August 8: Happy Birthday Dustin Hoffman and JC Chasez

Dustin Hoffman

Two-time Oscar winning actor, Dustin Hoffman turns 79 today.  Before hitting it big, Hoffman was roomies with Gene Hackman.  Hoffman hit it big when he starred in Mike Nichols’ comedy, The Graduate in 1967.  He won his first Oscar for Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979 and won again in 1988 for Rain Man.  Hoffman has starred in some memorable movies like Midnight Cowboy, Tootsie and All the President’s Men but kids probably know him as the voice of Master Shifu in the Kung Fu Panda films.

Switching gears ever so slightly, former boy band member JC Chasez turns 40 today.  The former Mousketeer rose to fame and fortune as a member of *NSync.  The band split up in 2002 and Chasez produced his own solo album.  Since then, Chasez has produced songs for other recording acts and served as a judge on the reality show America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV.

Actor and singer-songwriter Keith Carradine, one of the three acting Carradine brothers (sons of actor John Carradine), turns 67 today.  Carradine was one of the standouts in the large ensemble cast of Robert Altman’s Nashville, and won the Oscar for Best Original Song for “I’m Easy,” which he wrote and performed in the film.  He was featured with his half-brother David and brother Robert in Walter Hill’s The Long Riders; the three Carradines played the three Younger brothers in this retelling of the story of the James Gang.  Carradine is also the father of actress Martha Plimpton.  He is currently featured in the CBS series Madam Secretary.

TV producer Donald Bellisario celebrates his 81st birthday today.  He is the creator of television series such as Magnum, P.I., Quantum Leap, JAG and NCIS.  Like Carradine, he has an actress-daughter, Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars.

Director Martin Brest turns 65 today.  He directed commercial successes like Going in Style, Beverly Hills Cop, and Scent of a Woman; the latter film, which Brest also produced, was nominated for Best Picture and Best Director.  He also wrote, directed and produced Gigli, a big winner at the Razzies.

Also celebrating a birthday today is Dave Evans aka The Edge from the Rock Band U2.  Mr. Edge is 55.  Mad Men actress Peyton List turns 30.  Meagan Good of Think Like a Man and Deception as well as indie films like Brick and D.E.B.S. (the latter a favorite of some of my friends in the LGBT community),  turns 35.  Countess Vaughn from Moesha and The Parkers is 38 today.  And actual royalty Princess Beatrice is 28.  Harry Potter actress Katie Leung turns 29 and wrestling star Sable (aka Rena Greek) is 49.

Radio personality Robin Quivers turns 64 and another boy band singer, Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees, is 40.  Don Most, Ralph Malph from Happy Days, celebrates his 63rd birthday.  Lindsay Sloane from the current CBS series The Odd Couple (not to be confused with the 1970s series) celebrates birthday number 39.

Movie producer Dino De Laurentiis was born on this date in 1919.  Over his roughly 60-year career in film, it’s estimated that he was involved in roughly 500 films as a producer or co-producer.  He began producing films in his native Italy in the 1940s.  By the early 1960s he was producing a number of American-Italian co-productions, and in the mid-1970s he relocated to the US.  Just a few of the films he produced in his US years would include the 1976 remake of King Kong, the “so bad it’s good” feature film adaptation of Flash Gordon, the two Conan films with Ah-nult, and David Lynch’s Dune and Blue Velvet.

Director Robert Siodmak was born in Germany on August 8, 1900.  His promising career in German cinema was cut short when the Nazis came to power–Siodmak, who was Jewish, relocated first to Paris, then to the US when World War 2 broke out.  In Hollywood, he made over 20 films in about a dozen years.  He worked most often in film noir—he is considered one of the directors who defined noir style—but branched out to other genres.  Three of his movies, all starring Burt Lancaster, are recognized as classics.  The Killers (which was Lancaster’s debut) and Criss Cross are landmarks of film noir.  The Crimson Pirate is entirely different, a swashbuckler that’s so light and fun it almost, but not quite, crosses over into parody.

Swimmer  Esther Williams, born on August 8, 1921, had hopes of competing in the 1940 Olympics until World War 2 broke out.  Her acting career came about when Louis B. Mayer decided that MGM needed a counterpart to Fox’s series of movies with figure skater Sonja Henie (i.e., movies with lots of skating).  His answer—movies with lots of swimming!—led to MGM signing Williams to a contract.  Williams made about two dozen movies with MGM, most of them “aquamusicals” featuring intricate water ballet numbers.

