Daffy Does Disney – Snacking Around the World!

Today’s installment of Daffy Does Disney is a super-sized one, because there was just too much material to cover in my usual five to seven minute time span. “Drinking Around the World” is a popular pastime at Epcot’s World Showcase and really amps up during the Food & Wine Festival, but I decided to snack around the world instead. You’ll see me trying sweet and savory food stuffs and specialty drinks from each of the eleven pavilions that make up the back half of the park and I’ll give you my thoughts on them. I avoided the Food & Wine kiosks because I wanted to improve my chances of trying something a person planning their own trip might see me eat and then be able to have when they got there. Once I’ve presented all twelve snacks, I’ll rank them based on my own enjoyment of them.

Get ready to be hungry!


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  1. I had my doubts about 20 minutes of snacking around the world, but I remained engaged throughout. Some of the camera work was a bit close up for watching a dude eat, but arms only go so far and sometimes it looked like you were in close quarters. I will give the video a ranking of “fish and chips”. 😉

    What I enjoyed the most was the footage of the World Showcase. It’s actually been a while since I spent any quality time in that part of the park. We always intend to spend more time there than we do. But by the time we get back to that part of the park, batteries are starting to drain and we have dinner reservations. So we usually end up riding the Mexico boat ride, coloring at the KidCot Center and then having dinner with the princesses in Norway. By the time that’s over, we’re trying to beat the Illuminations rush out of the park.

    On my last trip, I had a little solo Epcot time but it didn’t last as long as I expected it to. The girls were supposed to meet me for dinner, but Kara got a craving for churros so they showed up early. My solo excursion through the World Showcase included England and a bit of Canada before I got the call to meet them in Mexico and then we dove back into Future World.

    We did get the churros you passed up on in Mexico. It sounds like the frozen treat you had was better suited to your immediate needs. The churros are about what you would expect. They are churros. They are served as dippable little twists as opposed to a large stick. We also have had tacos, nachos and probably a couple other snacks at that counter service location. All of it was good, nothing spectacular. If you’re craving Mexican food, this fits the bill.

    In 2010, we attempted to snack around the world but we got caught in torrential rains. That was the worst single day we have ever had at Disney World. It was pretty miserable. We got pretzels in Germany and had a reaction similar to your. They are probably more authentic to what is served in Germany, but you can get tastier pretzels at the mall or supermarket. It wasn’t terrible and if someone wanted an authentic pretzel (probably paired with beer) this would do the trick. But the Mickey pretzels served elsewhere are more fun and the stuffed pretzels taste better.

    I generally avoid prepackaged snacks in Disney. We have a local grocery chain, Jungle Jim’s, which carries a lot of international snacks. So if I really wanted to try something like Canadian candy, it’s a relatively short drive away.

    It’s a shame we can’t just send you down there with a camera and let you go to town. Your videos are better than a lot of similar ones I have seen on YouTube.


    • Thanks, Lebeau!
      Neither the Canadian or UK pavilions have lots of snacking options. There used to be something called a “Beaver’s Tail” that some Disney fans lament now being gone. The frozen drink I had anticipated being at the cart near the entrance to the Canadian garden wasn’t there, so I was left with few choices there.

      World showcase really is beautiful. If I could plan a longer trip I’d put major focus on seeing the pavilions in more detail. You could probably do that pretty well if you had three days in Epcot. My Mom will be spending a couple of days at Disney with my Brother’s family before I get to Florida in December and she asked about good places to just sit and rest. The first two places that leapt to mind in Epcot were both in World Showcase (the gardens in Canada and Japan).

      I would recommend everything I tried except the maple candy, pretzel, and hard orange soda (but my friends all liked the sips of the soda they got). Having finally tried the school bread in Norway I can say the sweet creme in it is very good, but the bun is only fair. If somebody handed me one I’d really enjoy it, but I won’t feel any great need to seek it out again. I would definitely eat my top 5 again.


      • As someone who has been around the Disney fan community for over a decade, I have read the ranting and ravings over school bread. I have also heard lots of people express exactly the same opinion as you. I’m more inclined to believe that it is a nice snack that the fan community had built up to be more than it actually is. Fan communities – especially the Disney fan community – tends to do that. If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll sample one to check that box. But I won’t go out of my way to try it.

        In 2003, when Mindy and I were there on our honeymoon, she was doing the Dolphins in the Depth experience while I was studying for an accounting exam. I finished early and had some time to kill so I took a walk around the World Showcase. This was the trip where we had the place all to ourselves. I have never seen the World Showcase so empty. It was almost creepy. But man, I wish I could go back and do that again. Aside from cast members and a Sequeway tour, I didn’t see a single other guest that morning! That was probably my last serious exploration of the WS.


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