Starlog Archives: Looking for Love and Cherry 2000

It’s Melanie Griffith‘s birthday!  We’ll have the full celebration later today, but to kick things off here is an interview with the actress from the August 1986 issue of Starlog magazine.  At this point in her career, Griffith was enjoying a resurgence thanks to her showy performance in Brian DePalma’s Body Double.  But she hadn’t yet reached the respectability she would earn with Working Girl.


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  1. Very interesting article–I remember seeing parts of Cherry 2000 on cable back in the 1980s, but I really should track it down and see the whole thing. I got a chuckle when the author refers to the 5-9 Griffith as “petite.”

    Further more, a check of IMDb reminds me that Ben Johnson and Dobe Carey are in this. Definitely one to track down.


    • For years, I saw the box cover for Cherry 2000 at the video store and I assumed a lot of things about it. I was pretty sure Griffith played a sex robot and that the movie was borderline porn. When I finally got around to seeing it a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie had a sense of humor. It’s a fun B-movie.


      • I finally watched Cherry 2000 all the way through last night and I agree with you. This is a lovely little B-movie. It reminded me a little bit of Tremors, partly because of the setting but also in having the same edgy, energetic quality. Griffith was very good and Ben Johnson was terrific as always.


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