Movies of 1987 Bracket Game Winner: Raising Arizona


Much like a Coen brothers comedy, our Movies of 1987 bracket game got a little crazy in spots.  But after an unprecedented three-way vote in the finals, we have a definitive winner.  Readers picked Raising Arizona as their favorite movie of the year.  Ironically, both Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter starred in movies that were both more popular and more acclaimed thirty years ago.  Cage starred opposite Cher in Norman Jewison’s Moonstruck and Hunter was part of the central love triangle in Broadcast News.  But three decades later, those movies have faded from relevance while Arizona, which was more or less ignored in theaters, shines bright.

For those who are curious how voting in the final round turned out, here’s the breakdown.  Predator quickly fell out of the race with just 19% of the votes.  But it seems to have pulled a few votes away from The Princess Bride.  You will recall that the last time The Princess Bride and Raising Arizona faced off in the third round, readers were deadlocked.  But with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the mix, enough voters defected to the action genre to give the Coen brothers the win with just under half of the votes.

I’m not usually surprised by the outcome of these bracket games.  But this is an exception.  I was fairly confident that either Lethal Weapon or The Princess Bride would take the title.  One of the things that excited me about 1987 was that there were a few potential spoilers lurking around like Predator and Raising Arizona.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been so surprised.  Last year when I ran the Movies of 1996 bracket game, readers picked Fargo as their favorite movie of the year.  The Coen brothers appear to have a pretty strong fan base among Le Blog readers.

Before I wrap this up, I want to thank everyone who participated.  I know I look forward to the January bracket games every year because the get readers involved.  Later this week, we’ll be jumping forward ten years to 1997 which was another banner year for movies.  I’m passing the baton to Daffy who will take on the year in which James Cameron was King of the World.  But will Titanic be king of the brackets?  Or is there another scrappy underdog like Raising Arizona waiting to steal the crown?

That’s going to be up to you guys.  So keep coming back and make your voices heard.



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  1. Very surprising winner, though not undeserved by any means! Still, the little princess girl inside of me can’t help but be a bit bummed… 😭
    Looking forward to the next bracket game!


    • The Princess Bride put up a good showing. It made it to the finals in a very unconventional way.

      I have snuck a peak at some of the stuff Daffy is working on and I can tell you the next bracket game will be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to be a participant.


  2. When Lebeau readers are picking Best of Year films like Raising Arizona and Fargo, I know that there is something good and right in this world.

    If you had asked me 30 years ago in 1987 to pick my favorite film of the year, back when I was 15 years old, of course I would’ve quickly answered either Predator or Lethal Weapon, as both were top-shelf action films of their day (still are). Both were serious contenders to some degree because both films hold up very well past their time periods.

    I’m putting Raising Arizona on my short-list of films to watch again soon.


  3. “Raising Arizona” won, free Station wagons for everybody! I guess “Predator” was the Ralph Nader of the candidates here, well, that’s cool (personally, I’d take “Robocop” over “Predator”).
    “Broadcast News” and “Moonstruck” still appeal to me, so I’d view them anytime as well.


  4. Raising Arizona gets my pick as best film of 1987. Like Gluserty I’m a bigger fan of Robocop than Predator.


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