What the Hell Happened to Edward Furlong?

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong’s first movie was a critically acclaimed box office smash.  He was thirteen years old when he became famous overnight for playing a boy who was destined for greatness.  At the time, it seemed like great things might have been in Furlong’s future as well.  But almost immediately, Furlong went down a dark path of addiction, legal problems and charges of domestic abuse.  This once promising young actor is now considered to be a cautionary tale.

What the hell happened?

Edward Furlong - Terminator 2: Judgment Day - 1991

Edward Furlong and Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator 2: Judgment Day – 1991

In 1991, in his movie debut, Furlong played the teenager who was destined to save humanity from the machines in James Cameron’s sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

In the first movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger played a deadly cyborg sent from the future to kill Linda Hamilton, a waitress who would one day give birth to the savior of the human race.  In the sequel, Robert Patrick played an updated model that has been sent back in time to kill the future leader, played by Furlong.  This time Schwarzenegger played a terminator robot sent back to protect Furlong from a killing machine.

Furlong was only thirteen years old when he was spotted by a casting director while hanging out on the steps of the Pasadena Boys Club.  According to Furlong:

They had trouble finding someone in young Hollywood at the time to play John Connor, and I guess they were looking for “normal” kids. This woman came up to me at the Club and asked me if I wanted to be in a movie. She didn’t tell me what kind of movie it was, so I went to the worst possible thing, so I said, “Sorry, I’m not into child porn.” She laughed and said it wasn’t child porn. I went in and kept reading lines, and eventually I got the part!

Furlong was living with his aunt and uncle when he got the news.  His mother was going through a difficult time and decided to let her son live with her siblings.  When Furlong was cast, Cameron called his uncle and asked “Do you guys know what you’re getting into?”  It was a very valid question.  It turns out, no one was prepared for what was to follow.

Edward Furlong - Terminator 2: Judgment Day - 1991

Edward Furlong – Terminator 2: Judgment Day – 1991

As soon as production began on Terminator 2, Furlong’s relatives got into a heated custody battle.  Furlong’s mother fought her siblings to win back custody of her son.  Both sides accused the other of not having Furlong’s interests at heart.  According to T2 producer, B.J. Rack:

It was extremely upsetting to Edward.  Here was this kid who had never been on a movie set, subjected to five months of the most high-profile experience one could imagine, then not knowing who his legal guardians were. But he was okay. I was amazed at his ability to put it behind him and perform.

During the movie’s five-month shooting schedule, Furlong’s voice changed.  Most of his dialogue had to be redubbed during post production to hide the fact that Furlong had aged during filming.  Cameron chose to use Furlong’s original dialogue for the scene in which John and the Terminator talk about why people cry because he thought Furlong’s young voice sounded more dramatic.

Three months after the release of Terminator 2, the custody battle between Furlong’s mother and her siblings was ended.  Furlong remained in the custody of his aunt and uncle.  However, the court gave control of Furlong’s estate to L.A. attorney Bruce Ross.  Furlong’s aunt and uncle both quit full-time jobs to concentrate on managing their nephew’s career and found themselves strapped for cash.  They began battling the lawyer for access to Furlong’s money.  According to Furlong’s uncle Sean:

It gets incredibly expensive to keep things looking like Eddie was becoming a star, like having nicer furniture, taking people out to dinner.  We did an unbelievable amount of business in the house. Our phone bills were huge because I had to speak to Japan. Eddie really wanted us to travel with him. In 1992 we traveled 34 weeks out of the year.

But Ross argued that Furlong’s aunt and uncle were taking advantage of their nephew’s success.  He suggested that only one of them needed to manage the young actor’s career and the other could have continued working full-time.  “Their standard of living increased so dramatically that for them to suggest now that it was a financial hardship is outrageously false.”

Edward Furlong - American Heart - 1992

Edward Furlong – American Heart – 1992

Following the success of Terminator 2, Furlong was flooded with opportunities.  His next starring role was opposite Jeff Bridges in the drama, American Heart.

Bridges played an ex-con recently released from prison.  Furlong portrayed his teenage son who is desperate for a father.  But Bridges is struggling just to stay clean and sober.  He’s reluctant to take on a paternal role while he is trying to put his own life back together.

American Heart was based on stories included in director Martin Bell’s 1984 documentary, Streetwise.  In Streetwise, Bell followed nine desperate teens living in terrible conditions in Seattle.  Several of the teens from the documentary influenced the writing of American Heart, but the central story was based on the relationship between a runaway named Dewayne and his father who was an ex-con.

Most critics praised American Heart – especially the performances by Bridges and Furlong.  Here’s a clip in which Siskel and Ebert split on the movie:

American Heart received a very limited release topping out at 8 theaters.  But it showed that Furlong was a legitimately talented actor able to hold his own on-screen with the likes of Bridges.

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  1. Wow. That was one of the more depressing reads in the series. It seems like everyone failed him from the start. Why was he taken from his mother? I remember having a huge crush on him, but drugs have completely ruined his looks.

    Why didn’t anyone take him from his family? Corey Haim lived with Robert Downey Jr for a while, and it was obvious for years that Furlong would have problems. There were just SO many signs early on that it’s incredible to think that he didn’t get help.

    Has he ever gone to rehab? He sounds like a typical addict from his statement about his son- always blaming everyone else but himself. It’s heartbreaking that his son was exposed that early in life to cocaine.


    • When I started researching his story, I got really depressed. I knew there was going to be a lot of drug abuse. I remembered that his family squabbled. So I was expecting the article to be a sad one. What I didn’t know about at first was that Furlong was the victim of statutory rape. That was the detail that put it over the top for me. It was a tough article to write.

      The details as to how Furlong ended up in the custody of his aunt and uncle are unclear. She was a single mom and was “going through a hard time”. Basically, she didn’t want to or was unable to take care of her son. Her siblings were willing and able, so she allowed them to take Furlong in. Then coincidentally as soon as he started making movies, she wanted him back.

      No one comes off well here. Although I suspect Furlong’s aunt and uncle were at least a little bit concerned about him. They did take him in before there was any monetary incentive to do so. And they lost control because they eventually stepped in to do something about the 29 year old woman who was raping their nephew. I don’t think they had the wherewithal to handle the responsibility of managing his career and they let the money and spite cloud their judgement.

      I think lawyer Bruce Ross wanted to do what was best for Furlong. But he only had control of the purse strings and there was only so much he could do. He couldn’t appoint guardians for Furlong and there weren’t any good candidates even if he could. I salute director Tony Bill for having recognized the situation and taking some action to help Furlong even if ultimately it didn’t work.

      There really wasn’t a way to remove Furlong from his family. All along the way, he got to live with the people he chose. First, it was his aunt and uncle. And then when they tried to come between him and his girlfriend, he was emancipated and started living with and supporting her.

      I didn’t cover what happened with Domac after the break-up. As reprehensible as her actions are, she wasn’t involved in Furlong’s drug use. That came after. She did make some efforts to get him to clean up his act, but to no avail. Around the time she split from Furlong, she got her teaching certificate and became a full fledged teacher in the state of California. I find this disturbing, personally.

      As a teacher, she has pushed a “no junk food” agenda which has made her a target. In 2003, she was attacked by people who disagreed with her push for healthy eating. Then some students dug up records on her past with Furlong and tried to run an article about her in their school paper. When the school paper refused to print it, the article ran in the LA Times. The school defended Domac and said the article was politically motivated. That may be true, but I wouldn’t want someone with Domac’s history teaching my children.

