Starlog Archives: Robert Hays – “Starman” About Town

Three decades later, you will be forgiven for forgetting that John Carpenter’s cult sci-fi drama, Starman, spawned a syndicated TV series.  Robert Hays, best known from Airplane!, stepped into the role created by Jeff Bridges in the movie.  Future Brady kid, C. B. Barnes costarred as Hays’ son.  During the first and only season, Starman and son avoided government capture while looking for the boy’s missing mom.  That part was originated by Karen Allen but taken over by Erin Grey on the TV show.

In this interview from the January 1987 issue of Starlog magazine, Hays discusses Starman, Airplane! and the dangers he faced making the Stephen King movie, Cat’s Eye.


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  1. Erin Grey replacing Karen Allen’s role for the TV “Starman”? Well, I see they just continued on with the greatness there.
    “Airplane!” is the first film in which I really laughed myself silly; I fell off the coach when people stood in line on the plane to take turns slapping some sense into that hysterical lady. Striker’s drinking problem though, that was pretty serious; imagine the laundry bill!


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