Starlog Archives: John Carpenter’s Escape From LA

Once Kurt Russell shed his Disneyfied image from his child actor days, he spent much of the eighties and nineties on the edge of being an A-list actor.  Following the surprise success of Tombstone and Stargate, Russell started commanding a hefty salary and was able to throw his weight around a bit.  That new-found clout enabled Russell to revisit one of his favorite characters, Snake Plissken, in a sequel to the 1981 cult movie, Escape From New York.  Fans of the original were initially excited to get a follow-up fifteen years later.  That is, until they actually saw the movie.  Before the disappointment set in, Stalog devoted a cover story to the anticipated sci-fi sequel in the September 1996 issue.



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  1. I think “Escape From L.A.” is a little better than okay, but I don’t love it as a whole (some parts I really like though), not even close. I’d give it a flat 2 stars.


  2. A shame the sequel was a disappointment, because the original is a legit B-movie classic. I think by the time the 90’s came around John Carpenter had lost his touch. Carpenter made some solid movies during his heyday: Halloween, Escape From New York, The Thing, Starman, Christine, They Live!. I would go so far as to say The Thing is an outright masterpiece in horror. I don’t know what the turning point was but he just stopped making wortthwhile movies. I’d like to think that if Carpenter had make this Escape sequel back in the 80’s then it would have turned out a lot better.


    • I have to agree with you; maybe if there was a sequel to the first film sooner, it may have been more potent. However, Carpenter was pretty booked for most of the 1980’s, and I have a feeling sequels were never his bag.


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