Weekly Recap: Daffy Does Disney, Damon Wayans Gets Tamed and Movies Changed Lives


There’s a lot that goes on here at Le Blog.  Sometimes, readers tell me that they miss things.  That got me to thinking about some things I can do to make it easier for readers to keep up.  As we start off the new year, I thought I would try posting a weekly recap to put everything in one place for readers who don’t check in on a daily basis.

Let me know if you think this adds value or if you’d like to see any changes going forward.

As we wrapped up December, we saw the last of the Movieline articles for a little while.  The first issue every year was a double-sized publication that covered both January and February.  Since January is also when we run a lot of bracket games, I decided to run the next batch of Movieline articles in February.  This week, we revisited an interview with Damon Wayans from 1996 in which he discussed his rough upbringing, a list of movies that prominent African-American actors and filmmakers said changed their lives, and a list of 50 ways Hollywood could help you overcome the holiday blues in 2002.

From Starlog archives, we ran an interview with Desmond Llewelyn who played “Q” in the James Bond movies for several decades.  Llewelyn has the distinction of having appeared in more 007 movies than anyone else in the franchise’s history.

Daffy Stardust gave us a double dose of Disney this week.  First, he took on some fan theories about the beloved Haunted Mansion attraction.  Then he took us on a video tour of the newly renovated Disney Springs shopping and dining district at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Celebrity birthdays this week included:

Hidden in that list is my own birthday, but you will have to sort through the dates to find it.  I’m hoping next year I can achieve headliner status!  😉

Earlier today, Kevthewriter gave his thoughts on the final movie season of the year.

I have been continuing my hard-hitting look at the Lego Dimensions toys-to-life video game.  This week, I covered figures from Lego’s original Ninjago and Chima lines.

Also worth noting, we had an RB sighting.  Our old friend dropped in to share her thoughts on holiday movies like Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Next Week: On Monday, look for the start of our annual bracket games.  We’ll start things off with the movies of 1987.  Daffy is going to look at his favorite albums from that year as well.  We’ll also have birthday updates from jestak, Starlog archives and another installment of Lego Dimensions.  Plus, some other surprises if time permits.


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