Lego Dimensions: Midway Arcade Level Pack


Today’s Lego Dimensions write-up is kicking it old school.  Not only was this level pack one of the game’s first year releases, the subject matter is so retro your kids won’t recognize it at all.  That’s because the dirty little secret of Lego Dimensions is that it’s made for grown ups just as much as it is for their kids.  The Midway Arcade Level Pack is basically a collection of ancient video games from the 80’s rolled into a Lego game.  How much you enjoy this pack will largely be determined by how much you enjoy playing old coin-operated video games.

I have said before that I am lousy at video games.  Part of the appeal of the Lego games for me is the relatively low skill requirements.  Back when I was a kid, video games were brutal.  One mistake and it was game over.  The games recreated in this pack bring back some of that frustration.  Fortunately, while the games themselves remain difficult, you can get through the Lego portion of the game pretty easily.  I only had to call my wife in to help get me through Super Sprint and that’s because I am terrible at racing games.

The premise of the level is that a regular gamer kid steps into a retro arcade filled with old Midway classics.  Then things start to get weird.  In order to get out, he has to play his way through the games in the arcade.  There are some standard puzzles to solve, but mostly you’re playing the old games.  Once you complete one, it opens up the opportunity to work your way through the arcade to the end of the level.

The games include some of my favorites from the old arcade days; Spy Hunter, Defender, Joust, Gauntlet and Rampage.  The level pack is so complete it also includes Gauntlet II and Defender II.  There were also games I was unfamiliar with like Robotron: 2084 and Badlands.  In total, there are 23 old school 80’s games to play through.

Like all Level Packs, Midway Arcade retails for $30.  That’s way too high.  But you can find it on sale for up to half off.  Today being Black Friday, you can pick up this and several other Level Packs for $15.  That feels about right for this particular pack.


A constant consideration with any Lego Dimensions expansion pack is whether or not it includes any useful pieces.  The Game Kid is surprisingly skilled at things other than gaming.  As you can see above, he comes with a can of soda.  Now, this is going to sound absurd, but you just have to work with me on this one.  In the game, he can change his T-shirt by pressing a button.  Each T-shirt has an accompanying power like invisibility, super strength, laser vision, invulnerability…  Gamer Kid has a list of powers that rivals Superman.

Once you have selected the power/T-shirt you want, you activate it by having Gamer Kid drink his soda.  Despite being hopped up on a perpetual sugar and caffeine buzz, Gamer Kid is surprisingly handy.  He also comes with a Defender arcade came which unlocks portals throughout the Lego Dimensions world which are essential if you want to complete everything there is to do in the game.  The Spy Hunter car does the same things most of the other vehicles do.  They are pretty interchangeable.

This pack is the only way to access the Midway Adventure World.  It’s similar to all the other adventure worlds out there, but the environments and puzzles are themed to the retro games.  For example, there is a Gauntlet maze and a ravaged city representing Rampage.  Thanks to the racing games included, there’s some pretty twisted streets on which to take your favorite vehicles for a spin.

Midway Arcade is only the second level pack I have played through.  The first was Mission Impossible which was one of the Year Two releases.  From what I have heard, the developers upped their game on the second year releases and my experience so far bears that out.  Midway Arcade is fun for what it is – especially if you enjoy retro arcade games – but it feels thin compared to the Mission Impossible pack.




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  1. I have Midway Arcade Treasures volumes 1 & 2 for the Playstation 2 (I stayed away from Volume 3 since it just contains racing games, and I’m terrible at any racing game that isn’t “Pole Position”). Man, “Spy Hunter”, “Gauntlet”, “Joust”, “Robotron 2084”? That’s the stuff; reminds me of 15 years ago when I only played classic games & sports titles. I know the price for the level pack starts a little high, but think the premise is sweet!


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