Muppets Do American History

Disney unveiled their new Muppet themed show at the Magic Kingdom and our own Daffy Stardust was in Liberty Square to document the event.


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  1. Thanks for posting this for me Lebeau!

    Apparently there are multiple different shows on this same theme from the Muppets that play several times a day in Liberty Square in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This is the only one I got to see (our tickets were for the Halloween party that night, so we were only in the park starting at 4pm, making this 4:40pm show the only one available to us). I personally find the tone to be spot-on for the Muppets, and with the windows closing up when the show isn’t actively running, the theming in Liberty Square is still maintained. If the rest of the entries in this U.S. history Muppets series of shows are as fun as this one, I’d say they have a hit.

    I’ve got lots of raw material for more posts related to my trip which I’ll be doling out a bit at a time. I hope to get to work on that tonight or maybe tomorrow night. My return flight landed at midnight last night and I’m back to work this morning, so a little recovery time may be in the offing.


    • Glad you made it back safe and sound and I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip.

      Response to this show has been pretty positive. The one cloud around the silver lining was Disney’s insistence on cutting the budget for other forms of entertainment so this show could be added without spending any additional money.


      • Yes, at least one of my travel mates was upset about the “Scoop” Sanderson character being ejected from Main Street. It looks like maybe there was a contract impasse with the specific performer and WDW took the opportunity to simply discontinue the character entirely.


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