Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: The Princess Bride Vs. Dirty Dancing


Our last couple of matches have been heavy on the testosterone.  Lots of men doing manly things.  But today, we’re getting in touch with our softer side with two movies with a romantic bent.  Today’s match-up features two of the greatest screen couples of the year.  It’s Wesley and Buttercup vs. Johnny Castle and Baby.  Who’s going to end up in a corner?

But first, we have some left-over testosterone to deal with.


It seems Wall Street was no match for the Predator.  Arnold Schwarzenegger and company walked away with more than 70% of the vote setting up an action-packed pairing in the next round as Predator takes on Lethal Weapon.

Today’s movies were light on star power.  The Princess Bride had a well-known director in Rob Reiner who was on a winning streak with (get this) This Is Spinal Tap, The Sure Thing, and Stand by Me.  None of these movies were massive hits, but we’re still watching them today.  It wasn’t long before commercial success came Reiner’s way.  His winning streak continued with blockbusters like When Harry Met Sally… and A Few Good Men with Misery sandwiched in between.

Then came North and Reiner’s streak was shattered.  Despite An American President in 1995, Reiner never really got his groove back after that debacle.

As for the cast, Billy Crystal was the most recognizable name among them.  And he appeared in a cameo.  People knew André the Giant, but as a wrestler not a thespian.  Robin Wright had been doing soaps, Mandy Patinkin was a big name on Broadway, Christopher Guest was in Spinal Tap and SNL and Chris Sarandon was best-known as the vampire from Fright Night.  There’s a deep bench of talent on this movie, but most of the cast was unknown to movie audiences.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey had been in some hit movies in supporting roles.  Prior to Dirty Dancing, they were familiar faces, but not household names.  Swayze had been around for a while.  He was probably best-known for The Outsiders, Red Dawn and the North and South TV mini-series.  He actually got his start in the 1979 Scott Baio movie, Skatetown, U.S.A.

Following Dirty Dancing, Swayze went the action route with Next of Kin and Roadhouse.  While the latter has developed a cult following on cable, his career appeared to be in trouble until Ghost reignited it in 1989.  Post-Ghost, Swayze couldn’t buy a hit.  He had another cult action-movie in Point Break and he appeared in the even cultier Donnie Darko.  But Dirty Dancing and Ghost are the obvious pinnacles of his career.

Jennifer Grey has an entire WTHH article devoted to her rise and fall.  Prior to Dirty Dancing, she was best known for playing Matthew Broderick’s sister in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Off-screen they were temporarily a couple.  Grey’s career was slowed after a terrible car accident.  She also underwent plastic surgery that made her virtually unrecognizable.  According to Grey, her new face wasn’t famous anymore.

Today Grey can be seen on the Amazon series Red Oaks.  She is also married to Agents of SHEILD star Clark Gregg.  She never came close to duplicating the success she had with Dirty Dancing, but she did manage to win Dancing with the Stars in 2010.  Let’s see Billy Crystal do that!

Oh I wonder… which of these two movies will readers prefer…



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  1. Duh. 😎


    • Yeah, this one is probably going to be a blow-out. Most of the round two matches have been lopsided. But I think they will get interesting again when we reach the final four.


  2. I got Hungry Eyes, so I voted for “Dirty Dancing”. I used to own the soundtrack to this film too, and since it left more of an impression on me (I still remember the hype and my classmate Jen, who may or may not be like the wind), it’s the only way I can go. 15%, man, If this was betting on horses, I’d have two broken legs and live in the Skumole Shack by now.


  3. This vote isn’t unanimous? Inconceivable!

    Liked by 1 person

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