feels most authentic to the original comic book — even if there’s still something a little off about the lead character, compared with his comic book roots. Somehow, Maguire couldn’t quite pull off the quips and quick wit fans would expect, and a further attempt to make him seem cooler would sink the next installment altogether.

    Spider-Man 3 (2007)

    What is there to say about Spider-Man 3? It’s a movie that’s been much maligned by fans since its release, and sadly, they have a point — the movie tries to juggle far too much, and ends up unsatisfying on almost every level as a result, bringing in two new villains (the Sandman and Venom), trying to close out the origin of the second Green Goblin, giving Mary Jane a rival for Peter’s affections and featuring a “darker” Peter who likes jazz clubs as a result of alien intervention, with none of it adding up to a satisfying movie. Somewhere in this movie, there are good ideas that deserved better…but good luck finding them under the weight of everything else that’s been piled on top.


    • Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Tobey Maguire Anymore

      He killed his own career when he didn’t sign the contract for the second Spider-Man trilogy after the second one generated all that love. Him and Snagglepuss were all, “We don’t know if we want to come back after 3 and be typecast.”

      Then Raimi blew all of the next trilogy’s villains in one f***ing film.

      Then when him and Snagglepuss realized, “Oh, shit! No one will hire us after this mega flop! Sure we’ll do sequels!”

      Sony said, “F*** off.”

      I remember all of this because I thought they were both arrogant as f*** in interviews about who they were as actors. It was like, “Yo, you’re Leonardo DiCaprio’s friend and the little girl vampire from Interview with the Vampire. This is your lottery ticket! Cash it in!”

      They were talking about typecasting when the reality is they were a step above barely cast. Sad part is the cat who played Sandman killed his part in 3, and it’s buried in the bulls***.



          Maguire’s career actually kind of mirrors what happens to a lot of women or child stars- hot in his 20’s to his early 30’s, but once he grew out of his type (the sheepish young cute guy) he didn’t have strong enough chops/charisma to sustain a career as a leading man like DiCaprio did, or enough versatility to branch into a character actor career. I’m glad he seems to be producing- that keeps him in the game and pays him well, and maybe he’ll come across that role that makes people care about him again. Gatsby didn’t really flop, and even if it had been a bigger hit, it’s still basically DiCaprio’s movie- Nick Carraway really isn’t more than a narrator that’s supposed be the viewpoint of the audience. It’s not the type of role that’s going to revive a career.



        Yeah, he made his name in a boatload of “cute, geeky young guy” roles and then probably aged out of them. And since he’s typecast, then he gets problems finding work that transitions him into more mature ground. He’s a fine actor, but IMO not spectacular enough to establish himself as character actor and permanent Oscar contender. Perhaps he’ll find a nice part for himself that will re-establish him somewhat, I certainly always found him a pleasant presence (which is more than you can say for many actors…).

        For someone like Maguire, I don’t think it’s even so much about box office. Apart from DiCaprio, who is a guaranteed money maker in the somewhat younger set outside of franchises? No one, is the answer. But you have your contingent of “manly action heroes” (your Pratts and Hemsworths and Tatums), frat guy comedy and serious Oscar bait (which has people in his age range like Redmayne, Fassbender, Cumberbatch, Gyllenhaal, Gosling etc. who IMO are just better actors), and Maguire sort of doesn’t fit anywhere? He needs to find a niche for himself as an adult presence more than anything, seems to me.


      • Tobey Maguire hasn’t starred in a movie in years

        I loved him in The Ice Storm and Pleasantville and The Cider House Rules and the real Spiderman movie. I don’t care. I loved him, he is adorable and has a wonderful quirky voice and manner. Sweet and soulful and acerbic. There are many worse and far more annoying actors than he. Rogen, Franco, Garfield and Gosling for starters. But Tobey was a colossal prick and big trouble. That’s why he’s gone.

        —He was wonderful in Brothers with Portman and Jake G too

        reply 2 21 hours ago

        Totally agree, [[R2]]. Wasn’t he a big time poker player? Or am I mistaking him for some other actor?


        reply 3 21 hours ago

        He is said to be an a**hole, a gambling addict, and to have had some kind of horrific white trash childhood that left him scarred for life, mean and manipulative, and obsessed with money.

        I don’t know the gritty details of his childhood, but it has been around about him for years that he’s still stuck on his f***ed up upbringing and has major anger and money issues.

