Weekly Recap: Minor Characters, Hidden Fences and the 40 Year-Old Elf


I hope everyone is enjoying their three-day weekend (for those of you who are off work tomorrow anyway).  Last week was another busy one here at Le Blog.  Just in case you missed any of the fun and excitement, here’s your weekly recap.

Kevthewriter examined the roles of minor characters in movies with a list of five memorable supporting players from 2016.

Celebrity birthdays this week included:

Lots of musical legends were in the birthdays this week and some WTHH subjects as well.  Not all of them achieved headliner status, but one who did got his own long overdue gallery.


He doesn’t look 40…

The Starlog Archives dug into the January 1987 issue starting with a cover story in which Leonard Nimoy discussed his experiences directing Star Trek IV.  Robert Hayes of Airplane! fame talked about the TV adaptation of Starman.  And Starlog caught up with the director of The Golden Child, Michael Ritchie.

If you’re a superhero fan, you might enjoy this week’s Fun with Funpacks.  I take a look at how Justice League heavyweights like Superman and Wonder Woman were portrayed in Lego Dimensions.  Hint: They are invulnerable.

Our Movies of 1987 bracket game kicked in to high gear.  Here’s a list of this week’s matches:

Predator has already taken one of the two spot’s in tomorrow’s finals.  If you want to have a say in which movie it faces, be sure to vote in today’s match.

74th Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals Featuring: Michael Keaton Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 08 Jan 2017 Credit: **Not available for publication in Germany**

As always, the comments section was filled with lively discussion.  If you missed it, there was a bit of debate over Michael Keaton’s gaffe at the Golden Globes.  Keaton accidentally combined the names of the two movies that featured black actors, Fences and Hidden Figures, into one title, Hidden Fences.  For what it’s worth, Keaton wasn’t the only person to make this mistake.  Jenna Bush Hager did the same thing out on the red carpet.

When initially approached about the gaffe, Keaton responded in a joking manner telling TMZ he wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.  This just added fuel to the social media fire in which Keaton.  Soon afterwards, the actor clarified:

I’m very, very sorry about that. I get that people thought I was nonchalant about it.  At the time I totally didn’t understand what people were talking about, but since then somebody said, ‘Well they’re upset for this other reason’—and that made me feel horrible.

Keaton went on to explain that it was an honest mistake and apologized to the cast of Hidden Figures:

Those people in the movie who worked all that time in front of millions of people, I, like a jerk, screwed the line up. What I always think about is they have mothers and sisters and brothers and fathers that are sitting at home waiting for them and watching them and this guy, me, gets up and gives the wrong title. That makes me feel terrible. You feel badly about those things.

So what do you guys think.  Big deal or are people being too sensitive?

Next Week: Lots of good stuff.  We’re going to crown the winner of the Movies of 1987 bracket game and then Daffy Stardust will kick off the Movies of 1997.  I have peaked ahead and there are some great matches coming out of that.  Tying into that, Jeffthewildman will name his top albums of 1997.  The Starlog Archives will also move into the 90’s.  And of course jestak has us covered on celebrity birthdays.  My calendar tells me there will be some WTHH subjects in the mix next week.  And in Lego Dimensions, everything is awesome as we look at Fun Packs from The Lego Movie.  Do you really get all that from one website in one week?!


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  1. It seems to me like the Keaton kerfuffle got dealt with relatively appropriately. He made a mistake and then didn’t really understand the nature of it. Once it was explained to him he made a public apology that sounds sincere to me. Controversy over as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Jeff’s coverage of the best albums of 1997.


    • Agreed on both counts. I do think the gaffe was worth discussing and Keaton’s eventual apology was all you could ask of him. And I am looking forward to Jeff’s article.


  2. I was very present went it came to the films of 1997, and I like the sound (no pun) of Jeffthewildman’s review of the albums of 1997 (I remember being into The Prodigy that year).


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