Golden Raspberry Awards: 1990

Razzies - 1990

The Golden Raspberries started off as an informal joke.  Something for a publicist and his friends to do after the Oscars had ended.  Over time, it has become and enduring and irreverent tradition.  In theory, The Razzies poke fun at the worst movies of the year.  But like any awards ceremony, the Razzies frequently make the wrong call.  We’re going back and looking at the history of the Golden Raspberry Awards one year at a time.

The eleventh annual Razzies nominated the movies of 1990.  Ghost and Home Alone were the big movies that year.  Dances With Wolves beat out Goodfellas for Best Picture at the Oscars much to the chagrin of film critics everywhere.  The Razzies were all about a foul-mouthed stand-up comedian and a frustrated ghost who just wants to do it.


Worst Original Song

  • “He’s Comin’ Back (The Devil!)” from Repossessed, music and lyrics by Chris LeVrar
  • “The Measure of a Man” from Rocky V, music and lyrics by Alan Menken
  • “One More Cheer” from Stella, written by Jay Gruska & Paul Gordon

Winner: “He’s Comin’ Back (The Devil!)”

Once again, I’m going to keep my thoughts on Worst Song to a minimum because I just don’t have very strong opinions in this category.

First up, we have a rap song for the Exorcist parody, Repossessed.

The Razzies really didn’t like rap music so it’s not a big surprise this song got the prize.

The next nominee was a ballad written by Alan Menken and performed by Elton John.

Did I like this song?  No.  Do I think it would have been nominated if it weren’t from the Rocky V soundtrack?  Also no.

Finally we have a Bette Midler song from the movie Stella.

Again, I’m not a fan of Midler’s music or her movies.  So this just isn’t my cup of tea.  I would imagine her fans have no problem with the song.

Next: Worst New Star


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  1. The Cinema Snob: Ghosts Can’t Do It (1990)


  2. I will not disagree with most of the winners and noms…. with the exception of Bonfire. It has weaknesses, yes, but I wouldn’t place it among the years’ worst.
    Ghosts and Ford Fairlane, yeesh! No argument here. None. Thinking this is the first and last time we see Bo Derek with producer credit?
    As for the The Diceman, from what I remember, Fairline had some limited appeal among, as Lebeau mentioned, the frat-boy audience. I also remember he came across as full of himself and as a genuine asshole (as opposed to a parody of an asshole, such as Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy, and interestingly Ed appears in Fairlane)…..years later, and inexplicably, Dice turns up in a supporting role in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” and received critical acclaim along with the others in the cast.


    • I have to give Clay credit. He was good in Blue Jasmine. That’s what his career should have been like.


      • Andrew Dice Clay, What Is The Appeal?

        Post by on Apr 30, 2010 at 10:52pm
        Apr 30, 2010 at 10:49pm Wolf Hawkfield no1 NZ poster said:
        I’ve been told that He was supposed to be the white Eddie Murphy and next big thing in comedy until The Adventures of Ford Fairlane bombed big time.

        He was actually starting to lose popularity by the time that came out. His window of peak popularity was actually relatively short all things considered. Once people figured out that all there was to him was misogynistic ranting and dirty nursery rhymes, people turned away in droves.

        Apr 30, 2010 at 11:06pm

        He’d been building heat since the late 80’s, but 1990 was basically his peak year. That was the year that he released two albums, had the SNL controversy where Nora Dunn refused to work the show because he was the guest host, and then Ford Fairlane came out. He sold out Madison Square Garden, then filmed. The concert film bombed in ’91, and seriously, by about 1992 he was old news. He fell off the face of the Earth before resurfacing with a failed attempt at rebranding himself as a sitcom star in the mid-90s, but he was a joke by that point.

        The way he’s talked about a lot of people assume he was some legendary figure, but he was a flash in the pan.

        Post by Brain Of F’n J on May 1, 2010 at 5:14am
        I think his appeal was that he was the anti-80’s comedian. Reagan, family values, the Moral Majority, all that … and he was, like Kinison but amped up to the Nth degree, someone who stood for everything against that: vulgarity, sinful behavior, promiscuity. He was the release valve. And when the nation started to transition away from those societal beliefs and whatnot, they moved away from him.

        That being said, “The Day The Laughter Died” is brilliant. 2+ hours of comedy without anything prepared, all improv’ed.


    • Comedians that aren’t funny (to you)

      Post by Alexander The So-so on Sep 16, 2011 at 1:50am

      Andrew Dice Clay.

      He’s like that annoying wannabe class clown you knew in elementary school. One day, he came to class and told a really funny, crass dirty joke that made all the other kids laugh and be shocked at it’s dirtiness, and would piss off the teacher for it’s inappropriateness. He’d tell it all the time, the kids would laugh, he’d get sent to the principal’s office for it, and everybody would laugh.

