Lego Dimensions: Jurassic World Team Pack


Lego Dimensions incorporates a wide variety of entertainment from cartoons to movies, TV and video games.  But if you want to add some dinosaurs to your game, there is currently only one expansion that will do that for you.  That’s the Jurassic World Team Pack.  Obviously, this set is based on last summer’s hit sequel/reboot in which Chris Pratt starred as dino-handler Owen Grady who found himself in a situation very familiar to anyone who had ever watched Jurassic Park.

This is the first Team Pack we have looked at, so it’s worth reviewing what that includes.  What you’re getting here is basically two Fun Packs packaged together.  A Fun Pack includes a character and a vehicle or gadget.  A Team Pack includes two of each and is roughly twice as expensive.  There are no new levels to play, but certain Team Packs (like this one) are the only way to access their respective adventure worlds.


Since you’re not getting a new level to play, the primary consideration on the Team Packs is the quality of the characters and their gizmos.  Owen is the major player here.  He doesn’t have all that many skills, but two of his abilities are relatively uncommon.  In addition to stealth and targeting, Owen can track and cut vines.  When this set was rolled out, it was the only way to get the vine cutting skill.  But the ability has since been given to some Year Two characters like Finn from Adventure Time and Stripe from Gremlins.

Since Owen’s abilities are no longer exclusive, his value as a character has been somewhat diminished.  But as is often the case with Lego Dimensions, flavor is a factor.  Chris Pratt (who also voiced Emmet from The Lego Movie) recorded new dialogue for the game.  For example, when Owen enters the game you may here Pratt complain “Hey! I was right in the middle of feeding a T-rex… to a larger T-rex!”  If you’re a fan of Jurassic World, no other set is going to give you that.

Owen’s “vehicle” is a pet Velociraptor.  Did Pratt ride dinosaurs in the movie?  I don’t remember that happening, but it does in Lego Dimensions.  Out of the box, the raptor duplicates Owen’s vine cutting ability.  But he can be upgraded to use digging, super strength, tracking and a special attack.  None of that is terribly useful unless you are in need of one of those skills.  But you do get to ride around on a dinosaur which is kind of boss.

In  the movie, Bryce Dallas Howard costarred with Pratt.  But the redheaded manager of Jurassic World is nowhere to be seen in the game.  Instead, we get a generic ACU (Asset Containment Unit) Trooper.  The soldier with no name frequently comments on his bit-player status with lines like “Hey, I survived another shift without getting eaten! Alright!” when leaving the game.

Skillwise, the ACU Trooper is lacking.  His stun rod provides illumination and electricity.  Several other characters can be used as a light source including Gandalf who is in the Starter Set.  So, illumination isn’t much of a selling point.  But electricity is fairly uncommon.  The only other characters with an electric current are Finn, the Joker and Jay (from Ninjago).

Fortunately, the trooper comes with a fairly useful vehicle.  The Gyrosphere made for one of the more memorable scenes from the movie.  It looks a little different in the game because spheres don’t translate all that well to building blocks.  When this set was originally released, the Gyrosphere had a unique ability to activate switches that could not be activated by any other vehicle.  However, Year Two character Jake (from Adventure Time) now shares that ability.

The Gyrosphere can be upgraded to use sonic smash and super speed.  Sonar is very common, but speed is a little more rare.

With formerly exclusive abilities being spread out among the newer packs, the Jurassic World Team Pack isn’t as essential as it once was.  But it remains the only means of entering the Jurassic World adventure world.  I’m a big fan of the exploration these adventure world bring, but Jurassic World is a little lacking.  It recreates much of the park as depicted in the movie including the gigantic Mosasaurus tank.  But the wide open fields are sparsely populated.  For a dino park, there are surprisingly few dinosaurs.

Overall, I would recommend the Jurassic World Team Pack to fans of the movie and completists.  But for game purposes, there are much better packs out there.


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