Starlog Archives: T2 3-D

When it comes to theme park attractions, 3-D movies don’t tend to be headliners.  They are a staple of Orlando theme parks because of their high capacity and the fact that they allow guests to sit down and enjoy some A/C in the hot Florida sun.  This year, one such attraction celebrates 20 years at Universal Studios Orlando.  Many would argue that for the past two decades, T2 3-D has been the best 3-D movie to be found in central Florida.  That’s probably because James Cameron oversaw the development of the attraction himself and the result was far more ambitious than any 3-D movie before or since.  The cast from the second Terminator movie reunited for this theme park-only sequel which continues to entertain hot, tired guests.

The September 1996 issue of Starlog magazine included an incredibly detailed account of the attraction when it was new.



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