      Furlong has been in and out of treatment. He’s even sobered up for a few years here and there. But inevitably, he falls off the wagon and the cycle begins again. Yes, the stories of domestic abuse are heartbreaking. There hasn’t been any bad news about Furlong in the last couple of years. I really hope that means he has gotten his life together. Hopefully we never hear another tragic headline from him again.


      • I do wonder if Edward Furlong was a victim of childhood (like sexual for example) abuse? I hate to make excuses for his behavior but he kind of made me think of what happened w/ Corey Haim, another child star, who’s career derailed due to substance abuse issues.


      • I think the aunt and uncle, out of everyone else in his family, had his best interests at heart. Usually, with children in terrible situations, as long as they have at least one loving adult who mentors them, they’ll be resilient and rise above their situation.

        He didn’t have that growing up, and the closest person he had was Dumac, who misused his trust and abused him no matter what the age difference was. If the genders were reversed, there would have been a public outcry and the man would be in jail.

        Having her in his life gave him SOME sort of structure, but it made him fall because he WAS a victim of sexual abuse. Due to his age and family problems, he trusted her. Instead of mentoring him, she misused his trust. It’s been well studied that addiction is a consequence of sexual abuse:

        “Substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, poor coping skills, antisocial behavior, depression, anxiety, future victimization, low self-esteem and problems in relationships are all a consequence of sexual abuse. Some studies have suggested that people who are the victims of sexual abuse may have an increased risk for substance abuse. Substances are used by victims for a number of reasons which include:

        A mechanism to cope or escape the trauma of sexual abuse
        A way to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness
        A form of self medication
        To improve self esteem and boost confidence
        A form of self-destructive behavior or self-harm”

        Sorry for the mini rant, but male sexual abuse is a problem that isn’t talked about as much and is quite real. And 15, regardless of the gender, is STILL immature. 15 year old boys are more immature than 15 year old girls. ESPECIALLY about dating. At that age, you think you know everything, but it’s only after 18 that you start to understand mistakes that you made and gain maturity. Dumac may have been even more attractive to him because everyone told him no, because, let’s face it, no 15 year old will listen to others about love and their feelings and she looked considerably older than him.


        • Totally agree about male sexual abuse. Domac was a pretty girl and of course he wanted to be with her. She got to be his lover and surrogate parental figure. He didn’t know love and she gave him a form of it he wasn’t ready for. That’s appealing, but not healthy.

          I give the aunt and uncle credit for meaning well. Incidentally, they were not a married couple. They were Furlong’s mother’s siblings who lived together. So it was a very unconventional family structure. I think Furlong was more or less crashing on their couch before he was discovered. I don’t think they were equipped to be parents or managers. They had no experience with that kind of money or showbiz or raising kids. So its not surprising they did a poor job.

          The biggest mistake they made was retaining Domac as a tutor after she had been fired from A Home of Our Own. Tony Bill, who directed that movie and wrote an alarmed letter after what he witnessed, seemed to be the person most concerned with Furlong’s well-being. Unfortunately, he had no control over the situation and was just an observer sounding an alarm.


        • I wish he would have stayed with his aunt and uncle, and listened to them that dating Domac was no good.. but what can you do when your teen doesn’t listen, has money (to hire lawyers), and star power.. and essentially ‘runs away from home to be with someone…’ In the early days when his fame was just beginning and he was traveling with is aunt and uncle, he seemed like such a good kid before falling in with the wrong crowd, drugs and alcohol. The vices of the world definitely got to him. 😦


        • I don’t want to give the impression that I hold his aunt and uncle blameless in what happened. There was lots of blame to go around. They should have been more engaged and realized earlier what was going on. Their own self-interests almost certainly got the better of them. On some level, everyone around Furlong failed him as a child.


        • The double standard there is no joke. It’s been well documented for decades that when Madonna was in her mid 20s she used to cruise the lower east side of Manhattan in her limo and pick up young Puerto Rican boys for quickies. No scandal though.


    • Re: Name A Celeb The Industry Built Up, Pimped Out & Destroyed

      Damn y’all got some good ones. Most of these are bound to have self-inflicted destruction or inevitable mental illness, but these things are almost always exacerbated by the Hollywood machine, enablers, and yes-men.

      Eddie Furlong – he is a terrible actor and a domestic abuser. Speaking of:

      Monica Keena – she was on that J. Love Hewitt/Neve Campbell track, and everything went to hell for her around the time she started dating Furlong.


  2. I always knew when the Furlong piece would pop up, but I never would’ve gotten that based on the Terminator Face Palm picture being posted yesterday.


  3. Thanks for the interesting (and sad) WTHH. Just like Melanie Griffith, I feel bad for him but also annoyed at the same time. The people in his life failed to guide and protect him but at some point he has to make his own decisions/choices regardless of his upbringing. Hollywood seems to be brutal on kids unless they have amazing parental support. BTW, I read a book about Jackie Coogan. Maybe you could do a retro WTHH? Keep up the good work!


    • Lindsay Lohan is another WTHHT subject whom based on who I equally feel sorry for (due to who her parents are) and annoyed with at the same time. You can also add Thora Birch to the mix (her parents were literally, porn stars), even though her personal life isn’t as big of an open, trainwreck as Lohan’s.


      • As Valerie pointed out, Hollywood is a rough place. Especially for kids. It eats its young. Christian Slater had a loving parent who was a well-respected casting agent and even he was crying on the set while producers pressured him to do unscripted nude scenes.


    • The Melanie Griffith comparison is definitely appropriate. Both of them were involved in sexual relationships with adults while they were children. Both lacked any kind of supervision which lead them into addiction. While I agree, at a certain point a person needs to take responsibility for their lives, they faced challenges so difficult I can’t even begin to imagine. There are things you need during your formative years that they just never got. So I really can’t judge them too harshly.


      • I agree 100%, especially the insight about receiving things (healthy structure, having enforced rules) during one’s formative years that neither Melanie Griffith or Edward Furlong received. It’s almost like a “What did you think was going to happen?” deal.


  4. Tough article to read; arguably the saddest “What The Hell Happened To…” subject to date. The last film I’ve seen of Edward Furlong was “Cruel World” on cable, and it sure is was it is.
    I was aware of some of his legal and drug problems, but not the extent of them (definitely had no idea about the custody struggles or the tutor). I just looked up his IMDB page and see that his birthday was the second of this month, and we were born the same year. You know, I heard Natasha Lyonne (her character was my favorite female in “American Pie”) is doing better after some issues in her life, and maybe that will be the same for Edward Furlong.


    • My fingers are definitely crossed for Furlong.

      I suspect that some of the other WTHH stories are equally as bad. But in Furlong’s case, the gruesome details were documented. It’s definitely a sad story. I am glad that there hasn’t been any bad news since 2013. No news is good news in this case.


    • Robin Williams is probably the default “saddest” “What the Hell Happened to…” subject only because all now know the end result of the story.


