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Jim Carrey: Smart & Smarter

Carrey - Cable Guy

In the mid-nineties, Jim Carrey went from mugging on In Living Color to being the highest-paid movie star in Hollywood.  That’s a pretty massive head-trip and Carrey was never the most stable guy in the world to begin with.  When Stephen Rebello interviewed Carrey for the June ’96 issue of Movieline, he asked the comic about his mental health.  When last they had spoken, Carrey was on the brink of stardom and very open about his use of prescription medication.   In this interview, Carrey discusses the pressure of fame and criticism.  He also invites critics to let him have it if he is still doing Dumb and Dumber in his 50’s.  Ooops.

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Vanessa Williams: Don’t Look Back

Vanessa Williams Eraser

Vanessa Williams never really became a movie star, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.  Considering her background as a disgraced Miss America, the fact that she made it as far as she did is nothing short of amazing.  As Joshua Mooney found out when he interviewed her for the June ’96 issue of Movieline, the secret to Williams’ success was her extraordinary confidence and also some talent.


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Rumor: Guardians of the Galaxy is Coming to Epcot

Guardians of the Galaxy Meet

A few months ago, there was a crazy rumor that the brain trust at Disney had decided to retheme one of its signature theme park attractions, The Tower of Terror.  Since its debut in 1994, the ride has tied in to the classic TV show, The Twilight Zone.  But in an effort to save a few bucks on an intellectual property Disney doesn’t own as well as promoting a property it does, management was seriously considering ditching the existing theme for Guardians of the Galaxy – the popular Marvel franchise which has nothing whatsoever to do with a haunted hotel.

WDW1974, the insider who posted the original rumor, has provided an update.  According to him, Orlando’s tower has been spared.  The one in Anaheim may still become the home of a talking tree and gun-totting raccoon.  But that’s a West Coast problem.  Sorry, Disneylanders.  That doesn’t mean Disney has given up on putting Star-Lord and Gamora in Orlando either.

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Don Simpson: Hollywood Death

KI Flashdance

In the eighties, Don Simpson was one half of the hottest production team in Hollywood.  But he died of a drug overdose midway through the following decade.  Simpson’s death, while not exactly surprising given his lifestyle, sent shock-waves through Hollywood.  In the June 1996 issue of Movieline magazine,  David Thomson examined the phenomenon of death in Tinseltown.

Warning, this one is morbid and gruesome.  Not for the faint of heart.


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Tobey Maguire Gallery

Tony Scott: From Macho to Mellow

the fan

Thirty years ago, Tony Scott directed the movie that made Tom Cruise an A-list movie star.  Ten years after Top Gun, Scott had his share of hits and misses at the box office.  He was generally regarded as the less respected, more commercial brother of Ridely Scott.  In this interview from the June ’96 issue of Movieline magazine, Stephen Rebello is pretty dismissive of most of Scott’s filmography.  But even he has to give the director credit for a couple of off-the-wall movies like True Romance and The Hunger.

During the interview, Rebello and Scott discuss the then-recent death of famed movie producer Don Simpson.  Sixteen years later, Scott took his own life after a prolonged battle with cancer.  Here he is about midway through his film career.

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A Star is Born

It Happened One Night


It doesn’t happen very often.  Less so now than in the past.  But every now and then the right actor finds the right role in the right movie at exactly the right time and magic happens.  A star is born!  In the June 1996 issue of Movieline magazine, Virginia Campbell and Charles Oakley took a look at some star-making roles.

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Best Worst Picture Bracket Game Winner


travolta - battlefield earth 2

Most of our bracket games run for a couple of weeks, but this one is a little different in that it ties into the completion of a series that ran for nine months.  As such, crowning the winner feels like we have come to the end of a lengthy journey.  As you can see from the picture above, the title of Best Worst Picture has been awarded to John Travolta’s ultimate vanity project, Battlefield Earth.

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Val Kilmer: Number One With a Bullet?

kilmer kidman batman forever


Ever since Top Gun in 1986, Val Kilmer had been flirting with moviestardom.  While his costar became a megastar, A-list status eluded Kilmer for the better part of a decade.  In 1995, when Kilmer stepped into the Batsuit for Batman Forever, it seemed like that would finally change.  As we know now, things didn’t exactly go as planned for Kilmer and the Bat-franchise.  In the June 1995 issue of Movieline, the eccentric actor discussed his career choices and the possibility of a long and prosperous run as the Dark Knight.

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Best Worst Picture Bracket Game: Mommie Dearest Vs. Battlefield Earth

Mommie Dearest Vs. Battlefield Earth

That wasn’t really close.  Battlefield Earth annihilated I Know Who Killed Me with over 80% of the votes.  That means you’re looking at our two finalists right here.  It’s Mommie Dearest vs. Battlefield Earth for the title of Best Worst Picture.

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More Than the Usual Suspects

travolta - saturday night fever

Every now and then, Movieline would run an article that was really off the wall.  This is one of those.  In 1985, film critic David Thomson wrote a book titled Suspects which imagined what happened to several famous movie characters after the movie ended.  It was basically pre-internet fan fiction.  Ten years later. Thomson was working on a follow-up.  As best I can tell, the second book was never published.  At least I can’t find any evidence of it.  As a teaser to the work-in-progress, Movieline published some of the entries in the June ’95 issue.

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Best Worst Picture Bracket Game: Battlefield Earth Vs. I Know Who Killed Me

Battlefield Earth Vs. I Know Who Killed Me

If you’re still coping with the fact that the weekly Golden Raspberry articles have caught up to current day, never fear.  We’re going to ease you off your Razzie addiction with a few more days of the Best Worst Picture Bracket Game.  Today’s match-up is between a torture porn movie and a movie that is just plain torture.

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Golden Raspberry Awards: 2015

Razzies 2015

The Golden Raspberries started off as an informal joke.  Something for a publicist and his friends to do after the Oscars had ended.  Over time, it has become and enduring and irreverent tradition.  In theory, The Razzies poke fun at the worst movies of the year.  But like any awards ceremony, the Razzies frequently make the wrong call.  We’re going back and looking at the history of the Golden Raspberry Awards one year at a time.

The thirty-sixth annual Razzies nominated the movies of 2015.   Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World were the top movies of the year. Spotlight was named Best Picture and Alejandro G. Iñárritu won his second consecutive Best Director prize for The Revenant.  That movie’s star, Leonardo DiCaprio, finally won Best Actor and Brie Larson was named Best Actress.  The Razzies got all hot and bothered over bondage and less-than-fantastic super hero teams.

Also, the Razzies sort of apologized to their biggest target.

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