        —Liked him a lot in “Gatsby” and “The Ice Storm” too; sucks that he’s a jerk

        reply 9 19 hours ago

        No wonder he has problems, he was a child actor and we all know what happens with them in Hollywood.


        reply 11 19 hours ago

        I think he has a demeanor and voice that work for young man/think roles. But as he ages, not so much. A lot of times, it is the fact that he was associate to Leo – as his best friend according to the medias – that helped. Leo was read hot popular in the very late 90s , early 00s that anything close to him became interesting. He is the one who wanted him in Gatsby (that’s later, but still). Leo was offered Spiderman but strongly suggested his friend


        reply 12 19 hours ago

        Maybe he likes not working. He has his millions.


        reply 14 19 hours ago

        For heaven sake ! I’m [R12] [R13].

        So : Leo was offred the role and suggested his friend Tobey.

        By the way, his first 2 Spidey films were very popular and loved by critics. There were less superheroes movies then and it was deemed original. Today, it seems overhyped, but don’t forget it has been perceived as a “it” trying once. Teĺs you the credit you should grant to these phenomenons.

        His rather inlaw was Mr Meyer. That help too.

        But in time, you can’t overcome a bad rep

        Nowadays, only Leo likes him, and he keeps on being very loyal to Leo.


        reply 15 19 hours ago

        He grew up living-in-the-back-of-a-statio – n-wagon poor and went on, against incredible odds, to have a career in the movies. After marrying and divorcing the hideously ugly daughter of one of the more influential men in Hollywood, he effectively retired, primarily because he is a multimillionaire–and very lazy.

        But he’ll always be remembered by some for a smallish part in ‘Wonder Boys”–because he acted like he and Robert Downey, Jr had REALLY F***ED, and for a role as a damaged soldier (costarring Jake G. & Natalie P.)–can’t remember the name of this somewhat obscure film–but Tobey played a psychopath as though he was BORN to it.

        —Bro was believable.

        reply 21 19 hours ago

        He was one of those emerging actors which Hollywood banked on only to see that there was nothing there when he grew up

        His Spider-Man films are risible


        reply 31 16 hours ago

        I loved Wonder Boys and thought he fit the role.

        He was miscast in many of his other films, like Cider House Rules and especially The Great Gatsby. Seems he owes his career to Leo and his marriage to Jennifer Mayer.


        reply 32 16 hours ago

        Tobey Maguire is a TERRIBLE actor and he knows it. It’s why he so cravenly courted and married Jennifer Meyer, quite possibly the ugliest woman in Hollywood, second only to Sarah Jessica Parker. I am quite stunned that Ron Meyer (Jennifer’s Daddy and CEO of NBCUniversal), allowed him to marry his baby girl., though that ruthless drive to do whatever it takes to succeed may have impressed him. But once married to his meal ticket, all pretenses to decency disappeared. Poker, sloth, humiliation of his wife…. I just have to wonder how much of “his” money he’ll be allowed to keep.


        reply 33 15 hours ago

        I never was int him. He looks like a doll and the voice is weird. He is a gambling addict and now a surcharge addict sadist. Remember the Vanity Fair piece where a woman outted him for being a loser who threatened her to bark like a dog (or seal?). He seems f***ed up and if not for Leo or Jennifer, he would not get any work. He was embarrassingly bad in The Great Gatsby. Demi Moore white trash


        reply 39 13 hours ago

        He’s a mean, little s*** with a lisp and not much more.

        —Let’s make him a star!

        reply 42 13 hours ago

        I thought he was pretty awful in the completely unnecessary redo of THE GREAT GATSBY, which made the poorly received 70s version look so much better by comparison.

        DiCaprio was even worse. though.

        —why does this feel more like the High School Drama Club?

        reply 43 13 hours ago

        Loved him in his day but how does one cast him now? Overgrown boy, brown teeth, squeaky voice (not that any of that stopped Leo).


        reply 47 12 hours ago

        “Today afternoon I was in the mall and then I went to the restroom. I picked a urinal between two guys who were already there. The one who was on my right finished before and left, but the one on the left, in the farthest point from the entry, was still there when I finished and left, despite having arrived before I did. Maybe he wanted to stay there? And as I peed, I sort of saw him turn his head to me several times, as if he was awaiting an answer from me. But I can’t be sure that was what was happening because I didn’t have the guts to turn my head to him to check if he was looking at me, and it is easy to misperceive objects or people that you’re not looking directly at. And if I turned to him and it turned out I was wrong about what was happening, then I would be the restroom pervert. But if I were right, then that means I lost my chance to squeeze some ass for the first time in this year! I didn’t quite look at him, but I think he was bald, 20- or 30-something, a bit taller than me, thick, and most importantly receptive to an advance from a scrawny nerd like me. I’m feeling such regret right now, I need to let it out.”