      Then you entered junior high, and he was still telling the same dirty sex jokes that were funny and controversial in the 5th grade, but are really old now that you’re going through puberty. So now the other kids are telling him to shut up, and aren’t entertained anymore when he’s sent to the office every day. Unable to accept the fact that he’s not popular anymore, he decides to go say “fine, f— you all!” and by high school he’s become the douchey outcast who nobody likes.


  3. GHOSTS CAN’T DO IT is really awful. As much as I hate ROCKY V, GCDI is a much worse movie.


  4. In fairness to Sofia Coppola the part of Mary Corleone in The Godfather Part III makes no sense whatsoever given the previous films. Winona Ryder would have been the better actress but the writing would still have forced her to play the 27 year old Mary (if you go by her age in the second film) as a ridiculously naive and sheltered teenage airhead.


  5. Whodunit Hall (Ep. 9) – The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)


  6. JoBlo Awfully Good: Rocky V (1990)


  7. I know ghosts can’t do it because I played the video game “Murdered: Soul Suspect”, but I never knew it was a film. I also wasn’t aware that Bo Derek starred in projects which were sneered at; I really only recall her from “10” and popping up from time to time in guest spots on TV shows.
    I’m pretty familiar with Andrew Dice Clay, but I was too young to really understand his act. I have to say, I think that persona he perpetuated has limited appeal, but it did get him noticed (I remember he had a small part on the 1985 sex comedy “Private Resort”, which is probably best known for one of Johnny Depp’s early roles). I don’t have a problem with Andrew Dice Clay now that I understand the act though.
    Yeah, no question Sophia Coppola deserves the nod for her performance in “The Godfather III”, because even without The Razzies what she brought to the role is worth noting.
    I don’t know, again, I have to agree with some of the titles Lebeau threw out there for worst picture (“Loose Cannons”, for example, is all kinds of wrong, and “Heart Condition” is extremely misguided. It makes the early Denzel Washington picture “Carbon Copy” look like pure gold).


  8. The best part to come from Ford Fairlane, without a doubt, is Billy Idol’s “Cradle of Love”, making it his last successful hit single, all thanks to a pretty steamy music video.


  9. we were pretty messed up in those days weren’t we 🙂


  10. Read This: Never forget Donald Trump’s Razzie-winning role in Ghosts Can’t Do It

    Long before he was the presumptive GOP nominee for the presidency of the United States, Donald J. Trump spent years as a colorfully crass real estate tycoon with a penchant for shameless self-promotion. During that phase of his life, he racked up a string of cameo appearances, generally playing a fictionalized version of himself, in films and TV shows, including The Little Rascals, The Nanny, Zoolander, and Horrorween. But of all Trump’s IMDb credits, there are few as undignified as 1989’s Ghosts Can’t Do It, a supernatural sex comedy written and directed by John Derek and starring Derek’s then-wife, Bo, alongside poor Anthony Quinn and Julie Newmar. At The Daily Beast, Asawin Suebsaeng has written an amusing retrospective of this misbegotten film and of Trump’s memorably awful turn in it. Essentially, the film is about a dead guy (Quinn) who comes back as a ghost and wants to possess a young man’s body so he can keep banging his wife (Derek). Funny, right? In a subplot, the wife is also negotiating a business deal with the flirtatious Trump and receives guidance, a la Cyrano de Bergerac, from her deceased husband.

    Ghosts Can’t Do It barely got a delayed theatrical run in America, but that was enough to capture the attention of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which named Trump as its Worst Supporting Actor in 1991. “The most insulting Razzie is the one you get for playing yourself,” remarks John Wilson, who co-founded the awards back in 1981. Harsh reviews of Ghosts, both vintage and current, are also cited here. Movie critic Mick LaSalle compares Trump’s mannerisms in the movie to those of Benito Mussolini: “It seemed he was trying to be seductive, but instead he was repellent.” That would be an apt description of the real estate mogul’s current political campaign as well, except the “seduction” part seems to be working this time. A good chunk of Suebsaeng’s article is devoted to a particularly egregious rape joke in Ghosts, but the scene in question does not actually involve Trump. The scenes that do involve him are still plenty embarrassing, however.


  11. I’m surprised Madonna wasn’t nominated for Dick Tracy, I would have switched Bette Midler nomination with the Material Girl.


    • It kind of surprised me too. The Razzies nominated Madonna just about every chance they had. The exceptions that come to mind for me are Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy, A League of Our Own and Evita. These are all movies that were at least moderately successful, so it seems the Razzies had a threshold. If a Madonna movie was profitable and/or decently reviewed, she got a pass. Fortunately for them, that was rarely the case.


  12. I think Trumpty deserved that win for Worst Supporting Actor for his part of ummm…himself-ish in Ghosts Can’t Do It. I mean that performance is soooo cheesy you could make an omelet out of it. With lines like “Be assured, Mrs. Scott, that in this room there are knives sharp enough to cut you to the bone and hearts cold enough to eat yours as hors-d’oeuvres.” Need I say more? I mean what do you say to that?


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