Fear the Walking Dead: Pablo And Jessica


I skipped last week’s Fear the Walking Dead write-up in favor of the Labor Day Weekend, so today’s recap of this week’s episode, “Pablo and Jessica”, will pull double duty.  That shouldn’t present too big of a problem since both episodes are concerned with the characters adjusting to their new status quo.  Last week’s episode, “Do Not Disturb”, spent some time with everyone’s two least favorite characters, Chris and Travis.  Since they didn’t make an appearance this week, I’m just going to leave the unfortunate “zombie bros” story for another day.  Instead, we’ll focus on events at la colonia and the Hotel Zombiefornia.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on Nick.  We have already talked about how the colony’s view of the dead seems to be based on a misapplication of the traditions of the Day of the Dead.  In the first part of the season, Nick showed himself to be an ideal candidate for a cult like this.  He fell in line with Celia seemingly instantly.  Her ideology appealed to him so much that he sought out a group of like-minded individuals and immediately began chanting along with them in a language he didn’t speak.  Now, he is being shown to be skeptical of Alejandro.  That doesn’t really jibe with Nick’s behavior up to this point, but it’s exactly the kind of inconsistent character work I expect from a Walking Dead show.

Once again, Nick has proven his worth thanks to his super junkie powers.  This is another one of those themes the show’s writers are fond of that doesn’t really hold water.  I have harped on it enough in the past, but I did find it comical that the show wanted us to believe that being a druggie would make Nick a skilled pharmacist.  He uses Alejandro’s tools to stretch out the colony’s drug supply which does sound like an idea a junkie might have.  But couldn’t the actual pharmacist have come up with the same idea on his own?

I guess the big news for many will be that Nick is now hooking up with Luciana.  They haven’t really had any chemistry together as far as I am concerned.  The only reason for them to get together is that they are both young, good-looking people.  But I suppose that is reason enough.  Especially on this show.

The story I am most interested in takes place at a posh Mexican hotel.  Madison, Strand, Alicia and Ofelia set up shop in what they assumed was an abandoned building, but it turned out to be filled with both the living and the dead.  The group has been split up and no one seems to know what happened to Ofelia.  No one seems all that concerned about it either.

Last week, Alicia met Elena who worked at the hotel prior to the apocalypse.  That episode started with a flashback to a wedding-gone-wrong.  When the father of the bride dropped dead suddenly (of a heart attack according to Elena), he turned into a zombie in record time and bit his daughter.  This is all bad stuff, but Elena’s response was a massive overreaction.  She locked the doors on the entire wedding party trapping them in the hall.

Knowing what we know about zombies, this is silly.  One zombie isn’t going to convert an entire wedding reception into a herd of the undead quickly.  The group will easily overpower the single assailant.  Yes, anyone who gets bit doing so will eventually die and return as a zombie themselves.  But based on what we have seen on past episodes of The Walking Dead, that process takes hours if not days.

Granted, Elena did not have that information at the time.  But without knowledge of the zombie apocalypse, her actions are even more misguided.  For all she knew, the world was going to keep on spinning just like always.  And here she has just trapped a group of affluent guests in a wedding hall and fled the scene.  At a minimum, she was going to lose her job.  I would also have to imagine that if society hadn’t crumbled, she would have faced some criminal charges.

Instead, Elena has been living in the hotel while hiding from both the zombies and the guests who survived being locked in the wedding hall.  This raises so many questions!  Did anyone else in the hotel survive or did Elena somehow save the wedding party by isolating them?  They certainly don’t seem to think so.  Understandably angry about being trapped in a blood-soaked reception, the mother of the bride is pissed.

Madison and Alicia also had some fences to mend.  Alicia is angry and hurt because Madison spends all her time worrying about her troubled offspring that she takes her golden child for granted.  When Strand suggests that the girls may have abandoned them, Madison insists that Alicia isn’t the one that leaves.  Apparently, Madison has classified her children accordingly and as a result hasn’t felt the need to parent her daughter at all.  But with Nick lost to her, Madison finally decides that maybe it would be a good time to bond with Alicia.

Together, they come up with a plan to rid the hotel of zombies.  It’s not a very good plan.  It’s a lot like Rick’s scheme to lead a herd of walkers away from Alexandria last season.  The gist of it is that they make a lot of noise while leading the zombies to walk off a pier like lemmings.  A sign says that there is a riptide which I guess they hope will carry the dead out to sea.

The problem with this plan is that there are a lot of things that could go wrong.  The thing about zombies is that they are exponentially more dangerous in greater numbers.  An intelligent person can easily dispatch with a small number of zombies.  With proper planning, the danger is minimal.  In a hotel full of doors and narrow hallways, the zombie population should be extremely easy to manage.  With patience and proper planning, the residents of the hotel should be able to clear out the building room by room and floor by floor.

Madison and Alicia pitch the idea of cooperation to the surviving wedding guests.  Reluctantly, they agree.  Realistically, they should have been doing this all along with or without Elena.  What have these people been doing since the tragic wedding?  By this point, months have passed, right?  No one thought to improve their situation at all in that time?

Fortunately, Alicia and Madison’s plan goes off without a hitch.  At this point, it’s hard to imagine how the main characters will ever come back together.  But presumably, that’s where things will be headed.


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  1. I’ve skipped the second half of the season so far. I might binge watch them over a couple days at some point, but it is hard to get excited about this show. I’ve been checking your writeups from time to time to see if anything has changed quality-wise and it sounds like it hasn’t.

    Between Stranger Things and Mr. Robot, this summer I’m getting my fill of dystopia with shows that are genuinely good rather than one where we consider it a good week when we can say an episode was ok.


    • I caught up on the first season of Mr. Robot recently. It’s a good show. Stranger Things is on hold for now as I have let my Netflix subscription lapse. I’ll reactivate it at some point in the future and get caught up on everything I have missed.

      As for FTWD, nope, you’re not missing out on anything. I have been debating continuing weekly write-ups because interest in readers appears to be waning.


    • Fans of Mr. Robot may have an ever so slight interest in tomorrow’s birthday post.


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