Starlog Archives: Lee Majors – The Six Million Dollar Man

In order to avoid the legal entanglements of being an unofficial Star Trek fan magazine, Starlog had to expand its coverage to include other aspects of science fiction.  But in the pre-Star Wars era, there weren’t a lot of current sci-fi or fantasy movies for them to write about.  So that mostly meant covering the TV shows of the 70’s.  And when it came to sci-fi TV in 1977, it didn’t get much bigger than Lee Majors as the Six Million Dollar Man.

Did you have the action figure with the bionic arm?  I did.  I always wanted Big Foot, but never did get him.





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  1. I watched this show a decent amount (and “The Bionic Woman” spin-off) in syndication when I was a kid; good action.


    • I remember watching and enjoying both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. I don’t think I’d want to watch them today, but they got the job done in the world of 70’s TV shows.


      • If I stumble upon those two shows on television, I’d check them out for a new perspective on them (like I did a few weeks ago with “Wonder Woman”), but I’m not going to actively search them out.


        • I enjoy watching the occasional Wonder Woman clip. I don’t know about watching an episode from start to finish. That’s how I feel about most adventure shows from the era.


  2. Actually when it was recently on Cozy TV I did get to see both. It was fun to watch and giggle at the things that others may have not liked about it. I think I may have caught ww on one of the retro channels.


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