Starlog Archives: Don Bluth – A “Tail” of New Cities

For much of the 80’s, Disney animation floundered.  Former Disney animator Don Bluth was doing the unthinkable.  He was giving the Mouse House a run for its money.  In fact, in 1986 Bluth outgrossed Disney with his own story about a mouse.  An American Tail handily outperformed Disney’s Great Mouse Detective as well as reissues of Lady and the Tramp and Sleeping Beauty.

Bluth’s dominance was short-lived.  In 1988, Disney’s singing dog movie, Oliver and Company would outgross his dinosaur drama, The Land Before Time.  But it was close enough that both movies were considered modest hits.  Then in 1989, Bluth’s All Dogs Go to Heaven got crushed at the box office by The Little Mermaid.

For a brief time, Bluth was standing tall over his former employer.  And at that point in January of 1987, Starlog interviewed the animator about his triumph.


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  1. What I like best out of anything that Don Bluth has done is “Dragon’s Lair”.


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