        reply 49 12 hours ago

        He’s fug. unbankable and a repulsive human being

        —His children

        reply 54 10 hours ago

        Does anyone know why they sued to stop the release of Don’s Plum? Was it because it showed what jerks Leo, Tobey and Kevin Connelly are?


        reply 57 7 hours ago

        That was the reason, [R57]. I saw a bootleg of that movie years ago and they came off terribly.


        reply 58 7 hours ago

        Tobey was allegedly very underhanded in the way he used his friendship with/influence over DiCaprio to get “Don’s Plumb” squashed and banned though, [[R57]].

        He comes off very scary and manipulative in the stories from the “Plumb” producers (and from the articles about that lawsuit).

        —Tobey allegedly instigated the whole thing

        reply 60 6 hours ago

        The Great Gatsby remake was totally unnecessary, and Dicaprio and Maguire were both too old to play Gatsby and Nick.


        reply 61 6 hours ago

        There was a blind item recently that Leo and Jonah Hill had to bail out Tobey for a $500K cash gambling debt

        Also that Tobey and friends had sex with girls and filmed them on a yacht to test them for Leo. Sick


        reply 62 6 hours ago

        I’m starting to think this Puss Posse all have the Peter Pan Syndrome


        reply 63 6 hours ago

        Yes, [[R63]]; they all have a very emotionally stunted feel to them.

        Still clubbing, yachting, drinking like fishes, and banging young models and wannabe models–just like when they were all 20!

        You’d think doing the exact same thing for 20 years (whatever it is) would become boring and tiresome for anybody, but yet they keep on.

        They all seem to have a big lack of imagination. They even go to the exact same “hot spots” year after year.

        I think this is a big reason why (to me) DiCaprio seems to have never emotionally matured beyond a certain point as an actor.

        I think mentally he’s still like an adolescent or Peter Pan type, and his “pussy posse” (or whatever) all still being together and doing the same activities together doesn’t help him in the emotional or intellectual maturity department.

        Leo is fine playing a boyish type or a young con artist or very young businessman, but put him in a husband, father, or middle aged man type role (or anything that calls for “mature” really) and he’s completely out of his depth emotionally.

        He goes through the motions, but none of it feels authentic.

        (Compare that to someone like Sam Rockwell or a young Gene Hackman who can/could basically play anything whether it relates to their real life or not).

        I actually thought DiCaprio was surprisingly good as Gatsby; Gatsby is young, brash, and still starting out in life and society, and I think that that’s as far as DiCaprio can go as far as emotional relatability.

        —He’ll never grow up–I didn’t think Tobey will either (he married a sugar momma)

        reply 64 5 hours ago

        Perfectly said [R64]. I loved him in Gatsby but that’s because Gatsby is young. Tibet, I loved in Gatsby too, also in Spider-Man. But I agree with all of your points with regards to DiCaprio and Tobey being man children. I think DiCaprio’s influence is affecting men today as I see a ton of men my age (38 – and up) who still act, dress and think like 20 year olds: Both gay and straight (I think – closeted most likely). They have no kids, no partners-just a job and some bills (maybe) but no real responsibility other than to themselves. It affects you emotionally-it keeps you stunted.


        reply 65 4 hours ago

        Lots of stories about his gambling addiction, and the hundreds of thousands of $$ he’s lost.


        reply 68 4 hours ago

        I think Maguire hit a new low when he was seen “chatting up” 17 year old Sofia Richie all evening in a nightclub (1 OAK) in L.A. right after his divorce announcement…

        —And wtf is a 17 year old doing in a nightclub?

        reply 69 4 hours ago

        It’s odd how Maguire and DiCaprio don’t feel odd or uncomfortable being the age they are and still being in nightclubs with teens…


        reply 71 4 hours ago

        I’m more or less the same age as Maguire and Dicaprio and if I were in a nightclub with a bunch of people who were 20 years younger than me I would feel rather pathetic. You couldn’t drag me into one of those places at the age I am now.

        —I had my day in the sun

        reply 73 4 hours ago

        About three years ago a friend and I (both in our late 30s) were walking near the West Side Highway one night when we saw a bar neither one of us had been to before. From the outside it just looked like a regular bar, so we stopped in. After a few minutes, we noticed that every single person in this bar looked to be in their early 20s. We quickly finished our drinks and left, we felt like a couple of old grandpas around all these college-aged kids! It was a weird feeling.