If today is your birthday, congratulations on sharing your big day with these notable names.  Birthday wishes to everyone celebrating a big day today.  Come back tomorrow for more celebrity birthdays.


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  1. I was actively working on my article about The Graduate at the same time as Lebeau was putting this together, so it was a little surprising and humorous when I logged into the images library and found good old Dustin Hoffman waving at me. I wasn’t sure why he was there at the time, but now I know.

    Lindsay Sloane is one of the bright spots on the new Odd Couple show, which despite underwhelming critics and steadily declining ratings, was renewed for another season which will start in a couple of months. In part because of Sloane I feel like the show has some promise, so here’s hoping it can really find its feet and tempt some viewers back.


    • I enjoyed Lindsay Sloane’s performance back when I saw Bring It On many years ago; it’s good to know that she’s been getting steady work through the years.


  2. Here is interesting and funny story that sam l jackson told about hoffman .Its about dustin thinking sam said it was amazing actign with dustin hoffman. lol it kind of shows dustin has an ego lol.


  3. (Happy) Birthday to Dustin Hoffman, to one of the Greatest truest Actor in the world. to a very Special Bright! (young) man with a loveing careing heart! I love all of your movies man from (Tootsie) to Rain Man the Graduate. Dick tracy the voice# of (Mubles) Hook Barney

    all those things you are the best Mr hoffman i wish met you (Please) come to Stamford connecticut come and have Dinner! (with) your family! at our family Restraunt (Pelliccis) Ristorante on 98 Stillwater ave. 06902 like we have good italian food. we serve the best!

    and we like for you&family! to join us (Pelliccis) would like to give you a Birthday cake its on Sprous st in Stamford have a ‘Nice’ day sir with you&family (P.S) tell your son jake hoffman i sayed hi from christa


  4. I am huge dustin fan talented never typecast. However he does have a huge ego. Plus in interviews he strike me as pretentious. HE is difcult to work with., Part of diffculty steams from not being upstaged . Which explains why he picked a fight with streep during kramer vs kramer.


  5. Hi Lebeau,

    Just a small correction, Dustin Hoffman turns 79 not 71!


  6. Well, Dustin Hoffman’s work really speaks for itself. I guess one could say he was something of a late bloomer, but the results have been outstanding.
    Oh yeah, Lindsay Slone: I viewed “Sabrina: the Teenage Witch” a few times after school (“Batman: the Animated Series” was included in that one hour block for a time). She also played a good role in the 2006 film “The TV Set” (I like it) with David Duchovny, Sigourney Weaver, Judy Greer, and Ioan Gruffudd.
    I remember Keith Carradine from a lot of project (Special Agent Lundy from “Dexter”!), but yeah, he really rolled with the ensemble films too. Not only “Nashville”, but “Welcome to L.A.” and 1984’s “Choose Me”.
    Wow, Martin Brest, there’s a name I haven’t heard for awhile, though I looked him up online about a month ago. Damn you “Gigli”!
    Man, pretty healthy day for this birthday list.


    • Martin Brest would make a decent WTHHT subject. How could the guy who directed “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Midnight Run”, and “Scent of a Woman” wound up unceremoniously ending his career w/ “Gigli”? Then again, Brest kind of got a mini-WTHHT in the Razzies retrospective covering “Gigli”.


  7. he was 30 when he caught his big break. his buddy gene hackman was 37 when caught his big break in bonnie and clyde. that gives no excuse for dustin to be pretentious onscreen,


  8. Deborah Norville, the host of “Inside Edition” and former co-anchor of NBC’s “Today Show” (during her ill-fated stint at Jane Pauley’s immediate successor) turned 58 on this day. This past June for my birthday, Deborah sent me this via Twitter (when I brought it up in her direction):



    • Nice!


      • Deborah Norville is such a beautiful, elegant, classy, and most especially, classy lady!

        This is kind of shallow, but Deborah roaming around a studio set (which she isn’t allowed to do on Inside Edition, since she’s always required to stand-still behind a green screen) in sharp high heeled pumps and dark pantyhose for good measure, is mind blowingly sexy . I just love how Deborah exudes confidence and control in this particular moment from Anderson Live.


