July 09: Happy Birthday Tom Hanks and OJ Simpson


In the past, I have made an effort to recognize the birthdays of subjects we have covered here at Le Blog.  For about a year, I posted galleries on the birthdays of all of the WTHH subjects.  By now, all but the most recent WTHH actors and actresses already have galleries in their honor.  So I have been kicking around ideas for delivering celebrity birthday greetings.  Lacking any kind of epiphany, I just decided to give it a shot and see what happens.  Lo and behold, my first attempt landed on July 09 which is the birthday for unlikely bedfellows Tom Hanks and O.J.Simpson.

US actor Tom Hanks holds up his Oscar as he drinks

Tom Hanks is celebrating his 60th birthday today.  Early on in the blog’s history, a regular reader was quite critical of the two-time Oscar winner.  My response was to write an article in the style of a WTHH about Hanks’ long and respected career.  Other than that, Hanks faced off against Anthony Hopkins in Daffy’s Best Actor Oscar Bracket Game and I imagined what might have been if Hanks had starred in Police Academy.

OJ - Naked Gun 3

O.J. Simpson will be celebrating his 69th birthday in jail.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been binge watching The People Vs. OJ Simpson and/or the Made in America documentary that aired on ESPN.  If you would have asked me last year, I would have said I knew everything I wanted to know about the Trial of the Century, but I would have been wrong.  Simpson appeared here at Le Blog when he won a Golden Raspberry Award in 1994 for Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult.

In other birthday, Courtney Love turns 52.  Mitchel Musso, who thanks to my kids I know costarred on Hannah Montana, celebrates a quarter of a century as he turns 25.  Wonder Years star and TV director Fred Savage turns the big four-oh!  If that doesn’t make you feel old, you weren’t watching TV in the eighties.

If today is your birthday, congratulations on sharing your big day with these notable names.  Birthday wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday today.  Come back tomorrow for more celebrity birthdays.


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  1. Tom Hanks, that’s cool. The Juice? Nah, he’s a real tosser, and I say BOO to him.


  2. I was huge theater geek in high school tom is reason i wanted to become an actor. He was so charismatic always put 100 percent into every performance never phones it in. He was bar none one of most successful actors of 90s


  3. Can I be the first to say this? Tom Hanks is a national treasure. I know, I am soooo controversial!

    I was a fan of his since his early days on the short-lived tv series Bosom Buddies, and I have been in his corner as a fan ever since. 60 years old? I think having him still around makes this a marginally better planet to live in.

    Splash. Big. Philadelphia. Forrest Gump. Apollo 13. Toy Story. Saving Private Ryan. The Green Mile. Cast Away. Catch Me If You Can. And on and on and on. Oh yeah, and The Man With One Red Shoe. It’s not a classic, but I enjoy it anyway!


    • I know it seems weird, but once upon a time a comment like this would have been pounced on by one of our regulars. He saw Hanks as some kind of traitor based on some comments he supposedly made about WW2. Among the far, far right talk radio crowd, apparently Hanks is not beloved. I can live with that. As a movie fan, he has brought me a lot of joy.

      You left off the single most under-rated movie of Hanks’ career: Joe Vs. the Volcano. Love it!


      • Yeah, I clicked the link for that Tom Hanks write-up from 2011 (it was before I knew about this site, so it was new to me) and read that whole traitor thread.


        • It went on for many months (maybe even years) before that. Good ol’ Andy Movie Man could turn any conversation into a diatribe on Tom Hanks.

          I need to update the pictures on that article. I hate looking at it the way it is now…


        • daffystardust

          I told the cast about this the other day and the general reaction was disbelief. “Who hates Tom Hanks?!?” they said. “That’s crazy.” Yeah, well that’s the internet.


      • Not being well-liked by the far right can only be positive.

        My favorite Hanks movie would probably be Cast Away, the worst: The Money Pit.


        • I like “The money Pit ” (I can relate to it), but I don’t like “Volunteers” at all and only like “The Man with One Red Shoe” slightly better.


        • Knock on wood our new home hasn’t turned out to be a money pit yet although we have had to make some repairs. That’s to be expected. Especially since the house sat vacant for a couple of years. Volunteers wasn’t good. Hanks was still figuring out his range at that point. He kept trying to play unsympathetic characters not realizing that he works best (and almost exclusively) when playing the Every Man. Not a fan of The Man With One Red Shoe either.

          Love Mazes and Monsters though! 😉


        • Yeah, on top of moving in and getting settled, having a situation like in “The Money Pit” (even less exaggerated) is too much of a challenge.
          As for Tom Hanks, I do like “Nothing in Common” (the film reminds me of my father) and “Dragnet” (which apparently I like more than most: “And her favorite color’s blue…Jesus Christ we’re about to be eaten here!”- Pep Streebeck).


        • I try not to be overtly political here because I don’t want to alienate people. But being disliked by the lunatic fringe that thinks Tom Hanks is a traitor, I can deal with.


  4. Its hard to dislike tom hanks. He mostly has a lot of quality movies in his resume puts on strong performance plus outside his movies people do not know much about his personal life. He even has a likable every man appeal.He is bar none my favorite actor. with the exception of the 80s movies between splash ,big and just before a league of their own i do not think he really ever had a dry streak. He was constantly on top


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