Movieline Cover Gallery 2005-2006

In the comments section of last week’s gallery I commented that the magazine underwent a change in formats in an effort to prevent cancellation following increased competition from movie websites.  It was reimagined as a women’s magazine and rebranded Hollywood Life.  As a subscriber at the time, my existing subscription was cancelled, so I never read the new incarnation of Movieline.  The issues have never been archived, so the content will not appear on this site.  But I’m including these covers so you can get a sense of what the magazine morphed into in its remaining years.


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  1. Oh, I see now. When you said the magazine was reformatted, I was expecting something cheesy or trashy. I think this is respectable, but it also just seems like just another woman’s magazine (no offense to women:-), like InStyle or something like that. The cover photos look good though; my favorites would be Rosario Dawson’s and Emmy Rossum’s (oh, and I think Lindsay Lohan has a Back to the Future Emma Stone deal going on in her photo).


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