        —r73 again

        reply 77 4 hours ago

        I think he is a good actor and I have loved the films he starred in and I believe he was perfect in the Great Gatsby…I also liked him in his other leading roles.


        reply 87 an hour ago


        • I’m not at all excusing Tobey Maguire for his awful behavior but I’m guessing that he in his mind, felt that because of his unstable childhood, he had to become decidedly “tough minded” and slow to trust as an adult. He’s kind of a male variant of Demi Moore in that he couldn’t get the “white trash” completely out of him once he made it to Hollywood and became incredibly greedy.


        • Why Hollywood won’t cast these actors anymore

          Tobey Maguire

          Everyone likes to point directly at Tobey Maguire’s cringe-worthy turn as emo Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3 and say, “That. Whatever that was is what killed his career.” While that’s a fair assessment of that truly awkward performance, it’s not the whole story.

          According to Spider-Man director Sam Raimi’s 2013 Vulture interview, Sony was more than willing to give him and Maguire a chance at redemption. It just took Raimi too long to get a script together for Spider-Man 4. That delay, combined with Maguire turning 35 the year production would begin, caused Sony to pivot to what eventually became The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) reboot, starring Andrew Garfield.

          By this time, Maguire had already started producing films, and with critical darlings like 25th Hour (2002) and Seabiscuit (2003) as credits, that seemed like a natural move for him. Unfortunately, his follow-up producing efforts, Rock of Ages (2012), Pawn Sacrifice (2014), and The 5th Wave (2016), all fell way short of earning money. He also suffered a bit of a public image crisis when he was implicated in, and ultimately paid a settlement for his involvement in, an illegal poker club. As of this writing, he’s only got one TV movie in production on his IMDb page, so either he’s decided to focus on family—he is married with two children—or Hollywood has no more interest in anteing up for another Maguire move.


  29. lol Every article dubbed a list he never was a list. most of his box office was due to spider which proven by success of reboot amazing spider shows they went to spiderman film not next tobey flick . Seabiscuit was a hit but it is only film a person can say his name helped. It take more then 1 film to named a list. Success of spiderman allowed him to take pay increase. Great gatsby leo star power made the film smash hit


    • How Spider-Man lost the lead role in ‘Rise Of The Apes’ to the Green Goblin

      Casting race leads to the question: is Maguire a movie star?

      BY DREW MCWEENY | FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2010 3:30 PM

      It’s an interesting moment for Tobey Maguire.

      When he was playing Spider-Man on a regular basis, Maguire was a movie star by default. If you star in a film that makes $800 million or so worldwide, you’re potentially bankable. If you star in two, you’re a potential star. You star in three? That’s a rare club. Maguire’s done it. Three giant giant movies.

      But aside from those three films, has he ever really opened a movie? I like a lot of his work. I just wrote about “Ride With The Devil” the other day, and a big part of that film’s sucess is Maguire’s work. He’s very real, very sincere and sweet as a guy who does some brutal things during the Civil War. I’m hoping there’s a Criterion Blu-ray version of “The Ice Storm” coming soon, because I love that movie. That’s my favorite film of 1997, and the work of the young cast like Maguire and Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood is a big part of why I think the film is amazing. “Pleasantville” and “Wonder Boys” are both rich and interesting films I’ll happily discuss with anyone at length. Films that reward return visits. So Maguire’s got taste. He’s capable of doing really strong and challenging work. I root for him. I like enough of what he’s done to feel invested. You know how it is for some actors… you just plain like them on film.

      But I do wonder… is Tobey Maguire a movie star by any conventional definition at this point?

      If he’s not playing Spider-Man, what is he worth at the box-office?

      That is, after all, part of the definition of “movie star”. If you open a movie… if your presence in the film means there’s a certain level of box-office… then you’re a movie star. You’re bigger than the movie you’re in. There are many people who appear regularly in big movies, and arguably make those big movies better, but they aren’t the reason the films open or play. Jeff Goldblum was a big part of why people loved “Jurassic Park,” but Jeff Goldblum isn’t why people went crazy going back to the theater all summer long, or what got them in to see the film in the first place. Tobey Maguire was well-liked in the “Spider-Man” films, but the films opened and played because they were “Spider-Man” films.