      • Yeah, but I see Robin Williams as a different case. His talent was his demon, and I’m guessing Robin Williams would get easily down on himself if (even if everyone else thought he was awesome; I know I have) he felt he didn’t deliver. Robin Williams was just amazing, and what he wanted most in life, my guess, was to entertain. It’s sad, and I was just as bummed that he took his own life.
        Edward Furlong, on the other hand, sounds like someone who had an expensive myth thrown his way, lived up to it (I think he’s a good actor, though I haven’t seen him in a while), then the wrong type of life just came knocking at his door. I mean, this kid, I thought it was sideways, but it was worse. Heck, it’s like he became a rich, healthy, in demand foster child.


        • Agreed. I was saddened by Williams’ death. But Furlong’s entire life story is tragic. He was one of those kids who never really had a chance. Adding fame and money just makes the problems worse.


        • I guess, Kelly McGillis now can take the female prize for “saddest WTHHT” subject.


        • The slight difference I see between Edward Furlong & Lindsay Lohan is that Lohan was more groomed to be a star since she was a kid, while for Furlong it was thrust upon him. But otherwise thier stories are somewhat parallel.
          Kelly McGillis has definitely experienced way too much tragedy/incidents (after all that, how could she not consider a higher force working against her?), and for Robin Williams, the way he was wired was his burden (also, it seems his body kind of betrayed him, as it does most of us).


        • And speaking of female counterparts, Lindsay Lohan is arguably the closest female equivalent to Edward Furlong. Both came from an already troubled background/broken home, both became stars/household names before they became legal adults, and they both derailed their once promising careers w/ drugs and various other legal problems.


      • I disagree. Robin had the saddest ending to his story so far, but overall he had a good life. No question the depression made tougher than it appeared to us but I think if he were around today he’d have been mostly happy with how things went. We probably see it as more tragic because of how beloved he was.

        Furlong by contrast has had a screwed up life almost from the start and even at what should have been his happiest moment, the success of T2, he had to deal with tons of family drama. From then on it seems like he’s been addicted to drugs almost non-stop.

        He has the chance to turn his life around and have a good second half of his life (even if he’ll never be a movie star again), but for now I think it really is the worst overall life of any WTHH subject.


        • I totally agree with your comment; Robin Williams lived with a built in ready made darkness (he held it at bay like a champ; and created memorable moments) but Edward Furlong? Shoot, you could grow his pickle, but it might be a bit too salty (for anyone that grows vegetables in their yard; these tomatoes and pickles are totally solid:-). Seriously though, you can’t have a person, ANY person, run around without some type of fun (preferred), focus, fear (of not screwing up), and potential.
          Wow, if I was in Edward Furlong’s position, I likely would’ve made some of his moves (the lobster rescue and the cougar tutor seem like something I’d do). Like it’s pointed out, Hollywood spits and chews people out like that wood chipper from “Fargo”, but not having a family structure whatsoever would seem to toss kerosene into a situation that already has gas and a match.


  5. This was indeed, a sad story on many different levels. I’ve not seen even a single one of his movies. I think your chronicle of this actor’s career and life are excellent (as usual) and, more importantly, your overall analysis of events. Agreed all the way down the line.
    The kid who wanted to free the lobsters has always been trapped by his own life, and unfortunately, the cycle continues it seems.


  6. Furlong was too old to play John Connor, he was supposed to be nine in the film yet he looked his real age (13).

    I don’t think he’s still acting now because he has no upcoming films listed on the imdb. His ex-wife said he gave their 6-year-old son cocaine in 2012.


    • In fairness, the “Terminator” franchise timeline has always been a bit screwy:

      I think that in the third movie, the rectoned it so that John Connor was born in 1981 (the first film supposedly took place in 1984 while the second film supposedly took place in 1995, despite being released in 1991).


      • That would still only make him 9 or 10. He’d have only been about 6 by 1991 (7 years between movies minus her pregnancy). Regardless the part doesn’t feel written for a 9 year old, so maybe that was their original idea but by the time they cast Furlong they changed it to a young teen.


        • T2 was set in 1994 because the Terminator said Judgement Day would happen in three years’ time (in August 1997).

          They should have cast a boy of 9 or 10 as John Connor. It’s funny how people say Furlong was a child actor when he was already a teenager in his first film.


        • I think teen actors are still child actors.

          If you cast a 9 or 10 year old, it really changes the whole dynamic of the movie. Also, you have to find one talented 9 year old or else you get Phantom Menace. And no one wants that.


        • Maybe it just isn’t my taste, but I didn’t like the revamped “Star Wars”, and that includes messing with the initial footage:-(


        • Good point, I had forgotten about the 1994 thing. However, I still believe the actual script is written for a young teen. It just wouldn’t be plausible for a 9 year old to be riding a motorcycle everywhere and hacking into ATMs no matter how much of a juvenile delinquent he is. Also, teens are regularly considered child actors, and the “former child star” label applies to them as well, unless they make the rare transition to stardom as an adult.


    • According to IMDB, Furlong has a movie in pre-production and two others that came out this year. Granted one of them was Star Trek: Renegades which is a fan movie or something like that. But I think it’s safe to say he’s still active. If he were to take some time off or change careers, that might be a wise call.

      From what I read, the character was meant to be 10 in T2. I agree that it didn’t play that way. But I had no problem with John Connor playing like a young teen. I don’t think a 9 or 10 year old would have worked. The only reason to cast someone that young is because Terminator came out in 1984. Unless you sit and do the math, Furlong doesn’t feel too old for the character he’s playing.


      • I would’ve liked Edward Furlong in “T3”. Nick Stahl reminded me of a friend I had when I worked at my uncle’s car wash back in 1997; he ended up briefly dating the ex-girlfriend we knew through each other. Forget that nightmare; I like Nick Stahl in “The Man Without a Face”, and I liked “Disturbing Behavior” as well (that song from that film by The Flys though, “Got You Where I Want You”, dug it).


        • 10 “Perfect” Casting Decisions That Went Horribly Wrong

          Christian Bale As John Connor – Terminator Salvation

          It’s reasonable to suggest that filling the shoes of Edward Furlong – who played the young John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day – wasn’t going to be too difficult. While Furlong was competent (if a little whiny and precocious) his successor in Rise Of The Machines, Nick Stahl, was entirely forgettable, meaning that anyone who stepped into Connor’s shoes for Terminator Salvation didn’t have too much to compete with.

          Christian Bale seemed like the perfect fit for the leader of the rebellion in Terminator Salvation, with fans excited to finally get to see the action unfold in the future world in which the machines were in full gear with their war against humanity. With two installments of the Dark Knight trilogy under his belt, Bale’s action hero credentials were well established and fans could expect another towering performance of an iconic character.

          Unfortunately, thanks to some predictably lacklustre direction from the risible McG and a sloppy, incoherent script too focused on shoehorning in references (although obviously not to the same extent as this year’s equally terrible Terminator Genisys), Bale’s presence was all but completely wasted in a generic and unmemorable role. It says something that the one thing most people remember about Salvation is Bale’s notorious on-set rant – a performance more passionate than anything in the actual film.

          But at least Bale’s incarnation of the character managed to resemble the essence of the role we were familiar with from previous entries in the franchise – his transformation into uber-villain in Terminator Genisys was one of the worst story decisions in the series so far.


        • The curse of John Connor: Terminator 3 star who ‘abused drugs and alcohol and frequented Skid Row’ missing… a decade after predecessor almost died from drugs


      • Color me goofy, but I’d think it would be cool to own a club called ‘Tech Noir’:-)


  7. Hmm.. from old pictures of Edward and Jackie, they looked really happy together. Example:

    She seems to have started a blog about eating vegan in ~2010 ( I wonder if his future would have turned out differently had they stayed together–living a more healthier life free of drugs and addictions. I do agree that their big age difference, at the time that they got together, is disturbing.

