Starlog Archives: Logan’s Run

I have been looking forward to getting into some of the early issues of Starlog magazine.  This article comes from the second issue released in November of 1976.  At this point, the magazine was not yet on a monthly schedule.  It still feels very much like the fan-produced magazine it was.  This article on Logan’s Run contains none of the on-set reporting or interviews that you would see in a major publication.  Instead, the author laments that the movie left out so many details from the book and attempts to fill in the gaps for readers who are unfamiliar with the movie’s source material.

Logan’s Run was released one year before Star Wars.  If you want to know what science fiction movies looked like pre-Lucas, Logan’s Run is an excellent example.  While the effects were state-of-the-art for the time, Star Wars came along and made movies like Logan’s Run feel antiseptic and outdated.



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  1. “If you want to know what science fiction movies looked like pre-Lucas, Logan’s Run is an excellent example.”

    That is exactly the reaction I have had the times I’ve gone back and watched Logan’s Run over the years.

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    • As a kid, I was aware of Logan’s Run but I was too young to see it. My knowledge of it came from marketing materials, the cover of the paperback novel at the library which I don’t think I was allowed to read and the short-lived TV show. I finally saw it for the first time when I was in my 20’s and I thought “How old is this?!?” When the answer was 1976, I thought “That can’t be right.” It feels like a sci fi movie from the 60s. Watch Logan’s Run and Star Wars back to back to see what a quantum leap the latter was just one year later.

      Still, I like Logan’s Run for what it is.


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