      Maguire may have talked himself out of a chance to test his ability to carry a big movie away from the comfort of “Spider-Man” when he entered into talks with 20th Century Fox to star in “Rise Of The Apes,” the new reboot of the “Planet Of The Apes” franchise. According to HitFix sources, when Maguire came back to the table with script notes for the studio, the conversations abruptly stopped, and Fox moved quickly to close a deal with Franco, another of the final contenders for the lead role.

      Movie stars have real weight when it comes to getting script changes made. The less pull you have, the less of a movie star you are. When the mere mention of script notes gets a studio to flip a switch on you, hot to cold in a flash, then they’re looking at you as a replaceable part of the equation.

      Will Smith? Movie star. Brad Pitt? Movie star. Tom Cruise. Still a movie star. Tom Hanks. Perhaps the most beloved movie star.

      But Tobey Maguire? After this incident, I’d say no. And for Franco, this is a good move, a good next step. Franco’s not a movie star, either, but he doesn’t seem in any rush to prove otherwise. Franco’s an actor. Just a working actor. He’s gotten much better over the years, but he started out really strong on “Freaks & Geeks.” He’s got a big role, and a good role, in “Your Highness,” which just shifted its release date from this fall to next spring. And who knows… if he strings enough of these together, then maybe Franco will find himself a full-blown movie star soon enough.


    • EXCLUSIVE Tobey Maguire and Wife Jennifer Meyer Split After 9 Years of Marriage

      His career did just seem to evaporate after the Spider-Man films, but it’s a perfect example of how being an A-List actor in the world of superhero franchises is an illusion. It’s the films and the characters that are popular, never really the actors. Once those gigs are over it’s like their popularity just doesn’t transfer to other films. Take away the franchises and most of these actors just can’t open a film.


      reply 70 11 hours ago

      Toby is absolutely an alcoholic. He struggled with it for years. I remember when he was promoting that movie about the race horse and he talked about his struggles because the jockey he played was also a drunk. I read about his gambling problem too. it was nothing for him or Affleck to be down hundreds of thousands of dollars in one game. He is addicted to gambling. Wouldn’t surprise me if Leo bailed him out a few times so wifey wouldn’t find out.


      reply 8 55 hours ago


  30. Every Onscreen Spider-Man, Ranked

    TOBEY MAGUIRE (2002, 2004, 2007)

    When Spider-Man hit the big screen in 2002 after decades of false starts, comics fans were mostly too excited about what it got right — Peter’s dorkiness, his relationship with Mary Jane, Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson, and (for better and for worse) his bottomless sense of self-sacrifice and responsibility — to complain about any issues more substantive than “organic webshooters.”

    Fourteen years and two sequels later, Maguire’s performance and Raimi’s direction looks a little more stilted and stylized than they used to, especially since this Spider-Man’s quip-to-action ratio is almost as low as Nicholas Hammond’s. Don’t get us wrong, the movies are still great fun — but boy, was there room for improvement.

    That being said, Maguire did give us the greatest live-action Spidey film to date (Spider-Man 2), so there’s that.



      I think they’re trying to avoid a Brandon Routh situation. Which…I don’t think it was all on Brandon, but they really didn’t get how to mold green talent.

      I guess Tom Holland was working his dues as well. He’s another example of the British actor invasion. American guys his age just don’t get trained that well- they’re usually stuck in teen dramas or light-hearted family sitcoms. Tobey Maquire had his formative acting years when here WAS a strong alternative to that, with all the alternative indie films people were making back in the 90’s as well as the moderate budget stuff he did like Pleasantville that got him critical acclaim. That path just isn’t really there anymore, at least for American guys. Soap operas (say what you will but they are a training ground) were also pretty good for breaking in young actors but they’re almost extinct in America.


    • Marvel Studios Spider-man first appeared in “Captain America: Civil War”, and will next be seen in Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures joint production “Spider-man: Homecoming”.

      However, the journey to get their was a long one. This video explores Spider-man’s Cinematic history prior to the Cinematic Marvel Universe, and covers among other things the unmade Cannon movie, the unmade James Cameron movie, the production troubles on Spider-man 3, why Spider-man 4 never happened, the reboot “The Amazing Spider-man”, and the events leading up to Andrew Garfield being fired from the franchise.


  31. Enjoy this terrible video essay about Pleasantville

    By Ignatiy Vishnevetsky@vishnevetsky
    May 26, 2016 2:45 PM

    Actor-filmmaker Kentucker Audley has built up quite a resume over the years as an always-welcome indie leading man—in movies like Sun Don’t Shine and Christmas, Again—and as an advocate for micro-budgeted filmmaking, though his curated video service NoBudge.

