Starlog Archives: Michael Ritchie – Directing “The Golden Child”

Director Michael Ritchie had a career that could be described as scattershot.  If there’s a through-line, it’s that most of Ritchie’s movies were comedic.  In the seventies, he made a name for himself with movies like The Candidate and The Bad News Bears.  After a cold streak in the early eighties, Ritchie rebounded with Fletch and to a lesser extent the Goldie Hawn comedy Wildcats.  Then he drew the short straw and had to direct Eddie Murphy in the limp action-comedy, The Golden Child.

While The Golden Child was a hit, it performed poorly when compared to Murphy’s recent releases at the time.  Critical reaction could be summed up with a shrug.  While The Golden Child won’t be remembered as anybody’s best work, it was a big movie at the time.  Starlog talked to Ritchie in their January 1987 issue about what it was like to make a special-effects-heavy fantasy film with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.


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  1. Michael Richie’s “The Golden Child” never made me dance on the ceiling, but I like this article, especially since it mentions “Big Trouble in Little China” (which I think is the superior film).


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