Starlog Archives: Short Circuit

The July 1986 issue of Starlog magazine was a 10th anniversary issue.  So what sci-fi classic did they put on the cover?  Surely it would be one of the two Star franchises; Trek or Wars.  Nope.  It was the Steve Guttenberg robot movie, Short Circuit.  In fairness, the left half of the cover is crowded with other movies from 1986 like Aliens, Big Trouble in Little China and Labyrinth.  Mr Spock and Daffy Duck even made appearances.  But the dominance of Johnny 5 on a landmark issue is surprising.  The actual article is an interview with Short Circuit director John Badham who was reuniting with his WarGames star Ally Sheedy.


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  1. Craig Hansen

    It’s a bit surprising that John Badham, director of the gritty coming of age film Saturday Night Fever, was also the director behind a family friendly flick like Short Circuit.

    I still own this issue, actually. Not because of Short Circuit, just because this was still when I bought Starlog regularly. Although with Star Wars, V, Aliens, Back To The Future, Terminator, Star Trek and Time Machine represented here overall it was a good issue.


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