Best Worst Picture Bracket Game: Showgirls Vs. Striptease

Showgirls Vs. Striptease

Yesterday’s Razzie bracket was filled with naughty parts.  Don’t put your clothes back on just yet!  Although a G-string and pasties is perfectly appropriate if you have them lying around your dressing room.  Today’s match features lots of pumping and grinding with a few lap dances thrown in for good measure.  So lube up that pole as we dive into today’s Best Worst Picture.

I may be out of stripper jokes now.  We’ll see if I can come up with some more while we review the results of yesterday’s pole poll.  I don’t know if Pia Zadora’s husband flew readers out to LA for a party at his mansion, but somehow The Lonely Lady squeaked out a win over Bo Derek in Bolero.  So Pia Zadora advances to the second round where The Lonely Lady will throw down with Mommie Dearest.

Best Worst Picture

The Golden Raspberries have been defined by a handful of movies.  One of them is Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls.  The movie was the second collaboration between the director and Hollywood’s highest paid screenwriter, Joe Eszterhas.  Based on the success of their previous movie, Basic Instinct, the decision was made to allow Showgirls to be the first NC-17 movie to receive a wide release in theaters.  To date, it remains the only one.

Showgirls was initially panned by critics.  It currently holds a 19% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  But two decades later, many critics have reevaluated Showgirls as a satire.  The degree to which that is intentional is debatable.  Clearly, former Saved by the Bell star Elizabeth Berkely wasn’t in on the joke.  But Showgirls wouldn’t be half as funny as it is if its lead actress was self-aware.

The movie more or less killed Berkley’s chances at a movie career.  It received a record-breaking 13 Golden Raspberry nominations.  That record still stands.  Showgirls won a then-record breaking seven awards including Worst Picture, Worst Actress, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, Worst New Star, Worst Couple and Worst Original Song.

Showgirls‘ failure had a direct impact on the release of the similarly themed Striptease.  Razzie regular, Demi Moore, had been paid a record-breaking sum of $12.5 million to star in the comedy about a mother who resorts to working in a strip club in order to win back custody of her daughter.  After titillation failed to make Showgirls a hit, the studio attempted to play up the comedic elements of Striptease.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that funny.

Striptease earned a 12% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Were it not for the presence of Demi Moore, the Razzies might have ignored Striptease.  But 1996 was the height of her fame and the Razzies were all over her.  Striptease scored seven Razzie nominations and won in all but one category.  Burt Reynolds lost Worst Supporting Actor to Marlon Brando for The Island of Dr. Moreau.  Other than that, Striptease took home Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, Worst Actress, Worst Original Song, and Worst Screen Couple

It’s time to get out your dollar bills and stuff them down the G-string of the stripper movie you want to see advance to the next round.


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  1. I have to go with “Showgirls”, because of its impact…its Razzie impact, plus it follows my rule of always choosing the film that came first (I still can’t believe Pia Zadora beat out Bo Derek though!).


  2. daffystardust

    As the only member of the bracket that I have actually seen, I have a vested interest in Showgirls advancing a couple of rounds at least.


    • I am mildly surprised that you have only seen one of these 16 movies. Granted, all of them are bad. I have seen 7 of the 16 all the way through. Bits of all of them. A few, I have seen more than once. One of them (Battlefield Earth) I saw because I had to for work, but I revisited it of my own volition. I’d definitely recommend checking some of these out when you’re in the mood for a “so bad it’s good experience”.


  3. This is easy Striptease. Striptease had two A list actors, Showgirls had two actresses who wanted an opportunity. Playing strippers is a go to character for women who want to show “dramatic” acting capabilities, so I am not overly critical of Berkeley’s choice, and didn’t think she was as bad as everyone says. Yes it was campy but not as campy as Demi Moore’s surgically enhanced chest in Striptease.


    • I guess you’re counting Burt Reynolds as the other A-list actor in Striptease. In the context of 1996, though, I’d consider it quite debatable.


  4. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but just for one moment I had mistaken Pia Zadora with Charo. I was about to comment how a Love Boat alumni had done good before double checking on IMDB. Boy, would I have been embarrassed!

    More to the point, would anyone have really noticed?


    • daffystardust

      The difference is that Charo is a notoriously great live performer (not necessarily a good actress, though), while Zamora doesn’t really have anything to hang her hat on other than her looks, which aren’t even remarkable in the context of Hollywood actresses.


      • I saw Zadora on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swamp. (Don’t judge!) She was still talking about that Golden Globe award without a hint that it was in any way undeserved. Delusion is a powerful thing.


      • I guess Pia Zadona looked okay, but in my eyes not a knockout even in her prime. It’s just hard for me to believe that she was actually a thing at all back in the day. She’d fit in great today with those who have a better ability in self-promotion than talent though.


        • I don’t know if I would say she was “a thing” exactly. When your entire career is sponsored by your wealthy spouse, have you actually accomplished anything?


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