July 24: Happy Birthday Jennifer Lopez and Lynda Carter


Former beauty pageant contestant turned TV superhero, Lynda Carter, celebrates her 65th birthday today.  Carter is best-known for having portrayed Wonder Woman on the seventies TV series.  Currently, the iconic actress is filming a recurring roles as the president of the United States on the second season of Supergirl.

Lopez - Gigli

Today is also Jennifer Lopez‘s 47th birthday.  Most of the world knows Lopez as the Grammy winning pop singer who also had a reasonably successful acting career.  After some time out of the spotlight, Lopez rejuvenated her career with a stint as an American Idol judge.  But around here, she’ll always be known for her many Golden Raspberry nominations.

Lopez was first nominated for Worst Actress in 2001, but she lost to Mariah Carey.  She was nominated again in 2002, but lost to Madonna and Britney Spears.  Finally, with no other singers left to nominate, Lopez won Worst Actress in 2003 for Gigli.  In total, Lopez has been nominated for Worst Actress five times.

Also celebrating birthdays today, former child star Mara Wilson turns 29 and Kadeem Hardison of A Differnt World turns 51.  Today, Hardison can be seen on the Disney Channel show, KC Undercover.  Broadway sensation Kristin Chenoweth will most likely have a wicked 48th birthday and X-Men and Neighbors star Rose Byrne is 37.  Emily Rickards, aka Felicity Smoak on the CW TV series Arrow, turns 25 today.

Oscar-winning actres, Anna Paquin, best known today for having played Rogue in the X-Men movies and Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood, turns 34.  Paquin became the second-youngest actress to win Best Supporting Actress when she was nominated for The Piano in 1993.  In 2010, her True Blood co-star, Stephen Moyer.

Laura Leighton of Melrose Place fame turns 48 today and homerun king Barry Bonds turns 51.  Sticking with sports, “The Mailman” Karl Malone celebrates his 53rd birthday today.  Megan Park of The Secret Life of the American Teenager turns 30 and Summer Glau from Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is 35.

Stand-up comedian and enemy of watermelons, Gallagher, turns 70.  Mad Men star, Elisabeth Moss celebrates her 34th and Seinfeld actor Michael Richards giddyups to 67.  Finally, Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin and winner of Dancing With the Stars, turns 18 today!

Also Amelia Earhart was born on this day in 1918 and Zelda Fitzgerald was born July 24, 1900.

If today is your birthday, congratulations on sharing your big day with these notable names.  Birthday wishes to everyone celebrating a big day today.  Come back tomorrow for more celebrity birthdays.


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  1. I know this is absolutely showing my age here, but Lynda Carter will always be the quintessential Wonder Woman/Diana Prince to me.


    • I love that 1970’s photo of Lynda Carter wearing a Shaky’s Pizza shirt (if I knew how to link I’d send it). It’s pretty easy to find via search though.


      • Like it was once said about Karl Malone, The Mailman doesn’t deliver on Sunday.
        Wow, I saw some time back that Mara Wilson seems to have a pretty healthy life perspective, and matured into a very attractive woman as well.
        Yeah, this list is pretty deep, on par with the other day I think.
        Dan Hedaya! No doubt!


      • I mean Shakey’s Pizza (heard the pizza was actually kind of shaky though).


  2. That’s a deep list of birthdays for today!
    I’m guessing that implying Karl Malone was a baseball player was a joke.

    Here’s hoping that Elisabeth Moss gets gifted another great project for her birthday so we can all enjoy her talent past her run on Mad Men.


  3. As daffy says, a very deep birthday roster today. My biggest birthday wishes go out to my longtime crush Summer Glau 🙂 , to my favorite Aussie Rose Byrne, and to the tiny soprano with the amazing voice, Kristin Chenoweth (who I continue to hope will someday get a film role that really fits her talents, just so that those who don’t follow the stage will know her as something more than “someone who guest-starred on Glee”).

    A few other birthdays today:

    -Chief Dan George was born this day in 1899, and in his seventies suddenly became one of the best-known Native American actors around. He was Oscar nominated for Little Big Man, but I will best remember him as the talkative Cherokee, Lone Watie, in The Outlaw Josey Wales.

    -Anyone who was around in the heyday of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In will undoubtedly remember Ruth Buzzi.

    -Dan Hedaya has had a very nice career as a character actor, featuring in films like the Coen Brothers’ debut, blood simple, and as Cher’s dad in Clueless. An interesting bit of trivia: after Hedaya appeared in Oliver Stone’s Nixon, as a fictionalized version of Nixon crony Bebe Rebozo, he then played Richard Nixon himself in Dick, opposite Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst.

    -Chris Sarandon may be mostly recognizable because his ex-wife has become one of the most distinguished actresses of our time, but he’s also remembered by many as Prince Humberdinck in The Princess Bride

    -Finally, today is producer-director Doug Liman’s birthday. After starting out doing some well-regarded low-budget indie films (Swingers, Go), he turned to big-budget action films, making The Bourne Identity, first in that durable franchise, and then cast Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith–and we all know what happened next.


  4. Just two things:

    1) Jennifer Lopez never won a Grammy
    2) In 2003 there was another pop star nominated with her for Worst Actress when she finally won (Kelly Clarkson)


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