    He’s also developed a sideline as a deadpan commentator on the vacuousness of film culture. Having successfully crowdfunded a hat that just says “movies” on it, Audley is now trying his hand at the insipid video essays that clog the film-related corners of the internet with a look at the “cutting-edge cinematography and excellent themes” of Gary Ross’ 1998 film Pleasantville. Enjoy.


  32. Why successful franchises kill acting careers

    Personal life impedes on franchise

    Sometimes the way an actor’s personal life intersects with their franchise can help take down a promising career. Tobey Maguire during the third Spider-Man movie, for instance: when people saw his embarrassing dance number in the movie, they forgot about the charming young man who starred in Wonder Boys and The Cider House Rules. They did, however, remember the borderline bro who palled around New York City with Leonardo DiCaprio as part of an unfortunately named group. Maybe he could’ve recovered had there been a fourth Spider-Man, but that ship has come and gone.



      Tobey Maguire

      He helped usher in the Golden Age of the superhero movie with his work on the Spider-Man trilogy, but Tobey Maguire is hardly swinging high through the streets of New York these days. Since that series ended in 2007, Maguire has acted in only five films. He did receive a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in 2009’s Brothers, but it’s hard to call him a true movie star now. Many point to Maguire never growing out of his boyish charm, as he didn’t sign on for any gritty roles. As he got older, that made him appear less convincing. Maguire has also settled down with a family, so he may not want to dive back into the Hollywood craziness.



        I read somewhere a long time ago that Maguire is (was?) married to the daughter of a NBC Universal executive, so it’s interesting that he’s not in more films. But then, I also read he was a bit of an a**hole to work with. Who knows how true that is, but when a white male who headlined a franchise that made a helluva lot of money has all but disappeared from the film landscape, it’s odd. Someone like Ryan Reynolds had a shitload of bombs, yet continued to get cast as a lead until Deadpool hit the jackpot. Actors like James MacAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe have similar boyish looks, and have managed to continue their careers. Even Elijah Wood is still working, though he transitioned to TV.

        I guess it’s possible that Maguire stepped back to focus on family and producing. Assuming his producing credits on IMDB are accurate, I have my doubts.


    • Re: Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer split after 9 years

      Ugh so true. She’s actually such a sweet and nice woman, super down to earth and very generous. I dropped tea on this f*ing ahole a while back. Worked for them for less than a month as their private chef. He’s mostly vegan and 100% a bonafide sadistic POS.

      I lasted that long because of her or else I was ready to get out by my third time at their house. This bastard would literally be in the same room as me, mostly kitchen and refuse to acknowledge me. He would literally walk around and pretend I’m not there and act like a jerk about the food when he did engage me in any convo. She was always trying to be sweet and overcompensate for his bulls*** attitude. He’s a fing boring actor who thought she and Leo would be his bread and butter in the industry. I don’t think so…. F him!



        Jerk, she finally got out! He’s a horrible person, borderline sadistic and a true asshole. Had to work with this bland piece of wonder bread, I walked out within in a month due to his horrible treatment and her doing all she can to make up for him being a narcissistic POS. She was too good for him and I’m sure he thought between her family and Leo he would be set career wise. Wrong!!! Can’t imagine how horrible he must be in bed, probably has a micro penis the way he acts.


      • Tobey Maguire already spotted clubbing with Leonardo DiCaprio’ since splitting with wife Jennifer Meyer

        If there’s one pal you can count on for a night out when you’re a newly single male – it’s Leonardo DiCaprio.

        And Tobey Maguire has reportedly been hitting the town with his long-time best friend, after splitting from wife of nine years, Jennifer Meyer.

        The 41-year-old Spider-Man star has been seen out hitting up LA’s nightclubs with and without Leo, according to PageSix on Tuesday.

        Tobey and Leo have one of the longest running bromances in Hollywood, having been close pals for 25 years.

        The Great Gatsby co-stars were notorious in the 1990s for their heavy party nights out along with pals Lukas Haas, David Blaine, and Kevin Connolly.

        They report that a source told them that over the summer ‘Tobey was out in LA at all these hot spots …It looked like he was following in Leo’s footsteps…Tobey hasn’t been known to date those types of girls in the past. But he has been all over LA lately. It looks like Leo’s rubbed off on him.’

