Lego Dimensions: Fun With Funpacks: Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg


Today’s fun packs include some heavy hitters from the DC Universe.  All three of these characters come equipped with some pretty useful skills.  What do you expect from a bunch of superheroes?  They aren’t necessarily going to open up any new gameplay since everyone has access to the DC Comics adventure world through the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack, but you’ll probably find yourself reaching for these guys as one-stop shopping for a lot of skills.  Plus, who doesn’t want the Justice League as part of their collection?


One of the things I keep coming back to with Lego Dimensions is flavor.  While Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg bring with them a useful collection of skills, they won’t open up any new worlds to explore.  Since the Starter Pack gives players access to the DC Comics, Lego Movie and Lord of the Rings worlds, sets for those franchises are automatically less essential than other packs that grant access to parts of the game that would otherwise be locked.  Still, if you are a fan of DC Comics like me, you’re probably going to want some of these characters anyway.  So let’s take a look at what you get for your money.

You can’t go wrong with the Man of Steel (unless we’re talking about a Zack Snyder movie in which case, you can definitely go wrong).  Superman is considered to be the first superhero and his powers are second-to-none.  In the game, that translates to a long list of useful abilities including Flight, Super Strength, Heat Vision, X-Ray Vision and Freeze Breath.  He can also swim underwater much to Aquaman’s dismay and has Invulnerability.  That’s right.  Superman doesn’t take damage in the game.  At all.

The makes for a super-heroic playing experience.  You can ignore bad guys or blast them with heat vision when they get on your nerves.  Super strength means that Superman easily breaks apart any bricks he bumps into while regular characters like Batman have to make an effort to destroy them.  And just to make sure you really do believe a Lego minifigure can fly, whenever Superman takes to the skies you will be treated to John Williams’ score from the original Superman movie.

Because all Fun Packs include a vehicle or gadget in addition to the character, Superman comes with a Kryptonian Hover Pod in his standard red and blue color scheme.  You may ask yourself why Superman would need a hover pod when he can fly.  And that’s a valid question.  You’re not likely to get a lot of use out of the hover pod, but there are some puzzles that require a flying vehicle to complete.  If you don’t already have one, the hover pod can help you out there.  It can also be upgraded to blow up Silver Bricks which is something Superman can’t do on his own.

Wonder Woman is often compared to Superman, so it’s not surprising the two characters have a lot of overlap.  They can both fly, swim underwater and are invulnerable.  Wonder Woman lacks super strength in the game, which arguably she should have, but she makes up for that with abilities related to her lasso and bracelets.  Her lasso operates like Batman’s grappling hook.  Granted, you already have access to these abilities through Batman, but when characters have as many powers as Wonder Woman there’s going to be some duplication.

Wonder Woman also has mind control which seems a little off, but I imagine the intent is to represent her ability to compel people to tell the truth.  She also uses her bracelets to deflect lasers.  As with Superman, flight and invulnerability will make you feel like a full fledged superhero.  And when in flight, you will hear the theme song to the Wonder Woman TV show.

The Invisible Jet is the obvious choice for a vehicle.  It’s slightly more useful than most other flying vehicles in the game in that it has stealth capabilities.  It can also be upgraded to shoot lasers or destroy silver bricks.  So all in all, the Wonder Woman Fun Pack checks off a lot of boxes in your skills list.

Our third and final superhero of the day is Cyborg.  Appropriately, Cyborg’s skills skew towards technology.  In addition to a laser and targeting skills, Cyborg can use tech terminals.  He can also swim underwater which seems like a bad idea for a guy made largely of metal.  Finally, Cyborg can grow in size which gives him super strength like we saw earlier with Bane.

Cyborg comes with a Cyber-guard which transforms into a mech suit.  Seems a little redundant considering he is already a cyborg, but I guess they had to fill out the pack somehow.  The suit provides super strength and can be upgraded for digging, blowing up silver bricks or shooting lasers.  That makes it a pretty versatile gadget even if it duplicates some of Cyborg’s own powers.

Later this year, Lego Dimensions will be adding characters from the TV show Teen Titans Go.  Rumor has it that if Cyborg is taken into that adventure world, his appearance will change to match his look from the show.  Since I already had access to all of Cyborg’s abilities, I primarily bought him to round out my Justice League and Teen Titans rosters.

At retail prices, $12 is a lot to pay for a character who doesn’t open up a level or an adventure world.  But Fun Packs from Year One are easy to find on sale.  I didn’t pay more than $6 for any of these.  If you’re patient enough to pick these up at half price, they are terrific additions to any DC Comics fans’ Lego Dimensions collection.



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  1. A god mode Superman? Yeah, that seems accurate.


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