July 31: Happy Birthday Wesley Snipes and JK Rowling

Snipes and Rowling

One of our headline birthday celebrants played a vampire and the other wrote best-selling books about wizards.  One paid their taxes and the other served jail time for their failure to do so.  JK Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, turns 51 today.  She shares a birthday with action star and reformed tax evader, Wesley Snipes, who turns 54.

Snipes is a member of our What the Hell Happened family.  He already has his own gallery as well.  Fellow WTHH subject, Michael Biehn, is celebrating his sixtieth birthday.  The Terminator and Aliens star can also be seen in his own gallery.

Also celebrating birthdays today are Rico Rodriguez and Charlie Carver.  Rodriguez (now 18) plays Manny on Modern Family whereas Carver (28) played Porter Scavo on Desperate Housewives.  voice actress Susan Bennett, best-known as the original voice of Apple’s Siri, is 67.  Cincinnati Bengal AJ Green is 28 and Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tanker Mark Cuban turns 58.  Cuban recently demonstrated his mad rhyming skilz with Steven Colbert as his hype man.

Former Superman Dean Cain celebrates his 50th birthday.  Cain can currently be seen playing Kara Z0r-El’s adoptive father on the CW show, Supergirl.  Writer and actor, BJ Novak, best known for The Office and Inglourious Basterds, turns 37.  Zelda Williams, daughter of the late comic and actor, Robin Williams, turns 27.  Williams was a video game enthusiast who named his daughter after the princess in the Legend of Zelda.

If today is your birthday, congratulations on sharing your big day with these notable names.  Birthday wishes to everyone celebrating a big day today.  Come back tomorrow for more celebrity birthdays.


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  1. Happy 60th Birthday to Michael Biehn!


  2. Don Murray also turned 87 today. He appeared in the Marilyn Monroe movie “Bus Stop” and the John Derek/Bo Derek stinker “Ghosts Can’t Do It”. Murray is also famous for being the first husband of Hope Lange. (If you don’t know who Hope Lange is, she appeared in the movie “Peyton Place” and played Charles Bronson’s dead wife in the first “Death Wish” movie.) Happy 87th Birthday to him!


  3. Happy Birthday to all born at the end of July. Others born on this day include:

    -violinist George Liberace of “I wish my brother George was here” fame (at least a few of us will recognize that quote).

    -Ted Cassidy was the film-TV go-to guy when they needed a really, really tall character for a number of years, or if they needed voice work by someone with a really deep bass voice. He was best known as Lurch (“You rang?”) the butler on The Addams Family.

    -Sherry Lansing had a relatively short acting career, but is known for her work on the business side of the industry, as the first woman to head a major Hollywood studio. She was, at different times, a top executive at Paramount and 20th Century Fox. She also had her own production company for a while and produced films like Fatal Attraction and The Accused.

    -Geraldine Chaplin is the most famous of Charlie Chaplin’s offspring (he had 11 children), who has had a very long acting career in American and European cinema (she is fluent in both Spanish and French). I remember her best as Anne of Austria in Richard Lester’s two Musketeers films from 1973-74, and as the self-absorbed BBC journalist Opal in Robert Altman’s Nashville.

    -British actor Ben Chaplin is no relation (as far as I know) to Charlie or Geraldine. He has alternated between working on stage and in film; his best-known films include The Truth About Cats & Dogs, The Thin Red Line, and Birthday Girl.

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    • I should let you take over these daily entires! Only 1/2 kidding. 😉


      • I sent you an invite if you’re interested in contributing some or all of the birthday posts. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to do.


        • Hi lebeau–I just replied and accepted your invite. Turns out there is already a “jestak” registered with WordPress, so I came up with an imaginative substitute. 🙂


        • LOL. Welcome aboard!

          I have set you up with access to see all the pending articles. As you should be able to see, there are birthday articles scheduled up through 08/09. Feel free to make whatever additions/changes you see fit to those. I also have shells set up for daily birthdays through the month of Aug. The actual contents are empty. Once you have filled them out, please save it in a “pending status”. I’ll then flip it to “scheduled”. You can leave the pictures to me if you want or add them yourself. Entirely up to you. And if you feel like writing something other than a birthday article, please feel free to do so.

          Let me know if you have any questions about anything. And thanks for pitching in!


        • Okay, I’ll take a look at the August 2 birthday post and make some edits/adds later today, and then look ahead at the subsequent articles.

          One question–does WordPress have any kind of private message function or equivalent, so we don’t have to use the comments for this sort of communication?


        • Nope. But feel free to email me any questions:


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