Summer Movie Survey 2016

Summer Movies 2016

Another summer movie season has come and gone.  Next week, Daffy and I will have a recap of what we saw and what we thought.  But I wanted to give you readers a chance to have your say.  After the jump, there is a survey consisting of 30 of the biggest summer releases.  For each one, let us know if you gave it or thumbs up or a thumbs down or if you just didn’t see it.  Next Sunday we’ll include your responses in our summer movie round-up.  (Don’t worry if you haven’t seen most of them.  I doubt many readers have.)


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  1. Wish there was a neutral option as some of the movies I saw were merely ok, not especially good or bad. Alice is a good example of that. I ended up voting thumbs up because if push comes to shove I did enjoy it somewhat. But it isn’t anywhere near the level of enjoyment I got out of Star Trek Beyond or Nice Guys. A lot of the movies on the list would almost certainly get thumbs down from me but, for that very reason I didn’t see them in the first place.


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