Starlog Archives: Unknown Sharon Stone

As a sci-fi fan magazine, Starlog was apt to cover subjects other movie magazines ignored.  The December 1986 issue of the magazine devoted five pages to the making of the movie Ratboy.  Right behind that must-read, readers could enjoy a three-page interview with then-unkown actress, Sharon Stone.  Thirty years ago, Stone was promoting the sequel to the Indiana Jones rip-off no one actually saw, King Solomon’s Mines.  The only reason Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold existed at all was that the sequel was filmed concurrently with the first movie.  After that, she was on her way to film Police Academy IV.  Stardom was still several years away.


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  1. Interesting interview; I’ve always wondered how and why they came to make a sequel to the 1985 King Solomon’s Mines, given that the first film was not a success either critically or financially.


    • I was aware of the sequel’s existence when King Solomon’s Mines was released. I remember critics lamenting that they were going to have to sit through it eventually.


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