Starlog Archives: Star Trek Conventions of 1977

Starlog magazine launched in 1976 primarily as a Star Trek fan publication.  To get around some legal obstacles, they had to expand their focus to include all of science fiction.  But the focus of the early issues was mostly on Star Trek.  Which is odd because at the time, Star Trek was a cancelled TV show.  Efforts were being made to relaunch the series either as a TV show or a movie, but in 1977, nothing was definite.

Somewhat ironically, Star Wars would be released later that year.  Its success would propel Star Trek on to the big screen, but it would also supplant Star Trek as the magazine’s primary obsession.  In the magazine’s third issue, Star Wars was still off the radar and the future of Star Trek was uncertain.  So Starlog devoted a massive amount of coverage to the relatively recent phenomenon of Star Trek conventions.

Don’t you just love that cover?








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