Daffy Does Disney Springs

Happy Holidays LeBlog readers! During my week in Florida this season visiting family I managed to fit in a visit to Walt Disney World’s newly reimagined shopping and dining district. This is the area that used to be called “Downtown Disney” (and a couple of other names prior to that), but was re-christened as “Disney Springs” with the updates. As you may see in the above video, this involved more than just a few new vendors and a fresh coat of paint. Join your own Daffy Stardust as I tour the entire thing, offer my thoughts on a few food opportunities, and witness the exciting new holiday drone show. Yeah, Disney is putting on a nighttime show that features over one hundred drones flashing different colored lights and flying in tight formations to create a new kind of entertainment!


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  1. I enjoyed getting a virtual tour of Disney Springs and its holiday look. Most of the high-priced new options don’t appeal to me very much. Kara walked over when I was watching the video and asked if it was our local lifestyle center. That’s the thing. We’re not going to take time out of touring the parks to visit a shopping center no matter how nice it is. But of course, you weren’t visiting the parks so this was a perfect time to squeeze in some Disney without incurring the price of a ticket.


    • I generally agree with you on this. I currently have no plans to visit Disney Springs during my 6-day trip in April. But I can definitely see why people who are on longer trips with multiple kids might combine a few hours here with an “off” day in the middle of their visit to Disney World and if I was a local I would probably go to the movies there during low crowd times. I did find it surprising when my sister-in-law said she thought that some DVC members have started combining resort stays with lots of time at Disney Springs and without going to the parks at all.


      • I have heard from DVC members who have stopped going to the parks, but still use their membership as home base for Orlando vacations.

        We have spent time at Downtown Disney in the past usually on off days. We would probably do so again in the future under the right circumstances. The year my mom came with us, she and Mindy spent an afternoon shopping and they enjoyed it. Shopping and dining are definitely things Disney should offer and your video shows that Disney Springs is an upgrade.

        As a fan of the parks, it’s a bit frustrating that Disney has made relatively few investments there over the last decade but has instead seen fit to build a bunch of “luxury” shopping opportunities. It just reflects management’s current business strategy which focuses on attracting “whales” who will drop tons on cash and spend less time in the parks.

        That complaint aside, an upgrade is an upgrade. Now put those resources towards fixing the patks! 😉


        • I imagine they would argue that they’re improving the overall infrastructure for guests when they get finished with the huge re-build over at Hollywood Studios (or whatever it will be called in the future), and there is some validity to that line of thought. It has seemed like Disney World management is mostly interested in just splashy updates and expansions, but has little interest in the everyday improvements that should be happening constantly in the parks. It is this approach which has allowed Future World and Tomorrowland in particular to stagnate badly. Fingers crossed that the latter will see some love over the next 4 years to go with some of the subtle aesthetic changes they’ve made there recently. Hopefully this tendency to avoid rolling upgrades will pay off with a new Hall of Presidents show that heavily emphasizes only the most unifying former commander-in-chiefs (say, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and TR?). This would allow them to make only the smallest of changes each time a new President comes in and would decrease controversy.

          BTW, happy belated birthday! Sorry it wasn’t as good a time as it should have been.


        • Thanks, man. It’s almost become a running joke that my birthdays are always terrible. But who said getting older was supposed to be fun?

          I agree with your analysis with regards to Disney World and its future expansion plans. The frustration really comes from the degree to which they allowed the place to stagnate during the first ten years or so under Iger. If they had been making regular updates all along, Epcot and Hollywood Studios wouldn’t be in the dire situations they are in today. I’m confident that in the next five years or so (still no announcements on dates, right?) Hollywood Studios will be improved.


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