        A different source told them that Maguire’s been going out ‘more often than usual’ to DiCaprio fave 1Oak in LA. They also said that he was at supper club Delilah with actor Shane Powers on Friday, where ‘there were lots of hot girls,’ according to their source, but, ‘Tobey seemed fine. He was just enjoying being out with guy friends.’

        PageSix also quote a source saying that while newly single Maguire’s been on the town, ‘it’s not a secret — Jen knows. Jen goes out, too. These two people are the best of friends, there is no third party involved and there is no animosity. He’s just going to clubs with Leo — that’s what’s happening.’

        They have two children together: daughter Ruby, aged nine, and son Otis, aged seven.
        On Tuesday they released a statement to People that read: ‘After much soul searching and consideration we have made the decision to separate as a couple.

        ‘As devoted parents, our first priority remains raising our children together with enduring love, respect and friendship.’

        They were last seen together on Sunday in LA with their children.

        They both appeared solemn as they strolled along after stopping for coffee at Melrose Place restaurant.


        • Blind Item #10

          You know that it is a PR move when a former superhero who gets papped once a year suddenly is papped out the night after he becomes single AND is paired off with a teen who seems to be everywhere these days. Maybe the PR team should have checked her age first. It looks super creepy.


        • Blind Items Revealed #5

          October 19, 2016

          You know that it is a PR move when a former superhero who gets papped once a year suddenly is papped out the night after he becomes single AND is paired off with a teen who seems to be everywhere these days. Maybe the PR team should have checked her age first. It looks super creepy.

          Tobey Maguire/Sofia Richie


        • Tobey Maguire Might Be Coming For Leonardo DiCaprio’s Spot As The Pussy Posse Alpha

          “Pussy Posse Alpha” doesn’t just sound like a sorority house on the campus of Hoochie U, it’s also apparently something that Tobey Maguire might become. Tobey Maguire was one of the original member’s of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Pussy Posse (rebranded in recent years as “The Wolf Pack“). Sadly, he had to give up the model-humping lifestyle when he got married and had kids. Last month, Tobey Maguire split from his wife Jennifer Meyer, and of course he slipped right back into the Pussy Posse’s regular routine of partying and pussy-hunting.

          As it turns out, Tobey might soon be more than just a member of Leo’s boys club. According to Page Six, Tobey could be THE KING! This is some manwhore Hamlet shit. A source claims that the rest of the posse sees there’s a potential spot open as the alpha douche now that Leo is busy with steady model piece, Nina Agdal. I guess Lukas Haas asked the rest of the Pussy Posse who they think should lead the group, and apparently they want Tobey. The source says, “The Wolf Pack [is] now using Tobey as Leo.” I hope Tobey doesn’t get the boat barfs, because he’s about to spend all his free time on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. Lukas might want to start running motion sickness drills with him right now.

          Tobey bought a huge new house last week, and I thought that seemed a little weird for a bachelor pad, but now it all makes sense. Tobey was just settling into his role as the new Leo. He obviously needed some extra room to accommodate the dozens of panty models he’d be bringing home from Paris on the Pussy Posse’s private jet after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show next week.


  33. The shady side of Tobey Maguire

    In the last 10-or-so years, Tobey Maguire has pretty successfully flown under Hollywood’s gossip radar; however, now that the Seabiscuit star is newly single, some of the shady alleged moments from his past are suddenly coming back to light. Here are the sketchiest rumors about Maguire’s personal and professional lives—that we know of so far.


    • Tobey Maguire strikes me as somebody who never really “grew up” (still wanting to be a douche-bag, frat boy) and has a “me against the world” complex. To a certain extent, he kind of reminds me of Val Kilmer in that after “paying their dues”, they finally reach the proverbial mountain top by playing an iconic comic book superhero. But in the process, become a persona non grata due to their egos/sociopathic behaviors.

      It’s like although Tobey was Spider-Man, it seemed like he didn’t fully appreciate it. If you’re in that particular position, it isn’t the best idea to continue being cold and rude w/ fans/the paparazzi. Ironically, he didn’t take Uncle Ben’s advice in real life in that “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

      I also think that people on the inside remembered Tobey’s power play, which almost got him fired from “Spider-Man 2”. In a nutshell, Tobey pretty much took things too much for granted or bit off more than he could chew. What didn’t help was that he was the son-in-law of a big wig at Universal Pictures.


  34. any chance his spiderman costar franco will have a blog. its weird his career picked up after spider 3 he appeared in a lot of hits then he woke up one morning and decided he wanted to do b movies. He did not have any flops that put him there it was his decision which is weird. How could someone whos career was on fire just sabotage it like that.


