November 20: Happy Birthday Jeremy Jordan and Andrea Riseborough


On a day where there are no obvious big name headliners, I’ve gone with a couple of newer faces who are starting to make names for themselves.

Jeremy Jordan is turning 32 today.  Television viewers may know him as a regular on Supergirl, where he plays Winn Schott, Jr.  He was also a regular on season 2 of NBC’s Smash.  He is also a rising star in musical theater.  He starred in the 2011 musical Bonnie & Clyde, playing Clyde Barrow opposite Laura Osnes (who is in yesterday’s huge birthday article) as Bonnie Parker, and then was nominated for a Tony for Best Actor in a Musical for originating the role of Jack Kelly in the stage version of Newsies.

Andrea Riseborough turns 35 today.  She began to make a name for herself in English theater in the 2000s, and in 2008 she played a young Margaret Thatcher in a British television called The Long Walk to Finchley, about the future Prime Minister’s early career.  Her most high-profile film roles to date have included playing Laura Aulburn in Birdman, and starring opposite Tom Cruise as Vika Olsen in Oblivion:

Riseborough was featured in season 2 of the Netflix series Bloodline, and will appear in prominent roles next year in Battle of the Sexes and The Death of Stalin.

Sean Young, who turns 57 today, had some big roles in the 1980s in films like Stripes, Blade Runner, Dune and No Way Out.  At this blog she is also known for the time she showed up to comment on her WTHH articleBo Derek, who was one of the big sex symbols of the early 1980s, turns 60 today.  She became famous for the film 10, but then found herself a Razzie target for films like Tarzan, the Ape Man and Bolero.

Director Terrence Malick turns 73.  He first made his name with a pair ofcritically acclaimed 1970s films, Badlands and Days of Heaven.  He then had a 20-year hiatus in his career, before returning with the 1998 World War 2 drama The Thin Red Line; more recently his 2011 film The Tree of Life was highly praised.  Also turning 73 is Japanese actress Mie Hama, known for her role as a Bond Girl in You Only Live Twice.

Ming-Na Wen, who turns 53 today, is known as the voice of Fa Mulan, one of the Disney Princesses.  She played Dr. Deb Chen on ER and now stars as Melinda May on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Laura Harris, who turns 40, played Marybeth Hutchinson in The Faculty and Daisy Adair on Dead Like MeCallie Thorne, who celebrates her 47th, is known for regular roles on Homicide: Life on the Street, Rescue Me, and Necessary RoughnessNadine Velazquez is turning 38.  She stared as Catalina Aruca on My Name is Earl and has had recurring roles on The League and Major CrimesJoel McHale, who turns 45, currently stars on the new CBS series The Great Indoors.  He hosted the E! network show The Soup, starred as Jeff Winger on Community, and is one of two people in today’s article to appear in the film The Informant!  Dan Byrd, who celebrates his 31st, starred for six seasons on Cougar Town.

Estelle Parsons, who turns 89, won Best Supporting Actress for a memorable performance as Blanche Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde.  She was nominated for a second Oscar a year later, for Rachel, Rachel, and had a distinguished stage career, receiving five Tony nominations in a Broadway career of over 40 years.  Dick Smothers, who is 77 today, was one half of the Smothers Brothers, a musical/comedy team, and appeared in films like Casino and The Informant!

Music birthdays include Duane Allman (1946-1971), one of the two brothers who created the Allman Brothers Band; Duane played lead and slide guitar.  Both Duane and his brother Gregg were also members of the R&B band Hour Glass, and Duane did a lot of work as a session musician before his death in a motorcycle accident a few weeks before his 25th birthday.  Joe Walsh, who turns 69, is a singer-songwriter, keyboardist and guitarist who combined a solo career with membership in several bands.  He is probably best known for his time with the Eagles; their first album with Walsh as a member was one of the greatest, most successful albums of the 1970s, and featured intricate guitar interaction between Walsh and Don Felder:

In sports, Dominique Dawes, who turns 40, is celebrating just one day after Kerri Strug, her teammate on the medal-winning US Women’s gymnastics teams from the 1992 and 1996 Olympics; Dawes returned with the 2000 US team to win a third team medal, making her one of only three gymnasts in history to do so.  Kenesaw Mountain Landis (1866-1944) was a federal judge, but is much better remembered as the first Commissioner of Baseball.  Landis is credited with helping clean up baseball’s image in the wake of the Black Sox Scandal, but also is criticized for efforts to maintain the sport’s color line.

