Lego Dimensions: Fun With Fun Packs – Aquaman and Bane


To date, most of my Lego Dimensions coverage has focused on the big, expensive level packs.  There’s still plenty more Level Packs to talk about, but they are going to have to wait until after the holidays.  Until then, I’m going to look at the modest and inexpensive Fun Packs.  Today, we’re having fun in the DC Comics Universe with the heroic Aquaman and the villainous Bane.

There are three reasons to buy a Fun Pack.  The first would be as an inexpensive way to unlock an adventure world without having to buy a pricier product.  But the Starter Set comes with Batman, so the DC Comics adventure world is already accessible to all players.  Versatile characters with unique skills are another consideration which will come in to play here.  But primarily, the reason to buy these Fun Packs is a fondness for the characters.  If you don’t love Aquaman or Bane, there are probably better sets for you to invest in.

I’m an Aquaman fan from way back.  I grew up on The Superfriends, a show which argued less than effectively that Aquaman and Superman were peers.  Since then, Aquaman has been the butt of many a joke.  During my time as an amateur stand-up comic, I had a whole routine about his less than impressive powers.  But secretly, I have always liked the guy.

While not quite as powerful as the Man of Steel, Aquaman is surprisingly useful in Lego Dimensions.  He is one of only two characters with the Water Spray ability which can be used to grow plants or clear toxic waste.  There’s a lot of both in the game.  Also, Aquaman can dive underwater to access sections not available to most characters.  And he has a unique “Atlantis Pools” ability which makes him essential to anyone who wants to complete everything.

The Aquaman Fun Pack also comes with the Aqua Watercraft, a submarine which Aquaman himself doesn’t really need.  But it’s useful if you need to destroy some silver bricks under water or you want to explore the ocean with one of your other characters.  Not Superman, of course.  Superman can dive as well as fly.  He’s always showing everyone up.

While Aquaman isn’t the most essential character in the game, he is a lot of fun.  The Lego version of the character is modeled after the jovial take on the character from Batman: Brave and the Bold.  He announces his arrival with declarations like “Make way for Aquaman: King of Atlantis!orBy the beard of Poseidon!”  Some of his dialogue pokes fun at the character’s limiting powerset as when he announces “I must protect my world! Even the parts that aren’t underwater.”

The Travelers Tales team have even seen fit to recreate the city of Atlantis under the seas of the DC Comics adventure world.  It won’t take you long to explore, but it’s probably the most extensive treatment the character has ever received in video game form.


Our next character is one of Batman’s more recent arch enemies.  Back in the 1990’s, Bane established himself as the man who broke Batman’s back.  (He got better.)  Bane has since appeared in two very different movies; Batman and Robin in which he was Poison Ivy’s mute henchman and The Dark Knight Rises in which he was eventually revealed to be a very talkative henchman.  In the comics, Bane is Batman’s equal, but he relies on a highly addictive drug called Venom to give him an edge.

The Lego Dimensions version of the character plays up Bane’s history as a juicer.  His primary ability in the game is to activate his Venom and grow into a super strong giant.  Other characters including Mr Stay Puft, Cyborg and Homer Simpson (?) also have this ability.  And lots of other characters can provide super strength without the growth effect, so in terms of game powers Bane’s not brining much to the table.  But if you are a Batman fan, it’s fun to play one of his rogues and go on a Venom-fueled rampage through a Lego city.

Usually the vehicles in Lego packs are pretty redundant.  There just isn’t a great variety in abilities among the vehicles and gadgets in the game.  But Bane’s Drill Driver is an exception.  (Why does Bane have a drill vehicle?  It seems random but it dates back to the very first Lego Batman game.)  Not surprisingly, the Drill Diver provides the abilities to dig and drill.  Digging is a somewhat common skill, but drilling is still pretty rare.  Outside of Bane’s vehicle, only Emmet (from The Lego Movie) and Jake (from Adventure Time) can drill.

You can get through the game without drilling or by using the hire-a-hero function when the skill is called for.  But if you want your own driller, you only have three options.  Jake comes in the Adventure Time Team Pack.  He comes loaded with abilities and opens up the Adventure Time adventure world (which is redundant, but that’s what it’s called).  So he’s currently the best buy of the three.

Emmet and Bane are both included in relatively affordable Fun Packs.  The Starter Set already opened up their respective adventure worlds, so there’s no net gain there.  The real selling point for these characters is to add flavor to your game.



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  1. Homer Simpson on Venom? Well, that has to be a sight; I always thought Homer got his strength from donuts (and Duff beer, oh yeah!). Wait…Homer doesn’t have any strength. Oh well, Homer works at a Nuclear Power Plant, so many the side effects of Venom are kind to him. Homer couldn’t stop Bane no matter what though, you’d have to call on Bartman, The Dark Underachiever.


    • The Simpsons Level Pack will be under the tree this year, so we’ll talk more about Lego Homer next year. My understanding is that the level is based on an episode of the show in which Homer hallucinates himself growing bigger, so that is why he has an ability similar to Bane’s in the game.

      Incidentally, when Batman sees Bart, he references Bartman.


      • I think that’s cool that Bartman is referenced; it’s a Bart Simpson persona that I haven’t thought about for a long time until Bane and Homer were both mentioned in your article, then it kind of clicked for me.


        • That’s part of what’s cool about Lego Dimensions. It facilitates all kinds of pop culture connections.

          Also, the developers are massive fanboys themselves. So they enjoy working in all these clever references just as much as players enjoy discovering them.

          Unfortunately, with regards to The Simpsons, there were some legal issues that hampered the product a bit. But we’ll get to that sometime next year.


        • D’oh! to the legal wrangling.


  2. I finally got my hands on the first two LEGO Batman games; although I accidentally purchased the Playstation 2 of LEGO Batman 1, that’s not even a bad thing. I’m on Stage 4 of the first episode, and I find the whole deal pretty charming & inventive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lego Batman 2 is a real leap forward. The first one was good, but I really enjoyed the second game a lot. The third game in the series is just massive. Too big for me. But it features a terrific tribute to the Adam West Batman.


      • Yeah, the case for LEGO Batman 2 talks about the addition of voices, and I’ll definitely like that. I’m on Episode 2 now (I see Catwoman put on some LEGO weight, and Batman was able to throw her in a Paddy Wagon by distracting her with a bowl of milk), and the design of The Penguin cracks me up: He looks like the Planter’s Peanuts mascot to me, if he went a little nuts (he he, nuts).


      • I’ve been checking out some reviews on the third LEGO Batman, and the reviews are mixed, stressing what you said about it being massive (the popular choice of word was overstuffed). Maybe less isn’t always more, but many sometimes just enough is the right amount.


    • I finished that first LEGO Batman game; other than some unfavorable camera angles and some puzzling puzzles (disco floor w/ Batman & Robin, the Carnival level gates w/ The Joker & Harley Quinn), I had good times (especially getting lots of studs with The Joker by shocking foes; Tell me about it, stud), completing 69.3% of the game. I give it a 4…out of 5. I’m holding off on playing the second game, since it’s my time of year to replay “Grand Theft Auto IV” and the two follow-up games that come with it.


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