Starlog Archives: Artists of the Empire

These days, you can’t turn around without having Star Wars thrust in your face.  Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, we can all settle in for a steady stream of new Star Wars material until even the most ardent fan decides they have had enough.  But that wasn’t always the case.  After the completion of the original trilogy, Star Wars slowly slipped into near irrelevance.  In the nineties, the franchise slowly started to come back to life.

Following the success of Timothy Zahn’s novels, Shadows of the Empire was a multimedia project that included all the products one would associate with a new Star Wars movie except the actual film.  There was a video game, novels, comic books, toy lines and trading cards.  The Topps trading cards series featured art by acclaimed painters, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.  In the Novemeber 1996 issue of Starlog magazine, the brothers discussed their role in the Star Wars event.


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  1. The Hildebrandt’s Star Wars poster in 1977 was tremendously iconic. Getting them for the TOPPS card series at the time was a good catch.

    For all the hype over Shadows of the Empire at the time though, it was an average book, though the video game was pretty fun for its time. But you’re right, it was a full-on merchandising bonanza usually reserved for big-budget films.


  2. I played the Shadows of the Empire video game and it was fun. There hadn’t been a lot of Star Wars product on the market at that time. This was the first video game I played that felt like it was part of the Star Wars tradition. I also bought up the Kenner dolls but I ended up giving them all to charity a couple years back. Hopefully some kid enjoyed playing with the Han Solo wannabe who was the protagonist in that story.


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