    If Edward ever writes a biography detailing the experiences and feelings of his life from youth to the present, I would buy it to read.


    • From what I have read, Domac has done a lot of good work since her involvement with Furlong. She certainly had defenders her when her detractors brought up her scandalous past in the press.

      I don’t think Furlong and Domac ever had a future together. They split as soon as she got her teaching certificate and then she turns around and sues him for more money. This is after she essentially raped him and he supporter her while she got her teaching certificate. So I don’t think she was ever a good influence.

      In her favor, she advocates clean living which is something Furlong could use more of. He wasn’t mixed up in drugs until after she was out of the picture. But she paved the way for Furlong to get into that lifestyle even if it isn’t one she endorses.


      • I’ll always be left wondering why they split. I’ve read, at one point in time they were even engaged–but who knows really. It’s sad that she sued him, after having spent so many years together. I miss when Eddie had a more charming, boy-next-door demeanor in his youth, in the old interviews. After 2000 and now, he seems a bit rough and edgy in the way he talks and moves.


        • Pure speculation on my part but I don’t think its a coincidence that their relationship ended as soon as Domac had her teaching cert and a steady job. I think she’s the villain in this story. She molested a teenage boy and lived off of his money for years. Then when she was financially secure, she cut him loose and sued him for more. I’ll obviously never know what really happened. But I know Domac behaved extremely badly. There’s no justification for what she did.


        • So Lebeau, you think it was sex abuse? On a technical level, you’re right. That does sound shady that all of a sudden Edward Furlong became the bad guy in what seems to be a very perverted situation. I know I joked about “cougar tutor” and all but realistically I didn’t get physically involved until I was 18 (after that, I was totally about mature females; I think it’s because my parents were age 34 and 45 respectively).
          Maturity or not, I’d be remiss to explain ANY relationship, but maybe calling her a villain seems fair. Yeah, all of a sudden you’re set in life and, oh, I don’t need you anymore. Seems likely.


        • I consider Domac the villain for getting involved with Furlong in the first place. We know they were a couple when he was 16 and she was 29. But she was his tutor from the age of 14 on. So it may have started even earlier than that. We just don’t know. We also don’t know what her motives were. They could have been downright sinister. But even if she got into it with the best of intentions, a 29-year old should recognize that a 16 year old is incapable of giving consent. So even if Domac wasn’t a “villain” per se, her behavior was criminal. The fact that she later sued her victim suggests to me that she may not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, Domac will never be charged with any crimes. So hopefully she has done her best to atone since then. It sounds like she has. It’s none of my business, obviously. But even with all that it not known, based on the facts that are known I feel Domac did a lot more harm than good.


        • It’s a tough call, but she maybe wasn’t the best structure. I suppose Edward Furlong was left hanging. I don’t know, I’m picturing myself, in his shoes, there is no way I’d be proper. Okay, for example, my parent decided not to teach me a religion, thinking I could go my own way (I decided to be spiritual, but not religious) .
          I mention all this because it just seems Edward Furlong was tossed out there, not being raised or given choices. I don’t know, I feel bad for the guy. Someone I knew once said, “I’m dangerous because I’m lost”. I hope someday Edward Furlong finds a balanced peace.


        • I think he probably had a crush on her first, and made the first move–which in turn, egged her on to go down that path. I mean, who could resist a young, handsome, up-and-coming Hollywood star (speaking from a female perspective)? At that time in his life, when he talked about her in interviews, he seemed to be full of adoration for her. Take away the physical world, their ages, etc and we’re just left with 2 souls drawn together by some force of attraction, at that moment in time. Ok, back to reality now–yes, I agree with you that she is a villain for not resisting the temptation.


      • He was vulnerable both because of his age and because of his circumstances, and a 29 year old woman should have had better judgment. What she did is nothing less than creepy. Not to mention criminal. Whatever “good” she may have done for Furlong as a tutor, and mentor, were unfortunately erased from her exploitation and abuse.
        Every woman in her 20s is the subject of a teen boy crush now and again. The normal reaction is to treat them like a little brother… not a love interest.


        • Thumbs Up given.


        • My senior year in high school, my business law teacher had a major deal with a friend of mine. Nothing ever became of it, but it was awkward. Her idea of a teaching was viewing “Mrs. Doubtfire” (apparently we would learn about divorce, or something). Anyway, this lady would ask me, “can you call Jose?” Fortunately, Jose had a totally different girlfriend. Jose (he was 20, so he was legal), his brother Chris (who was openly gay, and it was totally awesome in 1995) and I laughed about it at the time, but now I’m feeling a bit uneasy now.


        • Agreed. If we were talking about a 16 year old dating an 18 or even 20 year old I probably wouldn’t get too concerned. But 29 is a different story. While 13 years is a big difference at any age, the difference between being a teenager and approaching 30 is monumental. Even my early 20s self, much less my teen self, was an idiot compared to me now. But my 29 year old self is somewhat different than me today but not hugely so.


        • I’m seriously okay with the proverbial “May/December” romance, but that’s mostly because what I experienced is that those that I knew had a healthy mental age of maturity (that includes my parents, and myself. But I’m an old soul anyway). Forget the relationships, it seems Edward Furlong had a terrible family dynamic.


  8. Good read as always. I’ll just put it out there: I’d love to see you write up the new Fantastic Four and Josh Trank and that whole situation. It’s fascinating IMO


    • From what I hear, Trank behaved very badly including destroying a house that Fox had rented for him. Supposedly his behavior was so bad it lead to his being fired from the Star Wars movie he was going to direct. Fox didn’t like his cut of FF so they tried to “fix” it which almost certainly made it worse. The version they released is supposed to be pretty horrible and from what I have read I have very little doubt that it is. I’d still like to see the Trank cut to see if it needed to be “fixed”.


  9. I don’t blame Domac for Furlong’s drugs/alcohol problems–I agree with Ally that Domac probably delayed him a bit from eventually falling into those vices. However, it seems morally wrong to me to be a 29 year old having sexual relations with a teen–she should have waited until he was more mature. I think true love won’t mind waiting several years. It seems, in the present day and age, school teachers, at formal institutions, who have sexual relations with their students (non-famous teens) are getting into big trouble… but I guess back in the 90s, being a woman tutor teaching a famous student, outside of a classroom setting, things were a little gray.

    The fairytale future that I had hoped for Furlong was: 1) he has a strong wholesome core–resisting the temptations of drugs/alcohol/too much Hollywood parties, 2) waiting until he was a little bit older and then marrying Jackie, 3) becoming a star as big as Leonardo DiCaprio, 4) his mom, aunt, uncle and fans being really proud of him, happy for him, and his family reunites together and they all have a happily ever after. 🙂


    • I don’t know why anyone’s giving Domac credit for keeping Furlong off drugs. It’s not like he was on drugs before she entered the picture. He got into them shortly after they broke up. Maybe that contributed the the dissolution of their relationship. Or maybe, his break-up with Domac is what pushed him into the Hollywood party scene. The fact of the matter is none of us know for sure. If Domac had a positive impact on Furlong’s life – which there is very little evidence of – it was temporary. There is no doubt she had a long-lasting negative impact on him.

