Lego Dimensions: Fun With Fun Packs: Emmet and Uni-Kitty


Two years ago, The Lego Movie got snubbed by Oscar voters.  Birdman may have won Best Picture that year, but does it have a series of toys-to-life figures included in a popular video game?  I don’t think so.  At least not yet.  Given some of the oddball inclusions in Lego Dimensions, we probably shouldn’t rule anything out.  Among the many licensed properties in Lego Dimensions, the least surprising inclusion would have to be characters form The Lego Movie.  Today, we’re going to look at a couple of the year one Fun Packs.

Emmet was the rules-following protagonist of The Lego Movie.  He lived his life within the lines.  When he enters the game, Emmet sometimes exclaims “Alright!  Let me at those instructions!”  He’s a cheerful sort who won’t rock the boat.  He also won’t unlock any new game content.  The Lego Movie world is already accessible thanks to Wildstyle who was included in the Starter Pack.  But that doesn’t mean Emmet doesn’t bring something to the table.

His primary ability is Drilling.  We talked about the drilling skill with the Bane Fun Pack.  There’s currently only three ways to drill.  The Emmet and Bane Fun Packs are both relatively cheap, but they don’t provide access to any new adventure worlds.  Your other option is the Adventure Time Team Pack which is more expensive, but comes packed with abilities and unlocks an adventure world to explore.  Dollar for dollar, the Adventure Time Team Pack is a better bargain if all you’re looking to do is expand your game.  But it won’t give you Chris Pratt making exclamations like “Awesome! I have no idea what it is. But, I’m taking it anyway!

Most of the Lego Movie cast came back to record dialogue for Lego Dimensions.  Pratt also reprised his role as Owen from Jurassic World.  When those two characters meet in game they will recognize each other.  This is the kind of thing that isn’t going to help you solve any puzzles, but it’s fun.  And that’s what you want from a Fun Pack, right?

Emmet can also fix things for you.  That’s not as rare as his drilling ability, but still handy if you don’t already have a mechanic.  He’s also one of the game’s few Master Builders, but you already have one in the form of Wildstyle.  So while that’s a rare skill, it’s also a duplication of one everyone has.

All Fun Packs come with a vehicle and Emmet’s is an excavator.  That will give you the ability to dig which is also an uncommon skill.  The excavator can be upgraded with a tow bar or made into a mech which grants super strength which is yet another overlap with Bane.

Like Emmet, Unikitty won’t open up any new worlds.  But she does have a skill that up until recently was unique.  She can build and destroy rainbow bricks.  Recently, Lumpy Space Princess (also in that darn Adventure Time Team Pack) has also been given this ability.  And of course you can always use the game’s hire-a-hero feature if you don’t want to shell out for either one.  But who doesn’t want a Unikitty in their collection?

Most of the time, Unikitty is all gumdrops and rainbows.  She’s super duper positive.  Maybe a little too much so, because when she loses her temper she transforms into a giant angry kitty who can do some damage.  There are other characters who can grow to giant size, but it’s not nearly as funny as when Unikitty loses it.

Like a lot of other Lego Movie characters, Unikitty is a Master Builder.  That’s a fine game ability, but you already have it.

Unikitty’s vehicle is the Cloud Cuckoo Car which looks like a flying duck.  It can be upgraded with a soaker which can be used to grow plants or clear biohazards or a rainbow cannon to allow other characters to blow up rainbow bricks.  Plus, it offers the opportunity to make Batman fly around on a goofy duck.

With Lumpy Space Princess in the game, Unikitty isn’t as essential as she once was.  But as Lego reminded us in this video, the Unikitty Fun Pack brings Alison Brie to the party.  That’s a huge selling point in my book.


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