Best Worst Picture Bracket Game: Mommie Dearest Vs. The Lonely Lady

Mommie Dearest Vs. The Lonely Lady

As we head into the second round of the Best Worst Picture game, we’re time warping back to the early days of the Golden Raspberry Awards when Faye Dunaway and Pia Zadora were regular nominees for Worst Actress.  We’re kicking off round two with Mommie Dearest vs. The Lonely Lady.

But before we dive into new business, we have to close the books on round one.  Based on the comments, voters didn’t seem to fond of Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey.  The latter came out as the winner with over 60% of the votes.  But that feels less like an endorsement of the erotic drama than a condemnation.  Regardless of the reasoning behind the votes, Fifty Shades of Grey advances to round two where it will face not one, but two Lindsay Lohans.

Best Worst Picture

It’s generally accepted that Mommie Dearest derailed Faye Dunaway’s movie career.  It’s certainly the movie that associated the actress with campy material.  But the truth is, Dunaway was a Razzie target before she ever screamed about wire hangers.  She was among the ten actresses nominated in the lead category in the very first Razzie ceremony in 1980.  Dunaway was nominated for The First Deadly Sin, but she lost to Brooke Shields who was up for The Blue Lagoon.

The following year, Dunaway tied with Bo Derek for Worst Actress.  Dunaway won for Mommie Dearest of course and Derek was awarded for Tarzan, the Ape Man.  Those first three winners would become Razzie regulars throughout the eighties.  Even in the nineties as the leading roles dried up, Razzie voters nominated Shields, Dunaway and Derek any time they popped up in a supporting role.  Dunaway ended up with four Worst Actress nominations but only one win.

Pia Zadora never really had a career to derail.  Her wealthy husband tried to buy her a movie career, but it never took off.  He financed a couple of movies for his young wife to star in, but the only people who paid them any attention were the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press whom he wined and dined in order to win his wife a Golden Globe and Razzie voters who required no such treatment to nominate Zadora.

Zadora won Worst Actress for her first starring role in Butterfly in 1982.  None of the Big Three (Shields, Dunaway or Derek) were nominated that year.  She repeated the following year for The Lonely Lady which racked up an impressive Razzie count.  Zadora beat out Dunaway in 1983 when Dunaway was nominated for The Wicked Lady (not to be confused with the lady who was lonely).  Bad year for ladies I guess.

Which lady do you want to see advance to the semi-finals?



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  1. Interesting decision. Which is more appalling–Faye Dunaway going way over the top, or Pia Zadora, just being there?


  2. I suspect that the final round s going to be between Mommie Dearest and Showgirls


    • Since they’re in the same side of the bracket, they can’t meet in the final–but I’d guess one of those two will face the winner of Battlefield Earth/Wild Wild West in the final.


  3. If Mommy Dearest and Showgirls were on opposite ends of the brackets then I would bet good money that they would be the last two finalists standing. These two films have a “so bad they’re good” vibe going for them and certainly have their fanbases (Striptease could also, arguably, on a good day fall into that category) whereas everything on the opposite end of the bracket (Jack and Jill, Battlefield Earth, Wild Wild West, etc.) are all just “so bad they’re bad”.

    Putting the handful of guilty pleasures all on one side of the bracket to fight it out amongst themselves was an interesting choice. Was that deliberate, Lebeau?


    • Not this time. I put less thought into this bracket game than I usually do. It was a real spur of the moment thing.

      I tried to keep things in chronological order for the most part moving things around a bit based on pairing. That resulted in Showgirls and Mommie Dearest both being in the top half. Usually, I will work out the brackets so that the movies I think will be the favorites won’t meet up too early. But I wasn’t sure given the ill-defined nature of the concept how people would be voting. So I didn’t do that this time. Still, if Mommie Dearest and Showgirls face off in the semi-final round, I’m cool with that. Then the winner will take on something like Battlefield Earth I assume.


      • You made an interesting point in an earlier post: exactly how are people going to vote on this? Are they going to vote for films that are guilty pleasures, or are they going to vote for the worst unredeemable film of the whole bunch? Even as a voter I’m second guessing myself, wondering which way I’m supposed to go here. At least we get an easy choice or two in this, I’m absolutely voting for a treat like Mommy Dearest over whatever claptrap its against.


  4. I voted for “Mommie Dearest” again (probably the only film I have passion about on this bracket one way or another); also, thinking about this film got me into viewing that old E! show “Mysteries and Scandals” (which had a creepy vibe and muckraker A.J. Benza as host) on YouTube. I ended up viewing many episodes after the Joan Crawford one, but the Rita Hayworth episode really bummed me out (even though I’m already aware of her story).


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