      I suspect if Furlong had married Domac, it would have been a huge mistake.


    • In Furlong’s case, I wonder if she should doubt that it was really Hollywood that caused the most damage (although such a fragile person having stardom at such a young age certainly couldn’t have helped). He had already come from a broken home and there was no one to protect him from from his 29 year old female tutor. Unlike Brad Renfro or Corey Haim, I don’t remember hearing about Furlong partying with the wrong crowd.


  10. All this talk inspired me to view the 1973 film “Breezy” starring Kay Lenz (I always thought she was really attractive, like Hilary Swank for a different generation) and William Holden. I continued with a Kay Lenz marathon from there up to 1987’s “Stripped to Kill” (not as bad or sleazy as the title suggests). I have to say, 1976’s “Moving Violation” was my favorite of the group.


  11. Who Courtney Stodden is is a female who was 16 when she married 50 year old actor Doug Hutchinson (he was in such films as “A Time To Kill”, “Con Air”, and “The Green Mile” in bit parts. Before this I remember seeing him in films, but after this deal I’ll always remember him like I do my middle name) in 2011. She did an interview at the time (with Hutchinson in tow) stating that she is a virgin and is very Christian and what not, but at the same time promoting a video in which she was in a rowboat dressed all vampy . I thought she spoke like she was a few quarts short of a gallon, and thought the whole deal was unseemly, but it was a real thing all right.
    I guess Courtney Stodden was in a reality show (natch), but for all intents and purposes Doug Hutchinson set his career on fire (although not much was going on in that regard, so maybe that part of it doesn’t matter).


  12. Apparently Furlong has liver and kidney problems.


  13. Wow,read alot info about Eddie Furlong I never even knew happened.I thought he was still the slim guy in Calvin Klein model, and making cool movies. The last time I heard of him was when he dated Paris Hilton, and she even cheated on him. Thanks for the update Mr. Lebeau


  14. Good Bad Flicks: Arachnoquake

    More giant spiders!


  15. ’90s Stars Who Met Sad Fates:

    Edward Furlong

    Edward Furlong skyrocketed to fame as John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). He enjoyed moderate success until the end of the decade, which saw the decline of his career as well as turmoil in his personal life.

    Part of Furlong’s personal troubles began when he was at his peak: when he was 15 years old in 1992, he began a relationship with his 29-year-old tutor, Jacqueline Domac, who would later become his manager. When they split in 1999, Domac demanded 15 percent of his earnings and sued him for assault.

    Furlong soon moved on to Rachael Bella, tying the knot in 2006. But the union would be short-lived: They divorced in July 2009; in September 2009, Furlong was arrested for allegedly threatening and punching Bella. In 2011, Furlong was ordered to pack $15,000 in back child support for their son, Ethan Page Furlong and only has restricted access to the child.

    Furlong admitted in 2006 to People that he struggled with drugs, including heroin and cocaine, on and off from ages 22 to 26. He also struggled with more domestic violence charges, including arrests for assaulting a female companion in October 2012 and then-girlfriend Monica Keena in January 2013. He refused rehab and was arrested in May 2013 under suspicion for allegedly violating a restraining order against Keena. He was sentenced to 90 days of drug addiction rehab and a year of domestic violence counseling.


  16. 10 Acting Careers Destroyed By Great Movies

    Edward Furlong – Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    The Film: Terminator 2: Judgement Day was easily the best and most well received movie of the ever decreasing Terminator franchise, becoming an instantly recognizable action blockbuster classic of the era, picking up four Academy Awards in the process.

    The supporting star of the show, Edward Furlong, played the rebellious teenage John Connor, a role he would become synonymous for throughout his whole career. Winning a prestigious Saturn award for Best Young Actor, Furlong was slated to be the next teen sensation of the big screen.

    What Happened Next: As this article focuses on careers destroyed by a great movie, Furlong didn’t exactly have a career to be destroyed in the first place; Terminator 2 was the 14 year old’s very first acting gig. However, whatever career he may have had afterwards was crushed under the pressure of recreating his first role.

    Like most on this list, he was unable to live up to the hype of his big break and the child star fell into a life of hard drugs and alcohol while still in his teens. The Terminator film threw the impressionable young man into the party scene of Hollywood and he is yet to turn away from it.

    Following a few, we’ll say not too bad roles, in the 90’s, the young man struggled with his career moving into the new millennium. In 2001 he even took a role in I Cavalieri che fecero l’impresa, a tiny Italian production that was obviously thrown straight to video.

    What Now: The saddest downfall of Furlong’s promising young career has been his drug and alcohol addictions, as well as his numerous brushes with the law including a 180 day jail sentence in 2013. Having struggled with hard drugs throughout his mid twenties, the courts have since handed him a three year probation, 52 weeks of domestic violence counselling and 90 days of rehab for drug addiction, that’s all on top of the jail sentence and various domestic violence arrests.

    Let’s hope Furlong can shake his drug addiction and move towards a better life in the future.


  17. I hope I’m early enough to get in on this:
    Eddie. F***ing. Furlong.

    Do you remember this kid? He’s best known for playing young John Connor in the Terminator series, but to me, he’ll always be the douchebag that tried to burn down my high school.

    I had the misfortune of attending one of the biggest, least reputable high schools in Canada, where they inexplicably decided to film the cinematic disaster that was Detroit Rock City. This a**hole thought he was a star. No, no, I don’t mean like trying to pick up sixteen year old girls by stopping next to them, leaning against their lockers, and opening with the suave delivery of “Do you know I was in Terminator?” And no, I don’t mean like walking around the school during the day drinking s****y US beer out of tall boys and announcing nobody else could have any because we “were kids.” I also don’t mean that he would spit on the floors, remind people he was famous at the drop of a hat, try to bum weed off the stoners, or show off his late-90’s cell phone without making a phone call (I think it ran on diesel).

    No, this guy was an a**hole for smoking cigarettes in the school. He apparently did it a few times, defending himself with “It’s OK, I’m not a student here”, until the time our amazingly awesome volunteer security guard told him to put it out or get off the school property, student or not. He replied with a hair flip (he liked doing that… a lot), a middle finger (because he’s John Connor, amirite?), and a well aimed flick of the cigarette into a trash can. One of those big, aluminum pieces of shit that you could shove an industrial garbage bag into and ignore for a week. Which promptly caught fire. OK, not promptly, but while he was still in the near-enough vicinity to watch it start to smoke, then burn with a disinterested bovine stare.

    “Is anyone going to put that out?” he finally asked.

    So Eddie? Mr Furlong? If you’re out there, I just want to send a heartfelt and sincere “F*** YOU” from me and 2300 other students.

    EDIT: Apparently he looks like this now. Awesome. Just… awesome.


  18. Where is Furlong now? It says he hasn’t acted for three years and in 2012 he asked his fans to help fund a liver transplant?


  19. Wow, very in depth, well-written article. I thought I knew everything about him but you touched on some uncharted territory for sure. I’ve always been a huge fan since day one and always will be. I’m sad he isn’t healthy but I hope he gets in with the right ppl and gets clean so he can act again! Such an underrated actor!!!!!!! Good job!


