Daffy Does Disney – Meet the Cabin Crew!

As this series of videos about my recent trip with friends to Walt Disney World unfurls, there will be plenty of images of me talking into the camera about an attraction I’ve experienced, my plans for the day, or something I’m shoving in my face. But you’ll also get some shots of the people I spent my trip with, so I thought I’d give them a chance to introduce themselves right off the bat. The five of us spent three nights in a cabin at the Fort Wilderness resort and parts of four days in the parks from September 30th through October 3rd and really enjoyed the time together, with each of us bringing a little something different to the table.

Take a look at the above video to familiarize yourself a little with us and then keep coming back over the next few weeks as I share our time with Disney with you!


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  1. I appreciate getting introduced to the crew before we dig into the travelogue. Obviously, you faced some technical difficulties filming the intros at that particular place and time. But what comes across is that we’re going to be seeing Disney World through the eyes of the most ardent fans on the planet. I am showing this video to friends and relatives who have accused me of being obsessed with Disney and demanding that they take it back because never once have I talked about my “Disney self”. 😉


    • I had some data storage issues which cropped up late on the second day there which basically shut me down for the last hour or so in the parks that night and then for the whole morning the next day which I spent working on solving the issue. This is why you won’t see much of the cabin and why I ended up having to do these interviews while we were waiting on the Hallowishes fireworks show. It was the one time my camera was up and running when we were all 5 in the same place and not actively moving or eating. I had planned to do these interviews on our “off” morning on Sunday, but my storage problems put the kibash on that. The lighting is actually much better than I had any right to expect on three of the four interviews, but Alex was not feeling great, so she was sitting with her back to the primary light source and I just had to roll with it since they were all technically doing me a favor by participating. The ability to include shots of each of them from other parts of the trip should help.

      This really is a pretty strong group of Disney fans. Two of them help pay the bills through related businesses, two are also lifelong park attendees (one at Disneyland),and then there’s me who has done some writing for the blog on the topic. Elizabeth and Candi in particular are connected to the fan community and personally know people like Lou Mongello, Big Fat Panda, and the Oh Yeah Disney folks. It was definitely fun to spend time at WDW with people that well versed in it all.


      • I must admit, I have an aversion to the “Disney Lifestyler” crowd. However, one of the things about going to WDW with die hard fans is that you can feed off of each other’s energy. You mentioned the other day that you were having a blast in Orlando, so I imagine that’s probably a big part of it. I have the opposite experience where Mindy’s lack of enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. I would think being there with folks who love the parks as much as (or more than) you do would enhance the experience. Except for Mindy. I showed her the video and she had a violent reaction. She has a low pixie dust tolerance.

        From the technical perspective, I wondered how your battery and storage would hold up. My phone is a little over two years old. The battery drains very quickly and the storage hits its limit frequently (largely because I am reluctant to delete vacation pictures even after I have backed them up). I can tell you for certain, my phone wouldn’t have picked up anything in that darkness. I tried taking a video of the wand ceremony at Olivander’s last summer and I couldn’t see a thing.

        All in all, I think what you’re doing with these videos is really neat. I look forward to seeing more. Kind of a bummer about the lack of cabin footage, but I can’t wait to see what you captured.


        • I’ve been adjunct to or part of fan communities for most of my life. Sometimes it was for comic books. Sometimes it was for sports. Sometimes it was movies or music or theatre or even musical theatre. The internet has brought together fan communities in a way that is unprecedented and that has positives and negatives. The communities are always mixed bags in and of themselves. When you like something you know a lot about that thing, you have opinions about it, and to you it’s pretty important. Get a lot of that kind of person together and you’ll invariably end up with some drama and ego here and there. Maybe I’m just used to it, but it all seems like business as usual to me.

          There will always be those in any fan community who have lost touch with reality a little bit.

          -Sports fans think you’re weird if you’re not a sports fan.

          -Star Wars fans appear to think they have a level of pop culture currency that is more valid than for any other fandom.

          But in the end, it’s just people who have decided they really like something and want to spend their time on it. And hey, if you can make money based on something you love, all power to you.


        • You raise an excellent point which I intend to bring up to Mindy at some point in the future. It never occurred to me to equate Disney fandom with sports fans. She’s a pretty big Bengals fan herself, though not to the degree of face painting and all that. Still, what Disney fans do is no more outrageous than the kind of behavior that typifies a sports fanatic.

          I have obviously been a fan myself. Of many things. I am the type of person that if I am interested in something, I want to know as much about that thing as I can. It will be endlessly fascinating to me. After our honeymoon in Disney World got me interested in the place, I started reading up on it. It didn’t take long for me to discover that there was just an endless amount of pop culture history tied up not just in the theme parks but the company and its founder. I am still discovering new aspects of Disney history. But a lot of people – most people – do not believe a 45-year-old man should be this interested in a company that makes movies for kids. Maybe I have been around that attitude so much that I have internalized it to a degree.

          There are two types of fans that can grind my gears and really they are just opposite sides of the same coin. There are fans who are never happy with anything and there are fans who refuse to find fault with anything. I tend to find the former more acceptable than the latter, but just barely. Disney fans in particular tend to get carried away with their “everything is magical” reverie. No it’s not and it never was. To me a true fan should be able to recognize where things fall short. I know you agree because I have heard you make the same argument.

          Your friends are extremely enthusiastic and that’s great. When I’m actually at Disney World, I turn off the critical part of my mind (or at least turn down the volume) and just enjoy the experience. For what you’re paying, you can’t afford to let the little stuff dampen your spirits. I’m not one to get dressed up or dance around, but if that enhances the overall experience and doesn’t hurt anyone, sure why not.

          My “Lifestyler” comment was really aimed at the likes of Lou Mongello. He’s a creepy opportunist who has become a tool of the Disney corporation in systematically lowering the standards of Disney fans everywhere. You see a lot of these fans eager to tow the company line in hopes that one day they might get invited to a free cupcake party. I like to think that if presented with that opportunity, I would turn it down, but thankfully that question will never be answered. Disney’s not going to see me as a potential mouthpiece.

          There are some people I know who have made some highly questionable life choices as a result of their Disney addiction. I do think you can go too far. I know some people who homeschool their kids so they can go to Disney in the off-season. Most Disney travel agents I know seem to be using it as a means to subsidize an out-sized Disney problem. That’s fine if you can swing it, I guess. But mix in some homeschooled kids and I start to worry about parenting priorities.

          I think you hit the nail on the head when you said fandom is always a little out of touch. The two examples you gave are spot on. As a guy who likes superheroes an awful lot, I am constantly amazed by some people’s appetite for spoilers of movies that are currently filming. Do we really need to know every single detail before the movie enters post production? It actually turns me off to the whole thing. But taken in the right doses, a little break from reality can be a good thing. That’s part of the appeal of fandom, isn’t it? A shared passion and the ability to get away from the worries of the day to day for a little bit.


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