Starlog Archives: The Relic

Not many people remember the 1997 “monster in a museum” movie The Relic.  It was originally scheduled for a late summer release but was pushed back to January to accommodate additional special effects work by Stan Winston.  Starlog still ran an article covering the movie that would have coincided with its original release date.

Although The Relic opened in first place at the box office, movies released in January are typically forgotten by February and that was the case here.  At the time, it seemed like The Relic might be the movie that established Tom Sizemore or Penelope Ann Miller as a bankable star, but it turns out no movie would ever accomplish that feat.


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  1. An interesting article. I have never seen the film, but I’ve read the Preston/Child novel it’s adapted from. it’s not a bad airport novel, but it requires a lot of suspension of disbelief. I’m not all that surprised that the film was not a huge success.


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