        • From my perspective, nothing too shallow about that. Sometimes, the little things and moments in life can be just as interesting as what’s supposed to be big.


        • This is kind of silly, but I a while back, made a “slowed down” video of Deborah walking on the “Anderson Live” set from back in November 2012. I’m always in awe at how truly and breathtakingly beautiful and enchanting Ms. Norville is. Her almond shaped blue eyes, her full, pursed lips, her sleek, shiny blonde hair, and her curvy, voluptuous body. Even if the sound was on, there’s her sweet, smooth and gentle Georgia twang to take with.


  9. Lebeu iam wondering why did lindsey sloan leave sabrina . Is there a reason i love her character . In my opinion the went down hill when her and the character libby left . seasons 5-7 the worst


  10. season four was good not great in my opinion sabrina best seasons where 1-3 the college seasons did not have the silly over the top humour the early seasons had. Plus the college seasons focused more on sabrina personal life then her magic


  11. Why didn’t JC Chasez become the breakout star after N Sync?

    He would have if his solo music wasn’t complete and utter s***… Timberlake on the other hand worked with great producers and had some huge hits.


    reply 2 16 hours ago

    Yeah but why didn’t he get the good producers? Like from the get-go it seems like Justin and JC were on equal footing. Actually Justin’s voice was a little nasal until he got his Michael Jackson clone vocals down pat. JC’s vocals were very earnest and pleading. I don’t think he would have made R&B necessarily but he had the voice for ballads. I guess the era of Richard Marx type balladeers is over though, everything on Top 40 radio now is geared towards dance.


    reply 3 15 hours ago

    His solo CD did not capitalize on his beautiful voice.


    reply 7 15 hours ago

    I guess JC took a risk but his music was just crap and he paid for it.. his song all day long I dream about sex lol is possibly the worst song ever made.


    reply 9 15 hours ago

    Ugh I just listened to a few of JC’s solo tracks, I don’t think the producers knew what to do with him. They certainly weren’t showcasing his voice. Sad!


    reply 11 15 hours ago

    JC thought he was a writer and producer but his music was horrible. Like 3rd rate Prince wanna be. Justine was smart enough to know he needed talented writers and producers.


    reply 12 15 hours ago

    Justin and his people had the wisdom and sense to hire the right producers for his sound. JC didn’t, the end. Timbaland and The Neptunes were some of the hottest producers in the early 2000s, and JT already laid the groundwork for his cultural appropriation by speaking in a “blaccent,” and collaborating with Janet Jackson (before Nipplegate) and getting Pharrell/The Neptunes to produce a few NSync songs. It also didn’t hurt that most of JT’s first solo album consisted of songs Pharrell originally intended for Michael Jackson to sing – “Rock Your Body,” in particular. JT was in the right place, right time, and captured that lightning in a bottle. He also seems to have more of a personality than JC that works for a pop career. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if JT or someone from his record company sabotaged JC’s solo career efforts by keeping him from finding the right producers for his voice, and the record company probably wasn’t as willing to shell out money for JC’s career since it seemed JT was destined for solo success.


    reply 21 14 hours ago

    Nsync’s last album was also used to position Justin for a solo career. Before that, Justin and JC had shared vocals, but on the last album, especially in the videos, Justin was definitely the lead singer of Nsync. On top of that, the record company gave him a huge media push to launch his album, with “JC also has one” tacked on as an afterthought.


    reply 22 7 hours ago
    I think JC’s vocals were showcased nicely in the “This I Promise You” video, which was late era for them. His verses are sang much nicer than Justin’s, there’s a certain pleading to them which is touching. It’s sugary dreck, but it was effective and he sure looked gorgeous.

    I guess there’s a future in judging competition reality shows, but that’s a far fall from the glory days of N Sync and certainly nothing like the exposure JT gets from even a short SNL visit. Who knows, maybe he’s loaded from the N Sync days and never needs to worry about making another penny.


    reply 26 5 hours ago

    At N Sync’s peak, Justin was the youngest member and dating Britney Spears, the biggest female star at the time. He got the most attention from the press and the public, so was poised to be the breakout star of the group.


    reply 30 2 hours ago

    NSYNC was Justin Timberlake’s “band,” and he was always the star of it. Ringo, John and George may have had a hit now and then but the Beatles was always about Paul, no matter how you slice it, he was the “star” of the group.


    reply 31 2 hours ago


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