Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Predator Vs. Raising Arizona Vs. The Princess Bride


Happy MLK Day everyone!  Let’s celebrate by picking our favorite movie from thirty years ago.

We’re making Le Blog history today with a three-way finale.  Readers were deadlocked yesterday on whether they preferred Raising Arizona or The Princess Bride.  So we’re just going to let all three of our top picks battle it out and see who comes out on top.


When I set this bracket game up, I was expecting a Lethal Weapon vs. The Princess Bride showdown in the finals.  I thought Predator, Robocop and Raising Arizona were all potential spoilers so I spaced them out so they wouldn’t run into each other until the later stages of the game.  That made for some fairly predictable matches in the second round.  But the last few votes have been close ones.

All day yesterday, Raising Arizona and The Princess Bride battled back and forth.  I kept checking back hoping one or the other would pull ahead so I could get a jump-start on today’s article.  But no such luck.  Neither movie ever lead by more than a couple of votes.  I stayed up late last night hoping to be able to call it, but it was still too close.  After midnight, The Princess Bride lead by a single vote.

This morning, I got up fully prepared to write a Predator Vs. The Princess Bride finale.  But someone snuck in one last vote tying things up.  We were back to a dead heat with no tie-breaker vote in sight.  I waited and waited for someone else to come along and cast the deciding vote.  But it was not to be.

Back when we were doing the Best Worst Picture vote I came up with the idea of running with a tie because ties were a Razzie tradition.  Ironically, that never happened in that game.  But I held on to the idea just in case I needed it.  And here we are.

It’s the final round and it’s an all out three-movie battle royale.  Cast your vote and come back tomorrow to see which movie of 1987 emerges as our winner.


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  1. Well, this definitely has the advantage of putting the best two movies in the game into the final!

    It will be interesting to see if we think the comedies steal votes from one another or not, resulting in an advantage for the action flick. Since i voted for Raising Arizona in the last round and said I’d vote for the winner of that match, I’m sticking to my guns and voting for Raising Arizona again. It’s the one I saw in the movie theater (more than once) and it’s the one that has been on during parties and that my friends and I have quoted the most often.

    That said, The Princess Bride would also be a very legitimate winner 🙂


    • So far, this has been a redo of yesterday’s vote. Predator is being shut out. RA has taken a commanding lead but I suspect the Russians may be interfering on its behalf.


  2. Damn! Did not see that coming! Pretty fun to have a tie for the first time though.
    Still sticking with TPB, as I have throughout the game.


  3. A 3-way? Where’s Lara Flynn Boyle, Josh Charles, and Stephen Baldwin? Anyway, I voted for “Raising Arizona”, and it looks like it will be a winner!


    • High five for referencing a 90’s movie no one saw.


      • “Threesome” was a rental for me back in the day, upon a suggestion by a girlfriend; it left an impression on me. We viewed a lot of films of that type (obscure); we never got to “Love and a .45” though, because she thought it sounded too much like “Natural Born Killers” (I think she was very wrong there, those two films are hardly alike, except for the couple on the run bit).


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