Daffy Does Disney – Autumn Trip 2016 Highlight Reel

Okay, so for the last week and a half or so I’ve been sharing videos detailing my recent trip to Walt Disney World with friends. It has been a fun project, and might be the kind of thing I’d like to try again in the future. There are definitely things I have to learn about how to make such a project better than I have this time around, and I’d probably strongly consider an upgrade in my overall equipment next time around. My own camera skills are still a little questionable too, with plenty of shaky and meandering examples to be found even in the final videos.

This last Daffy Does Disney video for my Autumn 2016 trip will just be a fun set of highlights with no story to tell or information to share. It will just be some fun shots from all four days of the trip, sometimes organized thematically and sometimes grouped relatively randomly. If you’ve been watching my videos up to this point you will have seen a lot of this already, but there will also be video and photos that I have not yet shared included, mostly from our Saturday night park hop over to the Magic Kingdom which was very rainy at first. Not long after the rain stopped and filming resumed, I ran out of data storage, cutting short any shooting for the rest of the night.

Hopefully this last little bit of fun is enjoyable for everybody. Thanks for humoring me in this new approach to reporting on my trips!


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  1. I see you got to experience the Main Street Electrical Parade before it left. This has to be some kind of record for you and parades!

    I think the videos have been a resounding success. As I mentioned in the comments of the birthday update earlier, I think these travel videos have brought a few additional followers to the site over the last couple of weeks.


    • The people I was with were very enthusiastic about seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade one more time before it left. This seemed appropriate to me, since we were there the night of the Magic Kingdom’s 45th anniversary. The parade has some iconic imagery in it and seeing as it debuted when I was about 7 years old, does benefit from some nostalgia. Outside of Elliot from Pete’s Dragon, all of the characters are Disney Classics, which I like.

      If I had been more prepared with my equipment for data storage and better night time shooting there would have been more footage available to me. Our ride on the People Mover would most certainly have made the cut. I’m glad Daffy Does Disney has pulled in a few more people. Hopefully there will be enough Disney content between trips to keep those people engaged.


      • If I had been there, the MSEP would have been a priority for me as well even if I prefer Spectromagic. Hopefully Disney will come up with another nighttime parade soon, but the fact that nothing has been announced is disconcerting. Well, for me. You probably don’t care.


        • Hey, if I plan well and have reasonable luck I’m perfectly capable of taking advantage of parades to experience lots of rides or shows in one area of the park. Parades add to the general hub bub and excitement of a park which I’m glad for. I just don’t want to be trapped by them.


        • I anticipated that response. Parades benefit everyone, even those who don’t want to watch them!


  2. Hey! Check out the new logo I made for “Daffy Does Disney!” I added it as the featured image to each of the video articles and hopefully will get to use it again in April after I go back.


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