Fall Fun at Kings Island

KI Haunt Car

Warm, sunny Fall days are precious and not to be wasted.  We were supposed to have a rainy weekend and yesterday pretty much fit that bill.  But today turned out to be the perfect Fall day.  As it so happens, Mindy was car hunting so it was my job to entertain the kids.  If it had rained as predicted, we would have gone to the Museum Center for the new exhibit on Lego art.  But since it was sunny and Kings Island is still open, I figured I’d tuck that option away for the next rainy day.  Instead we spent one last day enjoying our local amusement park before the end of the season.

KI Spiderweb Trees

Before we left, I renewed our season passes for next year.  Kings Island is currently offering anyone who renews their season passes one free Fast Lane pass to be used on a Sunday.  Fast Lane is Kings Island’s front of line system.  It usually costs a pretty penny, so we have never used it before.  I do my best not to slip up and call it FastPass, but I heard at least one Kings Island employee refer to it by the name Disney uses for their ride reservation system.  So, don’t feel too bad if you get the names confused.

KI Exterior

The park is decked out for Halloween and the girls got into the spirit.  Our first stop was to the Fast Lane booth to redeem our vouchers.  That took us by some of the spookier decorations.  The girls went into hammy mode and posed for silly pictures.

KI Haunt

Pretty sure Kara is pretending to be dead here.  She makes a lot of wild faces in these pictures.  If she looks scared, I assure you, it was acting on her part.

KI Spiders

KI Eyeball Tree

KI - Eyeball Monster

Some pictures required less acting than others.  But believe me, this picture was her idea.

KI Creepy Thing

KI Bat Creature

KI Casket

KI Graveyard

KI Frankenstein Window Display

KI Tombstones

The names on the tombstones are former attractions.  Both dearly missed by me.

KI Body Parts

Since there were buckets of body parts behind them, they were trying to make it appear as though they were missing limbs.

KI Zombie Dude

KI Zombies

KI Liberty Bell

This isn’t a Halloween decoration.  Just a park icon I don’t think I have ever included here before.  So now seemed like as good a time as any to rectify that situation.

KI Star Trek

Long ago, Kings Island was one of the Paramount parks.  Apparently they still have some of the old Star Trek uniforms in storage.

KI Flashdance

Whoever does the decorations has a fantastic sense of humor.  Bonus points to whoever can guess which movie this skeleton is reenacting.

KI Linus Launchers

Our first ride of the day was on the Scrambler.  I didn’t take any pictures on that flat ride.  The girls like it because they can squish me as the ride rotates.  They swear they won’t and then they laugh as they do.  Fast Lane eliminated the need to wait in line which was nice for us.  It’s a great perk for season pass holders.

This picture was on our second ride, the Linus Launchers.  After the Scrambler, I let the girls ride while I took pictures.

KI Kill Mart

Kill Mart is overrun with zombie children.  This is why I don’t shop there.

KI Woodstock Gliders

Our next attraction was the Woodstock Gliders.  As you can see, Kara is happy to have her hand on the sail that controls the glider.  It was the first time Josie had ever relinquished it.  Woodstock Gliders is a terrific ride but unfortunately one with low capacity.  Once again, Fast Lane was a boon.

KI Jack in the Box

KI Barnyard Friends

One of this year’s less hyped additions was a permanent petting zoo.  This has been one of the girls’ favorites all season.  Every time we go, we stop and see all the barnyard animals.

KI Cow

After the petting zoo, we walked to the Halloween party at Soak City.  I didn’t take any pictures of that.  I think my girls may have outgrown it.  But they did like Trick R Treating for some trinkets.
KI Goat

By the time we had walked to Soak City and back, we were starting to run out of steam.  So we went through our usual end of the day procedures.  Funnel cake followed by a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

KI Pony

That ended not just our day at Kings Island, but the 2015 season.  Fortunately, we’ve already renewed our passes for next year.  So we can look forward to more fun in 2016.


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  1. Looks like a great day to be at the park. Gorgeous fall colors, the girls are clearly having fun, and my word they are growing? Don’t you wish they could stay little forever? I keep reminding my college freshman son of all the cute things he used to say, but he doesn’t always appreciate the reminder. He used to sing with me, and shop with me… gradually that gave way to following various sports, college and pro, when he isn’t hitting the books.
    Treasure these moments Lebeau, they are gone so fast!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You will miss the silliness, and the chaos, and Mindy will feel it even more, but something else magical will take its place. You just have to trust me on this.
    What did you just change your avatar into?


  3. I didn’t know Val Kilmer was sick. Wishing him the best, hoping he is better soon..
    OMG you have to change this again..please consult with Mindy. Please.


    • Mindy approved the new avatar. She rolled her eyes, but gave it a thumbs up. I may experiment some more.

      Earlier this year, there were reports that Val Kilmer was bleeding from the throat. Word was he wad rushed to the hospital with throat cancer which he denied.

      This weekend there were more reports of Kilmer going to the hospital for throat cancer. Once again, he is denying the reports. But he looks very sick. I do not believe he is well.

      Kilmer was raised as a Christian Scientist and taught to shun medicine. He lost a brother who many believe could have been saved with treatment. I worry that Kilmer won’t get the treatment he needs.

      With that in mind, a picture of fat Val Kilmer with the words What the Hell Happened seemed in bad taste.


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