Readers Rank the Holiday Movies of 2016


Participation in the Holiday Movie Survey was down from the summer.  That may be that readers were too busy to participate.  Based on the responses we did get, readers definitely saw fewer movies than they did over the summer which isn’t surprising given that the holiday movie season is roughly half as long.  Of the 25 movies included in the survey, readers only ranked seven of them.  For the most part, readers liked what they saw.  Only one movie received a “thumbs down” from readers, so the rankings will mostly be determined by how many people saw each movie.

With only ten respondents, this may not be scientifically significant, but here are the movies as ranked by readers.

I’m not going to do a whole lot of analysis on these results because there just wasn’t a lot to analyze.  I don’t know that there’s a whole lot of meaning behind these results, but here they are anyway:

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Star Wars prequel was seen by more participants than any other movie on the list.  But since it also received the only negative vote, that puts Rogue One at the bottom of our list.  Still an approval rating of almost 86% is nothing to sneeze at.

4. Trolls

DreamWorks’ animate feature Trolls received an endorsement from the one reader who ranked it.  For what it’s worth, Mindy took the kids to see it and they all enjoyed it.  While no one here cast a vote for Sing, I will also mention that the family enjoyed that as well.

3. Hacksaw Ridge, Moana and Arrival

We have a three-way tie among movies that received two “thumbs-up” votes.  Mel Gibson’s biopic Hacksaw Ridge, Disney’s Moana and the sci-fi drama, Arrival were all seen and approved by a couple of readers.

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Coming in second place with five positive votes was the Harry Potter prequel/spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

1. Dr. Strange

And with six votes, all of them positive, Dr. Strange was the reader’s pick for the most popular movie of the holiday season.  Given our readership, I’m not all that surprised.  Superhero movies tend to do well among Le Blog readers.   It should be noted that were it not for a lone dissenter on Rogue One, Star Wars would be tied for first.  With only 10 respondents, a single vote could turn the rankings upside down.

I suspect that as the busy holiday season comes to a close, readers are going to catch up with some of the movies they missed.  Many of the movies that didn’t get ranked may be discovered.  I don’t think you can draw a lot of conclusions from these rankings, but it does seem that for the most part readers enjoyed what they saw at the movies this holiday season.

We’ll try this again for the Oscar movie season and see how that pans out.


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  1. We did have one late response which didn’t get included in these totals. The extra survey further endorsed The Arrival and Dr Strange while giving negative votes to some movies no one else saw: Rules Don’t Apply, Collateral Beauty and Passengers and positive votes to Office Christmas Party, La La Land and Nocturnal Animals.


  2. I just saw this post just now. 😦


  3. I didn’t view any of these films, but if I had, I would’ve voted. Too bad Jim Brown and Clint Walker didn’t vote, otherwise there would’ve been The Dirty Dozen.


    • I think the holidays were busy and people either didn’t have enough time to get to the movies or to keep up with every little thing at their favorite blog. 😉 We’ll give it another try with the Spring/Oscar releases and see how that goes. I was very pleased with the participation over the summer. I think the longer season helps out there.


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