  20. Why James Cameron’s ‘Spider-Man’ never got made

    The casting was wrong

    There were consistent rumors that Cameron wanted to cast Arnold Schwarzenegger as Doc Ock, and given his history with the Austrian strongman, they’re easy to believe. Schwarzenegger even intimated his involvement in an interview with Empire, only going so far as to vaguely say the studio “went in another direction.” The laughable Batman & Robin would prove Arnie indeed had comic book movie aspirations (albeit misguided ones). But Cameron’s script didn’t even feature the villain, so who knows if there were further talks.

    According to Moviepilot’s breakdown of Cameron’s dream cast, however, there were other strange choices. For example, Edward Furlong was supposed to be Peter Parker, and Leonardo DiCaprio was to play Harry Osborne. Nope and nope. First of all, Leonardo isn’t playing second fiddle to just anyone. Johnny Depp? Sure. Eddie Furlong? Not a chance. Second, with the hindsight from Spider-Man 3 at our disposal, we already know what an emo Peter Parker looks like, and it’s not good. They also cite Drew Barrymore as Gwen Stacey, which would have been fine, and R. Lee Ermey, who played the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, as J. Jonah Jameson. That would have been perfect, but nailing the casting of the guy who probably has ten lines at best wouldn’t have been enough to make up for tanking the principal cast.


  21. Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Terminator 2


    James Cameron picked out a completely new face in Edward Furlong to play the rebellious adolescent John Connor. Since everybody was incredulous of Sarah Connor’s story and criminal behavior, and since the burgeoning Cyberdyne Systems Corp. covered up the remains of the first Terminator, John grew up thinking think that his mom’s stories were a load of fantastical nonsense.

    Then the Terminator showed up, shrugging off gunfire and punching through walls. John knew at once that the stories his mother had told him about killer machines from the future were true.

    Furlong was 13 when Terminator 2 debuted and received a Saturn Award and an MTV Movie Award for his performance. He went on to have several other critically appraised performances in the 90s, including A Home of Our Own (1993) and American History X (1998).

    By the 2000s, Furlong’s career declined considerably, although he’s appeared in several direct-to-DVD genre films. Most recently, he had a part in the crowdfunded Star Trek Renegade series alongside several famous stars from the official series in their original roles, including Tim Russ, Robert Picardo and Walter Koenig.


    • Terminator 2 Cast: Where Are They Now?

      Edward Furlong

      His Role in the Film: Preteen John Connor, the boy destined to lead the human revolution against Skynet.

      In the Years Since: Along with some of his fellow T2 cast, Furlong went on to reprise his role in the T2: 3-D attraction for various Universal Studios parks, and turned up in films like Detroit Rock City and American History X by the end of the decade. Unfortunately, Furlong’s troubles with drugs and alcohol over the years kept his career from really taking off, with his film and TV roles really being limited to projects like The Crow sequel Wicked Prayer and various low-budget horror fare and a few appearances on CSI: NY.

      As of 2016: Furlong’s last role of note was in last year’s Star Trek fan film Renegades, with nothing else on the horizon as of now on either the big or small screen.


  22. Sandra Leonetti

    A quick story: one night during the filming of the film The Grass Harp several members of the cast and crew were staying at a hotel where I worked in Montgomery, AL. One of them was Edward Furlong, a teenaged whiner who literally smelled bad (and who left the filthiest room in the history of southern hotels, but that’s another story- it literally had to be taken out of commission for more than a week). At the time he was under the complete and total control of a 30-something Svengalia who had been his private tutor before she began wearing his testicles as a charm bracelet, and man could she play up his very limited starpower at any or no provocation.

    One night several of the actors wanted to go out to dinner and one asked me to make reservations at the local “in” place in Montgomery at that time. Since the place was always busy, one member of the production team asked if I could make reservations for a large table.
    I tried to, but the restaurant manager wouldn’t take the reservation. I told him that the “guest list” included Jack Lemmon (Oscar winner & international superstar), Walter Matthau (Oscar winner & international superstar), Nell Carter (Alabama’s own and thus popular there), Roddy McDowell (everybody knows him and he knew everybody), Mary Steenburgen (biatch), and an assortment of spouses and lesser actors. If the restaurant could have made just one photo of the table in exchange for the compliance it would be a great ad. The restaurant manager basically said “I don’t give a damn who they are… I don’t take reservations.”

    By this time there were several castmembers and others waiting in the lobby for their drivers and I relayed the message that sorry, no reservations available, might I recommend another place? Jackie staggered up to the desk in front of several Oscar winners and “known the world over” folk and told me, with absolutely no irony or sarcasm- she was being dead serious- “Well maybe you should have told them that this table was for Edward FURLONG!”

    Walter Matthau burst out laughing. He later told a member of the hotel staff “Eddie’s not a bad kid, you know, but his family is what you down here would call ‘Jerry Springer trailer trash’ and they won’t run that crazy bitch off.”


  23. Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Edward Furlong Anymore

    With the release of 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Edward Furlong catapulted from anonymous 13-year-old to teen idol superstar. His debut as the youthful renegade John Connor under the protection of his slowly-becoming-sentient robot patriarch earned him the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance. Furlong went on to star opposite some of Hollywood’s top talents such as Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep and Edward Norton. As is too often the case however, his early peak gave way to tough times in adulthood. Furlong’s story plays out like a textbook case of former child stardom. Here’s why Hollywood said “hasta la vista” to the once-promising actor.


    • WTF happened to Edward Furlong ????

      He’s only 39 years old…

      I can’t imagine it’s easy for him to live this decline while being so exposed.

      It’s a real shame, too. He was beautiful back in the day. I don’t know what he went through behind closed doors in the industry, but he did show a lot of promise.

      Had things gone differently for him I really think he could have have successfully pulled a Norman Reedus bad boy image. Not many men call pull it, believe it or not. You need age, good looks, great acting skills, a dark/ edgy side, a following, an established history, and it’s got to be in you..

      Norman Reedus is 47.

      Britney made a come back, so did Robert Downy Jr. If he wants to revamp his lifestyle and can handle a career, then it may be possible for him as well. The drug him and the real him are two different people. Hopefully he realizes it and gives himself another chance.


    • Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Edward Furlong Anymore


    • Former child stars who hit rock bottom

      Edward Furlong

      Edward Furlong got his big break as the young John Connor in Terminator 2 (1991), but within a decade, he was already in big trouble. He was hospitalized for a suspected drug overdose in April 2001, and five months later got busted for driving without a license and driving under the influence in two separate stops within four hours. That led to the first in a series of rehab stints. In 2004, Furlong was arrested and booked for misdemeanor public intoxication in Kentucky after taking lobsters out of a store display case, perhaps in order to “liberate” them.

      Furlong married The Ring (2002) actress Rachael Bella and welcomed a son in 2006, but their marriage crumbled just three years later when Bella filed for divorce. A series of disturbing court appearances and multiple restraining orders followed. In January 2011, Furlong was even put behind bars for violating Bella’s restraining order. In 2012, he was accused of exposing his then-6-year-old son to cocaine. The couple’s divorce was reportedly not finalized until 2014, but by 2013, he’d already faced legal trouble with another woman. Furlong was sentenced to five years of probation, 90 days of rehab, and a year of domestic violence counseling after he allegedly attacked an ex-girlfriend and broke her laptop.

      In October 2016, Furlong was spotted looking “bloated and unkempt” with actress Monica Keena, with whom he’d had a volatile relationship involving multiple domestic abuse charges for years, reported the Daily Mail.