Kon Ichikawa (1915-2008) worked as a director for nearly 60 years.  Among his best known films to international audiences are The Burmese Harp, Fires on the Plain, and 47 Ronin.  French director Henri-Georges Clouzot (1907-1977) is famous for his thrillers Le salaire de la peur and Les Diaboliques.  After the death in 1960 of his wife Vera, who starred in both those films, Clouzot became less active as a director.

Evelyn Keyes (1916-2008) is known for appearing in Gone With the Wind as Suellen O’Hara, and for her marriages, to directors Charles Vidor and John Huston and then to jazz musician Artie Shaw.  Robert Armstrong (1890-1973) played Carl Denham in the original version of King Kong, delivering the pronouncement “twas beauty killed the beast.”  He also starred in The Most Dangerous Game with King Kong costar Fay Wray—a film that was shot at night during the filming of Kong, using the other film’s jungle sets—and in 1949 played a Carl Denham-like character in Mighty Joe YoungFran Allison (1907-1989) was best known as the human actor in the NBC show Kukla, Fran and Ollie; the show’s creator, Burr Tillstrom, performed the puppets Kukla and Ollie.  Richard Dawson (1932-2012) played Corporal Newkirk on Hogan’s Heroes, and went on to become a game show host, known for Match Game and Family Feud.

Other notables of various sorts born today include Joe Biden, the current Vice President of the US, who turns 74.  Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968) was Attorney General of the US for his brother John, became a US Senator from New York, and was contending for the Democratic nomination for President in 1968 when he was assassinated.  Nadine Gordimer (1923-2014) was a South African novelist who won the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature.  Many of her best-known novels, like Burger’s Daughter and July’s People, were banned in South Africa during the apartheid era.  American novelist Don DeLillo, who turns 80 today, is known for novels such as Libra and Underworld.  Astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) was one of the leading figures in astronomy in the first half of the 20th century; the Hubble Space Telescope is named in his honor.  British journalist Alistair Cooke (1908-2004) became a familiar figure to American households as the host of PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre for over 20 years; he was also known for the book and documentary series Alistair Cooke’s America.

If today is your birthday, congratulations on sharing your big day with these notable names.  Birthday wishes to everyone celebrating a big day today.  Come back tomorrow for more celebrity birthdays.


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  1. An indicator of how some days are much fuller when it comes to birthdays than others. Jeremy Jordan (born today) and Laura Osnes (born yesterday) are both about the same age, are both rising Broadway stars, both have been nominated for Tonys. Jordan has a little bit bigger profile because of Supergirl, but otherwise they are about the same when it comes to celebrity star power. But Jordan is a headliner, while Osnes got almost lost in the shuffle of big name birthdays yesterday.

    Anyway, here’s a little bonus content for the weekend, with Jeremy and Laura singing together:


  2. I see a couple politicians, Joe Biden and Robert F. Kennedy, share a birthday.
    There’s Mary Sean Young too; hope she’s still doing things her way on her birthday. Actually, that’s probably a certainty.
    My favorite Joe Walsh song is “In the city” from “The Warriors” (film & game) soundtrack. I learned that for the Playstation 4 release (game) the song was removed due to a licensing expiration. That’s just wrong.


  3. I saw today’s headline on my phone this weekend but didn’t get logged in to comment. My FB memories reminded me that it was Sean Young’s birthday, so I thought there was a chance she would be among the headline picks. I was surprised to see the guy from Supergirl made the picture at the top of the page. Now that I know of his background in musical theater, it makes more sense. I only ever knew him as one of Supergirl’s sidekicks.

    I wasn’t at all familiar with Andrea Riseborough. But once I read the article, I remembered her from Oblivion. Less so from Birdman.

    Belated birthday wishes to “Frenemy of Le Blog”, Sean Young. She remains the only WTHH subject to drop by and share her thoughts which is why we will always love her. Young was a regular at the Razzies, but Bo Derek was a Razzie queen.

    Trying as always to avoid being overtly political, I think we will all miss Joe Biden when he is gone. The Biden-Obama memes have brought so much joy and laughter in my household. I want them to star in an Odd Couple-like sitcom next year.


    • At one point I was thinking that the headliners for this article would be Sean Young and Bo Derek, or possibly Terrence Malick, but when I realized it was Jeremy Jordan’s b-day—I follow Broadway enough that I’m aware of him—it seemed like a good day to go with some up-and-comers. Especially with that little extra twist of Jordan’s birthday following right after his sometime costar Laura Osnes’s the day before.

      I’m not sure if I’ve actually seen any of Andrea Riseborough’s films yet, but I have at least 4 of them in my Netflix queue at the moment.


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