Best Worst Picture Bracket Game: Under the Cherry Moon Vs. Swept Away

Under the Cherry Moon Vs. Swept Away

After a couple of days of stripping and schtupping, it’s time for everyone to put their clothes on.  Or at least get semi-dressed.  We’re changing gears for this bracket and trading in bawdiness for fame.  Today’s match-up includes two icons from the eighties in their less-than-distinguished movie careers.

While everyone is getting dressed, I’ll review the results of yesterday’s pole.  Demi Moore’s surgical enhancements and robotic grinding weren’t enough to overcome Elizabeth Berkley writhing naked in a pool.  The camp classic Showgirls easily advanced to the second round where it will face off against one of today’s vanity projects.

Best Worst Picture

If you start naming the big musical acts of the eighties, Madonna and Prince are going to be near the top of that list right behind Micheal Jackson.  The King of Pop actually flirted with a movie career, but aside from The Wiz, he mostly stuck to music videos, movie soundtracks and theme park attractions.  But Madonna and Prince had enough initial success in movies that they stuck around for a while.

Prince made his movie debut in Purple Rain in 1984.  It helped that the movie was basically one extended music video for one of the seminal albums of the decade.  The phenomenal success of Purple Rain allowed Prince more control over his follow-up, Under the Cherry Moon.  No longer content to merely star in a movie, Prince decided to try out the director’s chair as well after creative differences with the original director, Mary Lambert.

Under the Cherry Moon was a flop at the box office.  It received 8 Razzie nominations and tied with Howard the Duck for Worst Picture of 1986.  Prince won dual awards for Worst Actor and Worst Director.  The movie also won Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Original Song for a total of five statues.

Prince tried again with Graffiti Bridge in 1990, but after that movie flopped he mostly stuck to being a wildly successful recording artist.  Madonna, on the other hand, kept on trying.  The Material Girl has more Worst Actress nominations than anyone else in the awards’ history other than Melanie Griffith and Demi Moore.  All three are tied at the top with six nominations each.  Madonna is undisputed when it comes to actual wins.  She has won Worst Actress five times.  Bo Derek, the runner-up, trails her by two.

The last of those wins came in 2002 when Madonna tied with Britney Spears.  Spears, the heir apparent to Madonna at the time, won for her coming of age drama, Crossroads.  Madonna got her award for playing a middle-aged woman stranded on an island with an Italian hunk in her husband’s remake of the movie Swept Away.

After two decades as a Razzie target, Swept Away effectively ended Madonna’s movie career.  At the Razzies, it received seven nominations which was actually one less than Crossroads received.  But Crossroads only took home one awards whereas Swept Away had five wins including Worst Picture, Worst Actress, Worst Screen Couple, Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Director.

Which pop star do you want to see face off against Elizabeth Berkley in round two


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  1. I had to vote for Under the Cherry Moon, mainly due to its more successful soundtrack Parade.


  2. I voted for “Under the cherry Moon”, which I have on DVD. Is is good? Nah, but that’s the name of the game, plus I think it’s a bit more creative and more goofy fun than “Swept Away”.


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