Disneyland Bingo with Daffystardust! Video

What’s this, you say? Didn’t you go to Disneyland more than a year ago?

Well, yes you’re right about that, so in a way this video is sorely behind schedule isn’t it? Well, the whole point here is for me to teach myself how to use the iMovie program on my computer so that I can make even more videos in the future to share here at LeBlog. Heck , I’ve got a return trip to Walt Disney World in Florida coming up the first weekend of October and I’m really hoping to shoot a bunch more video on that trip than I ever have before, which would make any resulting composition I’d present here even more dynamic than what I was able to put together to show you today. The above video is just my second attempt, after a seven minute jaunt focusing only on my dog whetted my appetite to give this a try.

If you’re new to the blog and you’re reading this, welcome! Everyone who wishes to can go ahead and grab the Disneyland Bingo card I created just below the break. It is up to date and should be fully possible to accomplish if you attend the California Disney parks anytime soon.

Here you go! Have fun!

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.45.21 PM



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  1. I’m watching this as time allows. Frequent stops and starts. So I figured I’d add comments as they come up. First, I’m not sure that counts as a “hidden” Mickey so much as a giant Mickey-shaped bench. 😉

    Really ambitious project so far. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. There’s a few technical issues on this one which you’re probably aware of. Very impressive for your second effort.


    • Yes, there are definitely some better examples of “hidden Mickeys” but this one was right up front and easily seen so I felt like it was a good way to kick off filling in my bingo card.

      The primary things I would fix would be A) my own spoken flubs B) hitting the “stop” button too early a few times C) my audio recording sound is a little harsh in spots and D) I need a tripod or something so I don’t have to hold the camera myself while shooting myself talking. Let me know if there is anything else you notice that I’ve overlooked.


      • I think that covers my observations. The camera when it’s on you is sometimes shaky and a bit close-up. But a tripod would likely fix both issues. Sometimes there was a fluttering over you head which could be distracting. Was there a ceiling fan running? The audio for your voice-overs vs your face-to-face segments is of different quality. I assume they were recorded using different means. Also, sometimes the background music is competing with you. If you can adjust the volume, I’d turn it way down or do away with it.

        You know how I am about flubs. I think they are probably more tolerable when you can see the speaker than in our podcast format. Some amount of flubs are just unavoidable unless you are willing to go to insane lengths to edit them out. I don’t think most viewers are likely to notice. It can have the positive effect of making the whole thing feel more conversational.


        • Yes, on a couple of your guesses. There was a ceiling fan running but I totally didn’t notice that it was effecting what was on the screen. I did record the video vs v.o. with different tech. Maybe I should just record talking head video using my computer’s camera, but I feel like lighting would become an even bigger issue.

          I’ll se whether this ends up being a concern for future videos because I’m hoping to have more “out and about” clips for those.


        • Yeah, I’d say lighting is the bigger issue.


  2. I’m thinking you could do a separate video comparing Mansions. Heck, maybe an ongoing series!


    • Hey, I spared the audience a complete breakdown of the problems with the queue didn’t I? 🙂


      • Noted. 😉

        In general, if it were my call, I’d opt for more concise targeted videos. That way, viewers can choose which subjects interest them. I’d personally watch a Disneyland trip report as well as a more detailed comparison of WDW attractions vs DL attractions. But I can imagine some viewers getting frustrated with the lengthy segment in the middle.


  3. All in all, a terrific video. Very nice tribute to your dad towards the end,


    • Thanks! Obviously this was mainly intended as a way for me to practice doing this and to teach myself how to use some of the technology involved. One of the things that surprised me was the wide range of video quality my iPhone 5s is capable of. It doesn’t do well in indoor dark areas or adjusting to changes in light, but outdoor at night actually looks very good.

      Even though the video anded up being longer than I had intended, the length actually did help me learn the iMovie program better than if I’d kept it short. Also, I learned this time around that I had to get my Youtube channel verified for anything longer than 15 minutes. Hopefully this experience will allow me to work faster and do better work when I get home from my October trip.

      Thanks for your thought on it!


  4. Im a disney fan i like disney bingo


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