Why’d it bomb? Bridget Jones’s Baby


Before you correct me, I know Bridget Jones’s Baby is technically a hit because, while it’s a box office bomb in America, it’s making a lot of money in other countries. However, I’m still counting this because, while it’s not bombing everywhere, I am kind of interested in counting down the ways Americans are ignoring it. So here we go!

5. The Bridget Jones movies always do better in Europe

Of all 3 Bridget Jones movies, only the first one, Bridget Jones’s Diary, made a lot of money in America, grossing $71 million dollars on a $25 million dollar budget. However, while that definitely isn’t bad, it made even more money worldwide, as it made $210 million dollars altogether. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, the second one, made even less money in America, as it made $40 million dollars in America but, in Europe, it made $222 million dollars. The newest one, Bridget Jones’s Baby, is pretty much following the trend, as it’s made $21 million dollars so far in America but $99 million dollars worldwide. Of course, that probably has to do with…

4. The Bridget Jones books are more popular in Europe

From what I’ve heard, the Bridget Jones books are huge in Europe but they aren’t quite as popular in America. In fact, if you even mentioned Bridget Jones to most people in the US, they’d probably think of the movies more than they’d think of the books. That might explain why the movies have sold better in other countries than they have in the states-Bridget Jones just means more to people in, say, the UK than they do in the US and, therefore, their more successful movies there.

3. The romantic comedy genre is dying

Another reason this movie might not be quite a success, at least in America, is that romantic comedies just aren’t very popular right now. If you think about it, there are barely any romantic comedies that have come out recently and, the few that do, have mostly bombed or underperformed at the box office. For every Silver Linings Playbook, there’s also been a Mother’s Day or a New Year’s Eve. It’s even gone to the point where many actors who used to be synonymous with the genre, like Matthew McConaughey or Jennifer Aniston, have pretty much abandoned the genre.

2. None of the main actors are that popular anymore

When Bridget Jones’s Diary came out, Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant were both A-list movie stars. However, not only did Hugh Grant not come back but they replaced him with Patrick Dempsey, a man whose done supporting roles in some successful films (like Enchanted, Valentine’s Day, and Transformers 3) but has mostly stuck to Grey’s Anatomy. It probably didn’t help that, when they tried to make him a movie star with Made of Honor almost 10 years ago, it bombed at the box office. Not only that but Renee pretty much completely disappeared from the limelight for 6 years. Yes, I know the old adage goes that there are no roles for women over 40 but, for a while, it seemed like she was taking that literally as, until this movie came out, she hadn’t acted since she was 41! Then there’s Colin Firth, whose never really sold a movie on his own. Yes, he’s been in popular movies but he’s almost always had a supporting part in them (or he was starring alongside someone more popular). As a result, none of these stars are really bankable and, while that didn’t kill the movie, it probably didn’t help it either.

1. Sequel fatigue

There’s been way too many sequels this year, some of which are sequels to movies that came out years ago, like Zoolander 2, Independence Day 2, Barbershop 3, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and more! And most of these movies have bombed at the box office because, even if the predecessors were successful, people didn’t really think they needed a sequel, pretty much forgot these movies even existed, or their just tired of sequels in general! While this movie might have gotten decent reviews, people didn’t want to give it a chance because they were just tired of seeing yet another sequel! As a result, because people are getting tired of sequels, they just didn’t care about this movie and that’s why, at least in America, it’s not doing very well.


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  1. I disagree about Colin Firth, well partly. There are very few actors that can really open a movie based on them staring in it. Firth isn’t one of those people but he was most definitely the star of the King’s Speech which made nearly $140 million on a $15 million budget and he won the best actor Oscar for it. Then last year he starred in Kingsmen which was also a success. Enough so that they are making a sequel and most people are convinced they are bringing him back, despite dying, because he was so good in it.


    • My bad, I actually didn’t consider King’s Speech, mostly because I didn’t know it made that much (yes, I knew it was popular but I didn’t know it grossed $140 million dollars)


  2. Being released a whole twelve years after the second movie probably doesn’t help it either. As for the relative popularity in Europe I think it is quite safe too guess that most of that can be attributed to the UK.


  3. Well, I think there’s just been too long of a length of time between the last film, which was considered not as good as the first.Interest has waned. Also Renee’s noteably changed appearance has colored people’s opinion of her; she doesn’t seem like the warm and homey everday girl anymore. Next, the plot of the first two films- two men chasing after Bridget, who seems like an unlikely target for such high passions- is regurgitated once again, and the only twist now is that Bridget finally became skinny- which somehow has made her more worthy and is finally magically happy- and that she is now pregnant. It seems like somewhat of a betrayal of what people had loved about the character- firstly, her “weight” was always a joke because her character was not overweight, and she played into every woman’s obsessiveness about what even when he know it’s not natural; she is perceived as having “won” and bettered herself because she is skinny, which the books repeatedly reinforced as something that’s really just nonsense. There’s something in it that seems condescending to the viewer, that she’s “gotten her life together” by losing weight that never needed to be lost in the first place, and out of the blue, every opportunity comes knocking at her door, because she’s skinny.


    • I definitely agree that interest had waned. Hell, I’ve joked to myself that the movie was supposed to come out in 2007 but it just came out now for some reason (and can you blame me when they decided to replace Hugh Grant with Patrick Dempsey)? Also, wow, that does sound condescending!


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