  35. Tobey Maguire on Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Rude to Their Fans


    • Celebs like Tobey Maguire, who don’t appreciate or respect their fans are quite frankly, scum to me. Who the hell do they think is paying their bills? It’s them who helped make Tobey and anybody else who acts that way become a relevant or a big star in the very first place.

      And yes, I do however understand that there are fans who have no boundaries and can get confrontational. However, if Tobey Maguire truly feels that way, then maybe should get a job that doesn’t require her to be in the spotlight

      It’s a strange trade off though. There are people out there who want to be famous but don’t want people on the outside to talking nonsense about them or their lives. It just doesn’t work like that, especially when you otherwise market yourself as approachable (for a lot of celebrities, the product they’re selling is themselves). You just can’t pick and choose what parts you like and discard what parts you don’t of celebrity.


      • Yep, there’s a price to be paid for virtually everything, and if one seeks out a public platform, one price is privacy. Then again, a positive aspect is that people will tend to listen to those public faces, so much good can also be accomplished in regards to causes and change.


  36. toey should look for villain in comic book roles


  37. 10 Years Later: How Does The Original Spider-Man Trilogy Hold Up? (A Friends and Film Podcast)


    • Episode 312 – Spider-Man 3

      On this week’s episode, the seventh season of We Hate Movies wraps up with a lengthy discussion of the total misfire that is Spider-Man 3! Why try and jam in three villains when the first two films only had one a piece? Why does Peter Parker continue to be such an absolute LOSER? And why does Thomas Haden Church only say variations on three different sentences? PLUS: Jeremy Renner and Mickey Mouse present together at the Academy Awards!

      Spider-Man 3 stars Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, James Cromwell, Bill Nunn, Dylan Baker, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, and Elizabeth Banks; directed by Sam Raimi.


  38. 15 years ago today Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ was released and opened with $114.8 million & made over $820m globally


  39. Spider-Man: 8 Reasons Tobey Maguire Is Better Than Tom Holland (And 7 Reasons He’s Worse)


  40. Tobey Maguire’s ‘Spider-Man’ Screen Test Was Much Darker Than Original Film

    Multiple F-bombs were also dropped for some reason.

    Tobey Maguire’s action screen test for Spider-Man looked more like a vintage Jean-Claude Van Damme flick than a Spidey film.

    The snippet for 2002’s big-screen incarnation of the web-slinger is a little more than a minute long and deserves another look with Spider-Man: Homecoming dropping Friday.

    The most striking aspect of the Maguire screen test is how dark the tone is when compared to that of the final PG-13 product. However, it does have a vintage Sam Raimi feel to it, so it’s not completely out of place.

    Going along with the adult feel, the run-of-the-mill bad guys drop numerous F-bombs, which is just random.

    Lastly, Maguire is ripped, like super ripped. It appears they told him to tone it down at the gym because his physique in the movie is nowhere near as cut as it was in the test.



    This A+ list mostly movie actor is a loyal guy. He takes care of his friends. In the last couple of years a long time friend who happens to be an actor got into some trouble financially. He waited until the last minute to tell the A+ lister. He needed $500K within 24 hours. Our actor makes tens of millions for each of his movies but he didn’t have that much cash he could lay his hands on that quickly. Another actor friend who is also friends with the actor in trouble always had cash, but that day only had about $150K sitting around. They were $350K short. Our A+ lister scrounged up $75K from his accounts, but they needed more immediately. Our actor called a friend who agreed to wire some cash to the A+ lister. It just so happens the federal government was watching that friend at the time which ultimately dragged in the A+ lister to the investigation.

    A+ lister: Leonardo DiCaprio

    Actor in trouble: Tobey Maguire (sued for his winnings in a series of high-stakes poker games)

    Actor friend: Jonah Hill

    Friend who wired money: Red Granite co-founder Riza Aziz



    This former superhero was helping his A+ list friend audition women to be the next companion to the actor. The auditions consisted of a lot of sex all recorded and then shown to the A+ lister and his friends. None of the women know they were recorded. Tobey Maguire/Leonardo DiCaprio


  43. It’s Hunting Season Again For Leonardo Dicaprio & Tobey Maguire!

    There’s nothing as disgusting to me as a middle aged man going after younger women. I don’t know why but I hate it when they hit on me or even just give me a slight look. For some reason I only see it as a psychological predator /manipulator (old guy) and prey (younger woman) dating. I know I’m wrong for thinking like that but old guys get under my skin.


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