      • 15 Child Stars Who Lost Their Innocence Way Too Young


        Perhaps best known as the hip, young John Connor in perennial classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Edward Furlong has had a troubled life following the higher points of his career, one fraught with drug use and abuse.

        When he was merely 16, he found himself intimately involved with a 29 year-old. This coupling led to the legal emancipation from his parents, despite the relationship crumbling a handful of years later, with his former-beau claiming physical abuse.

        He’d continue to be the subject of domestic violence claims with later romances, all while swirling into a vortex of heavy alcohol and drug use, with an especially damning accusation that he had exposed his young son to cocaine.

        His problems continued through to 2013, where the spectre of domestic abuse and drug addiction continued to haunt him until he went to rehab in order to avoid further jail time for violating probation.


  24. Here’s a song that Furlong recorded as he dabbled into a music career called “When the Sun Goes Down”. It is pure early 90s cheese.


  25. In Defense of Pet Sematary 2

    We dig up the underrated sequel to Stephen King’s horror classic and pay our respects to Pet Sematary 2.


    • Episode 268 – Pet Sematary II

      On this week’s episode, Chris Cabin makes his grand return just in time to kick off the 2016 Halloween Spooktacular as the gang riffs on the direct-to-video Pet Sematary II! Why did we need this stupid fake movie fake-out? What’s with Clancy Brown’s behavior at that funeral? And why does Eddie Furlong briefly become a villain? PLUS: Do NOT take your pet to Anthony Edwards’ veterinary clinic!

      Pet Sematary II stars Edward Furlong, Clancy Brown, Anthony Edwards, Lisa Waltz, Jared Rushton, Jason McGuire, and Sarah Trigger; directed by Mary Lambert.


  26. TheReunionFeatureFilm Facebook page has a photo of Eddie seemingly only a few days before his walk of shame through the Hollywood & Highland mall. I wish he would put these Reunion movie photos on his Twitter account to do some damage control. He looks upbeat, healthy and happy in the photos on that website. No need to keep everyone thinking the mall hangover photos are his daily look, if that’s what it was. Also, that looks to be Monica’s shirt. There has to be someone in Los Angeles who has been sober to help him regain some dignity, possibly via Twitter. Jonathan Rhys Meyers via his girlfriend did a great social media apology after his walk of shame. The morning after look doesn’t need to be the last image we see of Eddie. He could conceivably go on to remain sober for several decades. It has been known to happen.


  27. oops…forgot to paste photo of eddie dated Oct 16th.


  28. What Happened to Edward Furlong – News & Updates

    A former teen idol, Edward Furlong is perhaps best known for his portrayal of John Connor in the science fiction film, Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991). Unlike many who started out their careers as a child star, he had no ambitions to pursue acting as a youth. It wasn’t until he was approached by Mali Finn, a casting agent who happened to be looking for a young actor at the time, that he first step foot in front of the cameras. Thus, at the age of fourteen, Furlong made his feature film debut in James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day alongside big-name stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. A massive box office hit, the motion picture did wonders at propelling Furlong into the path of stardom. Not only did his breakthrough performance in the film earn him praise from viewers, but it also garnered him a MTV Movie Award and a Saturn Award. To this day, it remains to be one of the artist’s best remembered roles on the big screen.

    Rising in notoriety and fame, he then went on to star in Pet Sematary II (1992), and American Heart (1992)ーboth of which were met with applause. Some other noteworthy projects from his early career include A Home of Our Own (1993), Little Odessa (1994), The Grass Harp (1995), and Before and After (1996). In 1998, Furlongーwho was now twenty oneーstarred in yet another critically acclaimed film, American History X opposite of Edward Norton. Commended for his portrayal of one of the main leads, he was nominated for an Awards Circuit Community Award (e.g. Best Actor in a Supporting Role), an Independent Spirit Award (e.g. Best Supporting Male), and a Young Artist Award (e.g. Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actor). Throughout his professional career, Furlong has taken part in over sixty different titlesーmost of which were in Hollywood.

    Having said that, the actor has appeared in a handful of television series over the years. The same year as his film debut, he appeared on the small screen for the first time in an episode of the late-night sketch comedy, Saturday Night Live (1991). In the 2000’s, he also played a recurring character by the name of Shane Casey in the popular crime drama, CSI: NY (2006). More recently, he has guest starred in a couple episodes of the shows Perception (2012), and The Glades (2012). Aside from acting, Furlong had also briefly embarked on a music career; he released a studio album entitled, Hold on Tight in 1991ーit was however, only available in Japan.

    What has the actor of Terminator 2: Judgement Day been up to since then? At thirty nine years old, is he still living the acting lifestyle? Or has his career gone a completely different direction? What happened to Edward Furlong? Where is he now in 2017?


  29. Most disappointing roles that were recast for sequels.

    2 off the top of my head. Edward Furlong as John Connor for Terminator 3 and Jodie Foster for Hannibal. While neither film would have lived up to their predecessor regardless of casting, I think both films would have been much better had they not been recast.

    Beyond just simple continuity, both T3 and Hannibal had critical HOLY S*** moments where these iconic characters cross paths again after their previous films both end in a way that leaves you thinking A) They’ll never see each other again and B) if they did it would be an intense moment.

    Also, say what you will about Arnie and Furlong’s acting ability, but they had great chemistry together. As did Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins obviously.

    In Terminator 3 when Nick Stahl comes face to face with the T-800 again, its like all the air is sucked out of the room because its not Edward Furlong. Same with Hannibal. So much of what people wanted to see with both sequels was these characters reuniting. And both went out with a whimper.


  30. I think that it’s clearly apparent that the “point of no return” moment for Edward Furlong’s career was when he couldn’t reprise his role as John Connor in “Terminator 3” due to his personal issues at the time. The John Connor role was really the main if not sole reason that Edward Furlong had a career in the first place, and he didn’t have anything else to fall back on when he couldn’t do the third movie. It at the end of the day, just made Edward look like somebody who peaked when he was still literally a kid but couldn’t cut it as a responsible and mature adult actor when the going got tough.


  31. How was he allowed to live with a 26-year-old woman when he was 13?


  32. Actors who quit Hollywood in a blaze of glory

    Edward Furlong charts a path to disaster

    Edward Furlong’s best-known role was as ’90s-era haircut John Connor in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day . He plays the teenage incarnation of humanity’s future savior, but following his turn in the massively-successful T2, Furlong’s life became tumultuous. Just three years after the hit film, one director claimed the young actor was “clearly on a path to disaster.” It’s a prediction that held true.

    Growing up famous with the dueling pressures of both business and family, Furlong turned to drugs and drink, racking up multiple arrests over a period of years for drug possession, assault, and the theft of lobsters from a supermarket. “Hollywood f***ed me up, man!”, he told People in 2006. Although in that same interview he said he had turned his life around, his subsequent actions suggest differently, including more than one arrest stemming from domestic turmoils. Gone are the days of sharing the screen with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Edward Norton. His most notable work in recent years was a minor role in a poorly-received Star Trek fan film.


  33. This is a comment I made elsewhere. But these are my feelings on this:
    Here’s my $0.50. I read a few articles that stated she first met him on the set of Terminator 2 and that the director or producer (it was someone who was instrumental in the making of the film) fired her because she was caught “wrestling and rolling around playfully” with him and another underage kid and he felt she had other intentions towards those boys than just to teach them.

