Weekly Recap: “Raising” Reigns, “Titanic” Sinks and “Teen Wolf Too” Howls


Jason Bateman gives this week’s recap a furry thumbs-up.  Wanna know what you missed at Le Blog?  A furry week of fun after the jump.

Celebrity birthdays this week included:

As always, Jestak’s coverage goes way beyond the headliners listed above.  He’s got everyone from the worlds of music, movies, TV, literature, theater and historical figures.  One of these days contains no less than three X-Men who share a birthday!

The Movies of 1987 Bracket Game wrapped up with an unprecedented three-way final round.  But we could only have one winner.  The readers picked Raising Arizona as their favorite movie of the year.

Here at Le Blog, we don’t rest on our laurels.  No, sir.  Before we bid adieu to 1987, I ranked the year’s sequels from Worst to First.  Emphasis on the “worst”.  But trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to bad years for sequels.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Daffy Stardust dove right in to 1997 with another bracket game.  That’s right.  Only here at Le Blog can you get back-to-back bracket games pitting decades-old movies against one another.  As always, you have to come back daily if you want a say in which movie reigns supreme.  Here are the matches so far:

This week’s Starlog archives were from the January 1997 issue.  The cover story was an interview with Tim Burton about his latest release, the sci-fi comedy Mars Attacks!  Then we checked in with James Cromwell and Alfre Woodard who discussed their supporting roles in Star Trek: First Contact.

Rounding out our coverage of 1997, jeffthewildman took us on a sonic tour of the Best Albums of the Year.  Come for the Radiohead, stay for the Bjork.

We’ve gotten so in to 1997 that the look of the site has subtly morphed to reflect our theme.  Did you notice?


Everything was awesome in Lego Dimensions this week as we put the spotlight on Emmet and Uni-Kitty from The Lego Movie.  It’s an article packed with star power as Alison Brie and Chris Pratt reprise their respective roles.

In the comments section, Craig Hansen reminded us all that back in the dark days of the early 80’s, when David Lynch was an up and coming director, George Lucas tapped him to direct Return of the Jedi.  Lynch turned down the offer because he was afraid Lucas would be watching over his shoulder the whole time and he wasn’t wrong about that.  Unfortunately, he ended up helming Dune instead.  For decades, Lynch and Star Wars fans alike have wondered what Lynch’s Jedi might have looked like.  Well, wonder no more.  After countless hours of research and a Google search, we unearthed this trailer for the movie that never got made:

Want more?  Well come back next week, silly.

Next Week: More, d’uh.  More birthdays, more brackets, more 1997, more (mostly terrible) sequels, more Starlog, more Lego bricks, PLUS the announcement of the Oscar and Razzie nominees.  Check back daily so you don’t miss a thing.  But if you miss a day, we’ll have you covered with another weekly recap.  We’re considerate like that.


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