Lego Dimensions: Dr. Who Level Pack and Cyberman Fun Pack


This past summer, the girls and I took our first step into the “toys to life” video game series, Lego Dimensions.  With Christmas around the corner, there are going to be lots of expansion packs under the tree this year.  I may have gone a little overboard when I saw Lego Dimensions product on sale.  With a closet full of Lego toys, I have dipped into the inventory and pulled out a couple of packs that don’t interest my daughters as much as they do me.  Dr. Who matches that description.

Prior to playing Lego Dimensions, I wasn’t a Dr Who fan myself.  As a kid, I saw the series on PBS in the afternoons, but it was a bit too alien for me to get into.  The dated, low-budget effects were off-putting to a kid who was raised on Star Wars.  In 2005, when the BBC relaunched the series, I checked it out and for the most part I liked it reasonably well.  But I didn’t stick with it.  The Lego Dimensions base game includes a fun, creepy Dr. Who-themed level that made me think I should go back and give the series another look.  I have been streaming episodes for the last month or so and while I’m not a Dr Who fanatic, I guess you could describe me as a casual convert.

Without the game, I’m not sure I would still be watching the show.  Part of what keeps bringing me back to the show is that I enjoy getting more background information on the weird robots and aliens that are referenced in the game.  If you’re already a Dr. Who fan, Lego Dimensions is packed with fun stuff that will appeal to you.  Traveler’s Tales, the developers of the Lego games, clearly have a lot of affection for the properties they work with.  As a British company, it’s pretty obvious these guys love The Doctor.  Even for a relative newcomer like me, the attention to detail really shines through.


Outside of the base game, there are currently two Dr. Who themed Lego Dimensions packs.  We’ll start with the Level Pack which includes The Doctor, the Tardis and K-9, the robot dog.  The Doctor has some useful skills like Hacking, Fix-It and Sonar Smash, but he’s hardly essential to completing the game.  What makes The Doctor special is flavor.  He has a unique ability that allows him to access the interior of the Tardis – his time-traveling space ship that resembles a phone booth.  When he dies in the game, he can also come back as one of the other Doctors from the show’s long history.  None of this stuff provides a major advantage in the game itself, but it’s a lot of fun for fans of the character.

If you’re looking for a piece with a unique ability that will open up some game functionality, that would be the Tardis.  Throughout the game, there are docks which can only be accessed using Dr. Who’s time travel device.  If you don’t have the Tardis in your collection, you won’t be missing out on much.  But without this level pack, you won’t be able to complete everything.  Within the Dr. Who adventure world, there is an option to travel around without the Tardis for those who opted for the less expensive Fun Pack, but the Level Pack allows you to travel in style like The Doctor himself.

K-9 is like a lot of vehicles/gadgets in the game.  He’s useful up to a point.  With upgrades, he can fly, blow up silver bricks and shoot lasers.  But if you have a healthy Lego Dimensions collection, you will have a lot of overlap among your various vehicles and gadgets.  Still, who doesn’t want a robot dog?

The primary appeal of the level packs is that they offer a brand new level to play.  This level has the unwieldy name “The Dalek Extermination of Earth (An Adventure in Space and Time)”.  As the name implies, the plot pits The Doctor (or whichever character you use) against the alien forces of the Daleks which have invaded and mostly conquered London.  In order to repel the invasion, you will need to use the Tardis to travel to other times and locations and make changes.  Things you do in the past set up your victory in the future.  For example, plant a tree in 2015 and you can use it to jump over a crevice in 2025.

Additionally, The Doctor allows players access to the Dr. Who themed adventure world which is a lot of fun.  But if you can live without the Tardis and the extra level, there is a cheaper way to gain entry to the adventure world.  That’s the Cyberman Fun Pack which retails for roughly 1/3rd the price of a Level Pack.


With a Fun Pack, you get a character and a gadget or vehicle.  In this case, they are both Dr. Who villains.  The robotic Cyberman is the playable character whereas the Dalek is treated as a gadget.  It’s hard to beat this pack for value.  The Cyberman comes with several helpful skills including: Technology, X-Ray Vision, Mind Control, Silver LEGO Blowup, Hacking, Drone and Underwater Swimming.  The swimming is important because Cyberman is currently the only character in the game that can use his hacking skill underwater which is necessary if you want to complete the game 100%.

Additionally, the Dalek provides some of the usual gadget abilities.  If you have a large collection, you probably already have these abilities in other vehicles and gadgets.  But if you are just buying a few select Fun Packs, the Dalek may provide some useful skills.

If you’re a Dr Who fan who plays Lego Dimensions, you’re going to want one or both of these packs.  The Fun Pack is perfectly acceptable for those on a budget.  You won’t be sacrificing much and it is a fraction of the cost of the Level Pack.  But if you don’t mind spending the extra money and you want the full Dr Who experience, the Level Pack delivers the goods.


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