    Yes boys and girls at that age, their hormones are raging but by his (Edward’s) own admission, it was a mistake and if he could rewind his life, pause, then delete that section he would. He further said that he had no one to tell him that she was bad for him. He was 13 and she was 28. He still looked like a child for God’s sake.

    Bottom line is, she is a pedophile. It’s sad that in today’s society that all these creepy women have to do is show some thigh or artificially pumped-up cleavage, put on makeup, and take some dirty selfies, then she (the predator) is instantly dubbed “hot” and all kinds of insensitive nonsense. But if one’s standards are so low that they find that creepy looking, odd squirt of a woman who dressed younger than her age and tried to pretend to be a teenager attractive…then that’s unfortunate–but each to his own.

    She’s not a looker and even if she was attractive (seriously short stature and low weight does not a good-looking woman make), it doesn’t detract from what she did. There are a lot of serial killers who were easy on the eyes to some groupies, but it doesn’t make their crimes any less heinous or bring their victims back.

    Drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, anger issues, reckless behavior and overall self-destructive acts are quite common after a young man or woman has been sexually abused. And yes…just because a teenager that age can get an erection if the wind blows on him too hard, doesn’t mean his penis is a free-for-all. An erection and even misguided curiosity is not a sign of consent. I am sure when she preyed on him all those years ago, “wrestling” she was trying to stir up a classic response in a young developing male. Then manipulate him into thinking since he got that way while they were horsing around, it means he wants to have sex with her–hence starts the manipulation and molestation.

    Sexual predators of adolescents like that, love to try to get feels in on the kid or make the kid feel them up in some way. The whole thing sickens me. Much of sexual abuse to children is not stereotypical movie rape where physical force is used. Alot of it is psychological and severe manipulation…and making the victim feel complicit in their own abuse (and brainwashing them into believing how “lucky” they are for the abuse to be happening). There’s alot of wearing down and grooming that takes place.

    I believe much of the reason for his aggression towards her later (if it’s true) is because he realized what she did to him—took his innocence, isolated him from his family, stopped him from hanging out with age-appropriate girls at a critical stage and used him as a paycheck. As someone stated before, had she been a man, she would have been in prison….scratch that she would have been housed under the prison.

    Apologies if I sound full of ire, but this sort of thing hits a little close to home.

    I have someone very close to me who was damaged and manipulated by the older woman variety while he was a very young man. He had all the traits Edward had, depression, poor coping skills, hard partying, excessive drinking and drug use etc. after the abuse ended. In hindsight (according to his own self-reflection), he was trying to end his life.

    He even admitted to me that every time he had a sexual encounter with the beast who hurt him (aka every time abuse occurred), he felt dirty after….even during. He had anxiety and nausea before she would arrive at the blasted spot things happened at…The beast who hurt him subscribed to modern day plastic forms of womanliness too: she had obscenely-sized breast implants, was addicted to diet pills, wore tons of makeup and even fancied herself to be a porn star (hag). Sound sexy?….yea right.

    In fact she took her status as a self-proclaimed f–k doctor so seriously that she fractured his penis while doing her bolt upright, speedy-hard-ride woman on top acrobatics. Of course she blamed him for the injury… Said it was his proportions and used to mentally abuse him by telling him for one how good her p—y is and how he is lucky because everybody wants her and she knows what she’s doing when she’s *******. Of course she belittled him while praising herself for being too good and experienced for him, if he didn’t like what she did or she talked him into things he wasn’t ready for. {If someone seriously has to sell you all the time on how amazing they are in bed and how much everyone wants to bang them—it AIN’T happenin’.}

    Despite his complaints and reticence about doing many things, (he said after the first time, he really didn’t want to do it again) she badgered him for sex incessantly and had him doing everything he saw in the dirty films he watched on his computer before her, but he said what many a regretful soul has said once “fantasy” becomes reality…it wasn’t like he thought it would be and he didn’t like the way it made him feel.

    Newsflash, men/boys are people too and though some don’t believe it, they learn just as women do at some point that being able to choose your partner, having a bond with them and feeling comfortable is important in the grand scheme of sexual activity and satisfaction. Lacking any of those elements plus some can make for a very unsatisfying and even traumatic experience.

    Rape is hilarious is a youtube video worth watching.

    I hope Edward gets help to confront his issues about what happened to him and commence healing. There are all kinds of support groups out there for men these days. OneinSix is a great resource, so are some sub threads on reddit for men who were victims of rape. Interestingly quite a few of the perpetrators mentioned were women. Men are speaking out nowadays and feeling no shame in telling their story.

    Interesting thing about this close person, who is near and dear to me….when I first heard tell of his cavorts with that beast, he was well indoctrinated with her crap…It was all…”she had an ideal body (she constantly force-fed him on her supposed–sexiness–), the sex was just like porn (that statement right there is riddled with all kinds of issues), she really knew what she was doing, it was the best sex I ever had, I didn’t get affected by the age difference and He had control…” yea you get picture….And then the truth came out after he tried to kill himself 😐

    Unfortunately this type of abuse shows no sign of stopping. Becoming a teacher is all too easy now and let’s not forget that pedophiles gravitate towards careers that allow them access to children and young teens. We have to protect our youth (even those who don’t have children). It seems like there is an unspoken war declared on their innocence.

    These broads are getting slaps on the wrists and idolized by the likes of boys and men whose idea of being hot for teacher never was acted upon–and lamented over by the ones who were so unfortunate for it to be their reality. If it didn’t happen, you were SO lucky! That type of sh*t (and that’s exactly what that type of relationship is) is not what you think or want.


  34. May Allah bring peace in his life and removes all the sad events from his life. Love you, Eddie.


  35. James Cameron almost didn’t cast Edward Furlong in Terminator 2

    Although John Connor has been played by a handful of actors throughout the Terminator franchise, there’s only one in the eyes of many fans. However, Edward Furlong, who played the character in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, almost didn’t get the part.

    The new documentary T2: Reprogramming the Terminator reveals how close it was and Entertainment Weekly has a clip. 

    “Eddie was found by [T2 casting director] Mali Finn,” says Cameron in the documentary. “He didn’t come in through an agency, he’d never been in anything, she literally just went out to find raw untried talent.”

    Furlong says he was at a place called the Pasadena Boys Club when Finn approached him. “She says, ‘Can I have you come and audition for a movie? I can’t tell you what it is, but take my number down, and call me.’ The first time I auditioned I had no script, because I was just supposed to be yelling at Mali, because she was like, my mom.”

    Furlong nailed the first audition and Cameron says he saw something magical about him. “His auditions were very raw,” Cameron says. “He was completely untrained. But I kept seeing something when I’d zoom way in on him with the video camera… it almost felt like he was this guy hiding under a rock. But there was an intelligence there and there was a heart to everything he did.” 

    But Furlong says the second audition was a different story. “Second audition, not so good. [James Cameron] told me, like, I didn’t do so well on that… [Finn] came over to my house and she said, Jim almost wrote you off the list, but you’re gonna get another chance. And I took it very seriously and I just went balls to the wall. After I did my last audition, Jim, he was like, ‘Don’t tell anybody this, but you got the movie,’ and that was awesome.”

    T2: Reprogramming the Terminator is a bonus extra included on a new Blu-ray and digital HD release of the groundbreaking blockbuster, out Dec. 26. Terminator 2: Judgment Day will also be available to buy in 4K Ultra HD for the first time on that date. 


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