Weekly Recap: The Best Movies and Music of 1987 and a look back at what didn’t suck last year


Thus ends the first full week of the new year.  What’d you miss?  Well, hopefully not much but in case you did, here’s your weekly recap to bring you up to speed on the goings on here at Le Blog.

Daffy started us off with his look at the best albums of 1987.

We also kicked off our annual bracket games.  As is our tradition, the first contest focuses on movies from thirty years ago.  And lucky for us, 1987 was a solid year.  Here are the match-ups so far:

Remember that voting occurs daily.  So if you want a say in which movie reins supreme, you’re going to have to drop in every day and cast a vote.

The Starlog archives kicked off with articles from the magazine’s third issue in January of 1977 when I was merely six years old!  Starlog was still primarily a Star Trek fan magazine, so the bulk of the issue was devoted to the convention scene.  We also had an interview with Lee Majors who was still starring on The Six Million Dollar Man at the time.

Since so much of the 1977 issue of Starlog was taken up with coverage of Star Trek conventions, we went ahead and moved on to 1987.  From that issue, we pulled an interview with animator Don Bluth following the release of his highly successful 1986 feature, An American Tail.

Celebrity birthdays this week included:

We still had some business from the previous year to deal with.  First, readers ranked the movies they saw during the holiday movie season.  Then dwmcguff recommended the 15 best movies of 2016.  Be sure to read his list next time you update your Netflix queue.

And what would a week be without a look at Lego Dimensions?  I’m guessing most of you would be just fine.  But I’ve got a massive collection of these things post-holidays so I’m continuing to work my way through them.  This week, I played through the Portal 2 Level Pack which challenged me as much as a game aimed at kids possibly can.

Next Week: The second-round matches of the 1987 bracket game, Starlog archives from January 1987, rock star birthdays, Lego superheroes and an overdue photo gallery for a pirate/elf.


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  1. Glad that you are putting focus on 1987. I cannot decide between some of these films especially The Princess Bride and Moonstruck. Both whimsical and wonderful. I recently wrote a blog post on another great 1987 film, “Wings of Desire”. I will add a link if you wish to read.


  2. I think it’s a really good idea to have an article like this, since it works well as a weekly recap and a reminder in case during a busy week (with an individual or the site itself) someone misses something.


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